"God is Dead." - Nietzche
"Nietzche's dead." - God
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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Home News October 2008 7th

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mack!
If you would like to wish David Mack a happy birthday, please drop by his message boards at ComicsCommunity.com and JinxWorld.

Contents of Kabuki: The Alchemy Hardcover
From David Mack:
Kabuki: The Alchemy Hardcover shipping soon!

I just wanted to give you an update on this since I saw a few posts asking about it on my board and Brian’s board.

Here is a link to the front cover of the new dust jacket.

And here is a link to the new ship date and info from Marvel.

The collection is 320 pages (the biggest collection of my work ever made so far) and includes quite a few new features that I wanted to let you know of.

- Chuck Palahniuk generously wrote quite a long introduction for the book that is almost like a little short story in itself.

- In the back, I included the entire original script from the first issue (and some of the second). Complete with my sketches and handwritten notes jotted on the script to reorganize and edit it.

- Also taking a note from the Powers definitive Hardcover collection, The Alchemy collection also marks the first time I included a "best of letters" section in a collection of my work. (And several of you from this board are in it).

- There are some pages of the original drawings of The Shy Creatures that originated in The Alchemy story. From the initial brush and ink drawings to the full sized colored.

- This collection includes some story pages that were never included in the original issue of the final issue. There was an additional ending scene that I cut out of the single issue of the final issue because it didn’t seem to work in the single issue but it works as part of the collected story. So that extra ending scene will now be seen for the first time in this story.

- There are about 56 pages that I reworked the art and added things to. And even changed the order of some pages/scenes.

- The covers are included without type obscuring them and I added a couple dozen opening art and design pages.

- There is an afterword commentary about the process of the series and your own "Artistic License" to cut out with the origin of the artistic license from a letter sent to me by Chuck Palahniuk. And even a couple of other things.

- The Hardcover is embossed on the cover and spine with a watermark design on the interior end pages. Comes with a book mark, and I’m real happy with the design for the dust jacket.

-And the limited edition comes with an extra parchment paper page with an original brush and ink sketch - signed and numbered.

Boy, it was a lot of work to put this together :)

I hope you like it!

Marvel Issues Kabuki: The Alchemy HC Press Release
On September 22, Marvel issue the following press release for Kabuki: The Alchemy hardcover:
Experience David Mack's Work Like Never Before in KABUKI: ALCHEMY HC!

Eisner-nominated superstar writer/artist David Mack presents a groundbreaking collection of his acclaimed work in Kabuki: The Alchemy HC. Collecting all nine issues of the critically-lauded, Eisner Award-nominated KABUKI: THE ALCHEMY series from Marvel’s creator-owned Icon imprint – for the first time ever!—this is an unprecedented look at Mack's work! This hardcover is chock full of bonus material including original scripts, a "best of fan letters" section, never before seen art and new story pages, including updated versions of previously published scenes! If that’s not enough, acclaimed Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk provides a powerful introduction to one of comics’ most acclaimed series and a special afterword from Mack himself!

"At 320 pages this is the largest collection of any of my work, and I think the most diverse and best example of my work in comics," explained Mack. "The Alchemy is my favorite of the Kabuki volumes so far and my most evolved work as both writer and artist."

Plus, don’t miss the Kabuki: The Alchemy Limited Edition HC, packaged with a signed and numbered original brush & ink sketch on parchment paper! Both Kabuki: The Alchemy HC and the Kabuki: Alchemy Limited Edition HC feature an embossed cover and spine; watermark design on the interior pages; and a special bookmark!

Written by DAVID MACK
Penciled by DAVID MACK
Rated T+ ...$29.99
Final Order Cut-Off: 9/25/08, On-Sale: 10/29/08

Written by DAVID MACK
Penciled by DAVID MACK
Rated T+ ...$59.99
Final Order Cut-Off: 9/25/08, On-Sale: 10/29/08

Please note that the release dates for both versions of the collection have changed to November 12.

Kabuki Indie Spotlight Debuts in December
Geoff Beckett, who is the President of Shocker Toys, has kindly shared the following information:
Shocker Toys gears up to ship its first fully articulated action figure line Indie Spotlight. The line consists of Scud, ShadowHawk, Kabuki, Katchoo, (Mega Figure) The Maxx, Scud Variant 'SOL' and ShadowHawk Variant. Each figure comes with extra hands, accessories, comic or poster and Isz from the Maxx world. Collect them all to mail away for The Maxx's enemy Mr. Gone. Each figure is now available at the Shocker Toys Store for pre-order! Orders ship in December.

Comic Book Tattoo Special Edition Solicitation
From ComiXFan.com:
forward by NEIL GAIMAN

"...one of the most ambitious book projects of the year..." – Drew McWeeny, Ain’t It Cool News

"...this collection transcends fandom." – Sarah Marie, The Austinist

"There’s absolutely something in here for everyone..." – BUST Magazine

Comic Book Tattoo, the critically-acclaimed, bestselling anthology that has taken the worlds of comics, music, and art by storm. This hardcover special edition, over 80 creators from every style and genre of comics have contributed stories to this stunning book inspired by the music and songs of multi-platinum recording artist Tori Amos.

