Some say there is a very fine line between genius and insanity. Iím not sure there is any line at all.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #1
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Home News August 2008 18th

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San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Blog Continues
From David Mack:
Friday at Comicon International

Since Marvel announced yesterday that Iím adapting sci-fi author Philip K. Dick into comics/graphic novels, there has been great feedback from people about this all day.
Lots of fans of Philip K. Dick here at Comicon.

Iím working with the Dick Estate on this (Philip K. Dickís daughters) and producer Tommy Pallotta of the films Scanner Darkly and Waking Life. Weíve been laying the ground work for the project for the last couple of years. Paul Pope on Covers. Brian Michael Bendis helping out editorially. It was a joy to adapt this book and I canít tell you how happy I was that Philip K. Dickís daughters were pleased with my story adaptation. You can see links to interviews with the story of how this came to be and press releases about the project here:

The girl in the Kabuki costume came to my booth today.

You can see photo here (click on it for more detail):

She asked me to sign the mask and sickle that she made.

You can see photos of fans in other Kabuki costumes here:

People asked me to sign their shirts today. Even their pants. I signed a lot of prints, and hundreds of Kabuki books.
And more people showed me their Kabuki tattoos.
You can see pics of Kabuki tattoos here:

A teacher from the Fisher Center University (where I will be giving a lecture in November) came by to let me know she is teaching a class on Kabuki and my work at her university.

Someone from Capcom came by to ask me to design some video game projects.

My old friend David Engel stopped by my table. Heís my film rep at Circle of Confusion. They also rep my pal Brian Michael Bendis and the Matrixís Wachowski Brothers.

Speaking of film stuff, the show was non-stop with film producers looking for new comic book projects to turn into films. Every few minutes someone stopped by my table asking about the rights to Kabuki.

A cool thing is that people are also starting to ask about my childrenís book The Shy Creatures. Someone from the Jim Henson company was interested in it and thought it could make a cool cartoon TV show. I agree, and Iím going to have Engel follow up on this. It could be a lot of fun.

The show is 9:30 am to 7 pm again, and Iíve been living on salad and fish tacos. The convention hall is so crowded that I donít leave my booth except to grab a quick snack and visit the restroom. Iím grateful to have my personal space behind my table.

The founders of Image Comics, Jim Valentio and Eric Larson, both stopped by my table today. It was great to see them again.

Also superstar artist James Jean came by to say hello. We both signed together at the West Hollywood Book Fair last year, and it was great to see him again. We had been in touch in between discussing working together on a future Philip K. Dick adaptation.

Marvel editors Warren Simmons and Chris Allo came by.
Iím working on another yet announced Marvel project with Warren.
I also speak with Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley today.

Someone tells me that they were at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Auction event last night and that that they bid on the original art of The Shy Creatures that I donated for the event.

So many people are coming by and looking forward to the panel with Tori Amos that Iíll be at tomorrow.
And they have the new Comic Book Tattoo book that I think has already sold out at the show.

I do a lot of quick drawings for people today. A photo of me drawing also is here:

After the show, I run into my pal artist Kent Williams and Dave McKean at the elevators of our hotel. We all have the same art and book agent - Allen Spiegal (who was instrumental in bringing The Shy Creatures to Feiwel & Friends at MacMillan). Kent talks about getting together for dinner again when Iím in LA next week. Kentís a super guy and an artist that Iíve admired since I was a kid. The last few times I was in LA, we got together for dinner, and at his girlfriend Mariís gallery opening, he gave me a personal tour of his own gallery show.

Now I get ready for what they call the BIG day on Saturday (even though each of these days has been completely packed and non-stop) and the big Comic Book Tattoo panel with Tori Saturday morning.

Kabuki Fan Artwork
NathanDetroit posted the following Kabuki artwork:

Release Date Anniversary
Scarab #1 (David Mack, Rick Mays and incentive covers) was released nine years ago.

MOB News Bytes
Secret Invasion #5, which was written by Brian Michael Bendis, was selected as the Pick of the Week on IFanboy.

Auction Spotlight
Scarab's Panda Plush (SRP: $14.99) is available on eBay ($2.99 - Buy it Now: $5.95).

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