Don’t sacrifice your dreams for the illusion of security. There is no security. Realize there is no security and become comfortable with that. It will free you up to do what you really need to do.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #4
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Home News February 2009 17th

Now on sale at!

The Shy Creatures -
now available!

Alias Ultimate Collection Book 1 Solicitation
Meet Jessica Jones. Once upon a time, she was a costumed super hero. But not a very good one. Her powers were unremarkable compared to the amazing abilities of the costumed icons that populate the Marvel Universe. In a city of Marvels, Jessica Jones never found her niche. Now a chain-smoking, self-destructive alcoholic with a mean inferiority complex, Jones is the owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations—a small, private-investigative firm specializing in superhuman cases. When she uncovers the potentially explosive secret of one hero’s true identity, Jessica’s life immediately becomes expendable. But her wit, charm and intelligence just may help her survive through another day. Thrust into the midst of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels, has Jessica burned too many bridges to turn to old friends for help? Then, in “Rebecca, Come Home,” Jessica travels to upstate New York to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl rumored to be a mutant in a prejudiced small town. And in “Raining Men,” the hard-luck PI goes on a date with ... the Astonishing Ant-Man?! Collecting ALIAS #1-15.
Explicit Content …$34.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-3732-0
PRICE: 34.99
IN STORES: May 6, 2009

Kabuki: Reflections #12 Debuts Tomorrow
According to, Kabuki: Reflections #12 ($5.99) will be on sale tomorrow at a comic book store near you.

David Mack Attending WonderCon
David Mack announced that he will attend WonderCon, which will be held in San Francisco, CA from February 27 to March 1, and will have copies of the Kabuki: The Alchemy hardcover for sale.

Kabuki: The Alchemy Collection Printed
From David Mack:
Finally! It is real! Earlier this week at the Marvel offices, I was told Feb 25th [the Kabuki: The Alchemy hardcover would be released]. Then last night they said they are printed and the printer is overnighting them to me to see.

I got it this morning!

And they look great! The paper looks great (the pages printed way better than the original comic format). The dust jacket printed great. The embossments on the hardcover look impressive. It just reads really good in this format.

And the original sketches are placed inside the limited editions very nicely.

It's done!

Kabuki: The Alchemy hardcover shipping from printer today!

Signing and Panel at Henderson State University
David Mack has kindly reported that he has been invited to speak at Henderson State University, who will hold a reception in the library on Thursday, March 12 at 6 pm and a question and answer session at 7 pm.

Kabuki Indie Spotlight Action Figure Shipping Date
According to, orders for the Kabuki Indie Spotlight action figure will be shipped from the company's store on March 31.

Nic Endo Creating Kabuki-Themed Music
When asked how musician Nic Endo learned about his work, David Mack explained:
There is a very cool story about this. She said a Kabuki book inspired her stage makeup for a photo shoot. And she liked it that way so continued to perform with the Japanese characters and white paint on her face - with Atari Teenage Riot and playing all over the world.

Right now she is working on some very cool Kabuki-themed music!

(Kinda some very cool parallels with the last issue of The Alchemy)

And I really enjoyed painting her.

Adventures in New York City
From David Mack:
I had a funny moment in NYC last Thursday.

I got something to eat and was taking some carry out for later on my way to do a fundraising signing.

It was bitter cold last Thursday and there was a guy sitting down with a sign saying he was hungry. So I thought, I should just give him my carry out. It's fresh and hot and I'm on my way to this signing anyway. I'll just pick up something else later.

So I go: "Hey buddy, here is some hot food for you".
He goes: "Oh thanks, man".
Then I go: "Your going to love it. It's salmon".
He goes: "Oh no. I don't eat fish".

Detailed Scan of Kabuki: Reflections #12 Cover
JFWerner posted a detailed scan of Kabuki: Reflections #12.

Kabuki Action Figure at Toy Fair 2009 posted the following photos of the upcoming Kabuki Indie Spotlight action figure, which was on display at Shocker Toys' Toy Fair 2009 booth and can be pre-ordered at the company's store ($18.00 - includes shipping fee).

Daredevil #11 Spotlighted in Marvel Newsletter
From the Make Mine Marvel Digital #62 newsletter: Staff Pick of the Week

Jon Ennis, Project Coordinator, Marvel Custom Publishing: DAREDEVIL #11 (1998)

"One of my favorite Daredevil stories of all time! This is Part 3 of David Mack's 'Parts of a Hole' story that has Matt facing off against Echo, a deadly foe and, coincidentally, Matt's newest love interest. This story is awesome on a lot of levels but the best part is the collaborative art effort by Joe Q and David Mack. Both artists have very specific styles, but fused together they create some really interesting storytelling devices, and kick-ass visuals! Also the cover is very appropriate for this time of year. (The love obviously. The gun...not so much.) Check out this issue and the entire 'Parts of a Hole' story arc for all the DD/Echo/Kingpin/Love Story/Death Story/You get the picture-Goodness!"

Mandy Amano in Short Film
"Alone," a short film that stars Mandy Amano, was recently added to

MOBA News Bytes
Below is the latest email newsletter from Mike Oeming:
Coming soon! With lots of new stuff like blog style postings I will update every day or two with art and news about books, work, projects and fun stuff!

Rapture is a new 6 issue mini series from Dark Horse comics created by myself and my wife (see news about that here:, Taki Soma.

You can read an 8 page short story on Dark Horse Presents MYSPACE here:

And FRIEND us on myspace to follow Rapture updates here:

RAPTURE interview on CBR!

MIKE ALLRED RAPTURE COVER! Stay tuned for more covers by Alex Maleev, David Mack and Eric Powell!

Thats right. You can find me at twitter too.

Want to Make Comics?
Then I recommend this if you live near NYC!

Thanks much!

Also, posted a video interview with Brian Michael Bendis (1m:05s to 1m:39s).

Auction Spotlight
Alias #1-10 (SRP: $29.90) are available on eBay ($0.99).

Order Kabuki: Reflections -
Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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