This special edition of the hardcover comes shrink wrapped in an elegantly designed slipcase with silver accents.
December 3 • 480 pages • FC • $75.00
Previews Product Code: OCT082260


Clichés About Writers
In a thread about writer clichés, David Mack noted:
I have cats. And I carry paper and a pen to write stuff down when I'm walking around, etc. Do a lot of writing on airplanes. And whenever I drink coffee.

Favorite H.P. Lovecraft Story
From David Mack:
Call of Cthulu has a special charm for me because it is the first Lovecraft I read and the first project that Bendis and I worked on together, lo, those more than fifteen years ago.

Watching a Dolphin Show
After reading a post from Brian Michael Bendis, who stated that "Mack actually said he wants to eat a dolphin" while attending a dolphin show, David Mack replied:
I actually said that the dolphins eating all that fish made me want to eat fish cause I was rearry, rearry hungry.

And we DID sit in the splash zone. Bendis did this funny thing where he suggested the splash zone seats to his kids and family, like they would love it. None of them sat there, but he sat there anyway - and so did I. I got DRENCHED. That dolphin did the flipper thing on the water at the edge of the pool and deliberately shot a gallon of water right on my chest.

(if you know what I mean)

Baltimore was great. We met so many of you from the board and you were very cool. The show was really fun, the harbor was fun, Mike, Taki, Bendis and his family were a blast- and on the shuttle back to the airport I was sandwiched in the back seat right between Mike Mignola and Erik Larson. Maybe see you next year?

Convention Signing Ethics
From David Mack:
I have no problem signing entire runs of Kabuki or Alias, or DD, etc.

I'm grateful for people picking up the books. It happens all the time, my consideration is just for the other people at the table, so if someone brings fifty books, I'll tell them I'll be happy to sign them, but while I'm signing them, I'll stop to sign or talk to other people who come to the table with smaller stacks of books or questions.

And the person bringing an entire run of something seems to not have a problem if I break from the signing from time to time to take care of the other people while I'm signing their large run.

So feel welcome to bring the entire run of Alias, etc. any time.

I have a four letter last name to sign so it goes pretty quickly.

Akemi Fan Photos in Upcoming Reflections Issue
When asked if the Akemi tattoo and graffiti photos will appear in the upcoming Kabuki: The Alchemy hardcover, David Mack replied:
I went to a different design idea in The Alchemy book, but I plan to include those Akemi face pics and Artist License pics in the next Reflections if that is cool with you.

Kabuki: The Alchemy Hardcover Print Run
When asked by Jonathan Hickman if plenty of copies of the Kabuki: The Alchemy hardcover will be available, David Mack replied:
I should get the print run info from Marvel later today. Yeah, I plan to print enough to accommodate reorders if I can.

FYI - your response to the Alchemy of Art DVD was included in the "Best Of" letters section in the book.

Introducing Kabuki to Daredevil Readers
When asked about Kabuki's level of success when Marvel called about writing Daredevil, David Mack explained:
Kabuki was doing really well. I had been able to make a living from it since I had begun it, and it was about 5 years running when I got the offer to write Daredevil at Marvel. I had just moved Kabuki to Image in '97 and I think I wrote the DD story in '98.

The Kabuki series at Image was doing good (the first issue of that series sold out of a 55,000 run which is pretty good for a indy) and the first trade was on maybe its third printing.

I figured everyone had known of Kabuki by that time, and either decided to read or not base on knowing what it was, and I was very happy and content with the readership that the book had grown in the last five years.

But, wow, when I starting writing Daredevil, I learned that to most Marvel readers, I never existed before that, and I suddenly I existed to them over night and readers of my DD story began trying Kabuki as if they had never heard of it before.

So, yeah, the indy work was doing fine on its own, but writing for Marvel was a port of entry for Marvel readers to check it out and see if they liked it.

Plugging Chuck Palahniuk's Stories
From David Mack:
Did you read Stranger Than Fiction? It is a collection of non-fiction stories. I enjoyed it.
Also, David Mack noted:
Here's a link to a recent interview and he mentions that he likes graphic novels. The interview is very cool, too. What he has to say about the origins of Choke.
During the interview, Chuck Palahniuk stated:
Yeah, I am a graphic novel fan. A good friend of mine, this guy named David Mack who does a series called Kabuki and he's done Daredevil...he drew them really well.

MOBA News Bytes
Brian Michael Bendis was interviewed on Alter Ego Comic Cast episode 115.

Release Date Annivesaries
Turok: Official Comic Book Magazine - Seeds of Evil was released 10 years ago. Also, tomorrow will mark the release date anniversaries of the following projects:
· Kabuki: Skin Deep #2 (Dynamic Forces edition) - 11 years ago
· Kabuki: Metamorphosis #1 (regular & variant Editions) - 11 years ago
· Vampirella: Crossover Gallery (regular edition) - 11 years ago

Order Kabuki: Reflections -
Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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