Emi is lost in motion when we find her...Slowly dancing with the ghost of music past.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

Third Grade Class Inspired by The Shy Creatures
David Mack has kindly shared the following drawings, which were created by a third grade class in the Portland, Maine area who were inspired after reading The Shy Creatures according to Antoine Malaab of CoastCityComics.net.

17.9 MB - Requires Adobe Acrobat

Bendis Mentions David Mack During Interview
From NYCGraphicNovelists.com:
The second arc was written by Bendis' old friend and collaborator, cartoonist David Mack, who did Bendis a favor that resulted in Brian's new residency at the House of Ideas.

"My friend David Mack was doing Daredevil, and I went 'Show Joe my stuff, Dave!' Brian says. "He did, and then Joe called me and asked me what I wanted to do, and I wanted to do Nick Fury. I wanted to do Dr. Strange. I pitched what everyone pitches. Nick Fury almost happened with Bill Sienkewicz, and that fell apart, so I thought 'Oh, man, back at the end of the line again. Here I go.'

"Joe called me up again and said 'You know what we need, if you want to do this, is we need Daredevil. Kevin's late, and I'm late, and the book's our flagship Marvel Knights title and is off the rails schedule-wise. If you come back in for an arc, it would help us get back on track. Is that something you want to do? In fact, why don't you and David Mack do it together?'

"I wrote back, thinking it was going to be cancelled again, and did two issues in a weekend. I wrote my little ass off and it was the story 'Wake Up'."

"Wake Up" follows newspaper reporter Ben Urich, as he gets drawn into the life of a former super-villain's troubled young son. The story deals more with child abuse than the struggles of costumed heroes and villains, viewed through the everyman lens of Urich.

David Mack Plugged in Daredevil Article
From ComicBookResources.com:
But since I'll start with "Daredevil" #26 next week, when Bendis and Maleev's run properly begins, I will say this about the Bendis' collaboration with David Mack on issues #16-19, and Rob Haynes on "Daredevil: Ninja," both of which predated the beginning of his work with Maleev on the series: the Mack issues are gorgeous, but they stand outside the story he tells in the rest of the series, and the Haynes miniseries is a thin action spectacle with no substance. So little substance, that Bendis didn't want to see it included in either Omnibus edition.

The Mack issues are worth reading, and they give an insight into where Bendis could have gone with the series -- more Vertigo-lite, in the post-Gaiman manner -- but that wouldn't really have been his style. He seems to be trying to write something deep and meaningful in that "Wake Up" arc with Mack, but it's more typical Mack than it is Bendis. No, his true narrative concerns arrive when Alex Maleev joins him on the series.

Speaking Engagment, More Kids Books Coming & More
From David Mack:
#1: Ok, putting your name on one of these Reflections Art Books. Reserve thru your comic shop RT @punkagogo @davidmackkabuki Save me a copy! ;]
#2 @kickmekate Thanks, Kate. I'll gladly accept being on the guest list. I'll go if I can finish my work.
#3: @backn2n2 Yep! That Art Academy! Join us for the full school talk at 11:30am if you like. I love your cat image & 3D notes & designs best
#4: @dasRupa I wish :) I can't watch TV or film until I finish this REFLECTIONS- only listen to radio, commentaries, interviews while I work :)
#5: Speaking at the [Cincinnati] Art Academy tomorrow... at 9am... oy, my nocturnal schedule is problematic for this.
#6: Fish with invisible head RT @TaraMcPherson I want a see thru head too...unreal... http://youtu.be/kWtgzKDXHFA
#7: I hope people appreciate this Reflections Art Book Hardcover. It always take much longer to put these together than you think it would.
#8: A teacher sent me some wonderful drawings his elementary school students did of The Shy Creatures! Too cute & hilarious! I'll post link...
#9: Yes! More kids books I'm working on :) RT @MurdocksGirl any possible sequel (or just maybe more kids books) to shy creatures? Please? :)
#10: Is this THE Anna Naberrie from the UK band Black Nazarene? RT @annanaberrie @davidmackkabuki Follow David Mack
#11: Zecharia Sitchin live on Coast to Coast AM radio right now
#12: Please do. Shy Creatures love you RT @ramtower @davidmackkabuki I'll let you know when i see it back on Amazon, too. Freakin' Amazon. Bah.
#13: lather. Rinse. Repeat. RT @jerwa @Oeming Replace your avatar with a celebrity that you've been told you resemble. ;)
#14: Facebook me all you like & enjoy my doppelganger day RT @idiotandroid @davidmackkabuki added you over at Facebook too. hope you don't mind.
#15: The Shy Creatures available at BarnesAndNoble.com & your comic shop http://bit.ly/b8nKNF (more Amazon/MacMillan update)
#16: She's a man! RT @Comixace Watching docu about the Donner Party on PBS! @BenMcCool doesn't know how it ends
#17: RT @GreatDismal RT @somebadideas: Warning: animal video. Japanese Shiba Inu that will warm ye cockles & blow yer mind. http://bit.ly/cX8Vqa

Auction Spotlight
The Tigerlily bust (SRP: $49.95) is available on eBay (Buy it Now: $29.99).

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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