I study her lips and notice that I hear her voice even when her mouth is closed. Furthermore, her mouth does not match her words.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Kabuki: The Alchemy
Collection - Now Available!

David Mack Attending HeroesCon
If you live near Charlotte, North Carolina and would like to meet David Mack, he is scheduled to attend HeroesCon (June and will have copies of Kabuki back issues, trade paperback, hardcovers, shirts, prints, original artwork and more at his table (AA-508).

Newsarama Interviews David Mack
During an interview with Newsarama.com, David Mack talked about contents of Dream Logic #1, which is scheduled to be released Wednesday, June 9, and noted that the Kabuki comic book series will be released in hardcover again by Marvel, who will offer Kabuki: Circle of Blood with a limited edition sketch.

Brussels Tarot Card Show Group Photo
David Mack has kindly shared the following group photo from the Brussels Tarot card show:

959 x 642 - 374 kb

1917 x 1283 - 1.02 mb
Left to right: David Mack, Mike Dringenberg, Miran Kim, Alain, who is the gallery owner (back), Josh Hagler, Jeff Faerber, Barron Storey and Carl Wyckaert, who organized the Tarot card show.

Stores Selling Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #3
If you are not able to find a copy of Electric Ant #3 (SRP: $3.99) at a comic book store near you, the issue is in stock at the following stores:
· ComixZone.com - $3.19
· DemolitionComics.com - $3.19
· HeavyInk.com - $3.19
· MidtownComics.com - $3.39
· AtomicComicsStore.com - $3.59
· SciFiGenre.com - $3.95
· MileHighComics.com - $3.99
· Comic-Central.com - $3.99
· MyComicShop.com - $3.99

David Mack Attending San Diego Comic-Con
David Mack has kindly reported that he will attend the San Diego Comic-Con, which will be held July 21-25.

HeroesCon, Tarot Cards & More
From David Mack:
#1: Have fun! RT @ScottAllie: Signing @chriscomics in NH, special appearance by @Joe_hill http://twitpic.com/1tno7w
#2: Got the beautiful finished & @sotocolor-ed art of ELECTRIC ANT #4. Putting a polish on the script (at the airport on way to HEROES con)
#3: :) RT @ChristyDreams: @SotoColor & @davidmackkabuki Fantastic! This has really cheered my up. Thanks!! ((^_^)) http://bit.ly/d2DPzj
#4: RT @SotoColor: Issue #3 of Electric Ant is out today. Don't miss this award- worthy series adapted by @davidmackkabuki http://bit.ly/d2DPzj
#5: New Interview re: DREAM LOGIC RT @comicsopolis: Analytical + Whimsical Mystical = DAVID MACK's DREAM LOGIC http://url4.eu/41Tj1
#6: RT @CBR: RT @robot6 Brian Michael Bendis interviews David Mamet -- comics writer http://bit.ly/dgrbVj
#7: Alright! Just got DREAM LOGIC #1 delivered to me! Which means it will be in stores next Wednesday...
#8: The Tarot Card exhibit is still up thru August in Brussels w all the art RT @ChristyDreams: Sweet! Will we get to see your Tarot cards?
#9: @Mika_Tan Sent your package in the mail today :)
#10: Packing new original artwork for Heroes Con... Most of the usual convention art is now in Europe.
#11: RT @punkagogo: These looks really cool! RT @davidmackkabuki Thanks :) RT @Komavary: David Mack tarotkártyák http://bit.ly/9fY6Hw
#12: ELECTRIC ANT #3 from Marvel in stores today! Gorgeous Paul Pope cover. My adaptation of Philip K. Dick. Pascal Alixe & @sotocolor art
#13: Congrats on the card :) RT @ProfTim: 'Iron Man 2' sketch card? What the heck? http://wp.me/pl98l-Df
#14: Page of Cups... RT @sjoerrrd: Photo: lemon2jul: (via betterlivingthroughchemistry) http://bit.ly/ce61yJ
#15: Good morning Universe! Still on Europe time and I like it.
#16: http://bit.ly/9UVirz Pics of the various Tarot cards from Ryan Graff's blog
#17: @mattdills Thanks :). Sorry you won't be there. Glad you are enjoying Kabuki.
#18: Electric Ant #3 in stores tomorrow! #PhilipK.Dick
#19: @JaminL Included in DREAM LOGIC #1 the painting you use in your profile pic here :)
#20: :) RT @ChristyDreams: @davidmackkabuki I just finished re-reading the Scarab hardback. Makes much more sense in order! ((^_^))
#21: Yep! Heroes Con this Fri- Sun RT @JaminL: @davidmackkabuki You back state side for Heroes Con?

MOB News Bytes
Mike Oeming posted a page from Powers on his website and IGN.com posted a preview of Scarlet #1, which will feature a story by Brian Michael Bendis and artwork by Alex Maleev.

Release Date Anniversaries
Today marks the 12-year anniversary of Kabuki Color Special (Commemorative Edition), Kabuki: Masks of the Noh #1 (Commemorative Edition - unsigned & signed) and Kabuki Gallery (Commemorative editions). Also, this weekend marks the release date anniversaries of the following projects:
Friday, June 4
· Kabuki: Skin Deep #3 - 13 years
· Kabuki Gallery (Dynamic Forces) - 13 years
· Alias #23 - 7 years

Saturday, June 5
· The Realm #13
· Kabuki: Masks of the Noh #1 (Buzz, Mays & Quesada covers) - 14 years
· Alias #10 - 8 years
· Kabuki: Reflections #4 - 8 years

Sunday, June 6
· Marvel Poster Magazine #1 - 9 years

Also, Saturday, June 5 will be the seven-year anniversary of David Mack Day.

Auction Spotlight
Justice League America #45 (variant cover - SRP: $2.99) is available on eBay ($2.95).

Order Kabuki: Reflections -
Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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