Thanks, Link. See if one of the guards is alive and have him take you home.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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Home Production Notes Kabuki Vol. 7: The Alchemy

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
The next trade won't have a date set until the current Alchemy story is finished. And that will still be a while. This story will be at least 8 issues long. Maybe even a bit longer if necasary.

David Mack (October 26, 2004):
David Mack has kindly shared the Kabuki: The Alchemy #4 variant cover, which was created by Adam Hughes and will be released in February 2005 through Marvel's Icon imprint.

908 kb

David Mack (October 2, 2004):
Who here loves Adam [Hughes]'s work?

He's said for a while now that he has wanted to do a Kabuki piece. Yesterday he told me that he is starting on it this week.

I should have the finished piece very soon!

So I'll probably use it for an alternative cover for Kabuki #4.
Is this something you would like?

Please let me know your opinions on this.

I'll post the art here as soon as I get it next week

David Mack (June 16, 2004):
The Alchemy will be at least 8 issues. Maybe as many as 10 or 12.

David Mack (May 8, 2004):
Yeah, the meaning of life stuff in Meta, and the other philosophies in Meta were really the jumping off point for the new Alchemy story. Alchemy is about several things, but one of them is about piecing together the clues and trials in your life to realize what you really are and what you are supposed to do with those experiences. How to turn them into a creative force. How to take your baggage and turn it into something postitive. How to turn your garbage into gold. Hence: Alchemy.

Of course Alchemy also refers to the Akemi character who is a central catalyst of the stories and whose name is a sort of Japanese pronunciation of Alchemy.

And a couple other things too... but they are surprises!

But much of it is about integration. And turning yourself into the person that you want to be.

David Mack (May 19, 2004):
I don't know if any Powers readers noticed that some Kabuki characters made some unanounced appearances in some of the early Powers issues.

Off the top of my head, Link, Kai, and Snapdragon have all had moments in Powers.

This new story has a more involved role for a Powers character. It won't mention who the character is in the story, only some hints that you will only get if you are a Powers reader.

Same with the Kabuki appearances.

David Mack (May 19, 2004):
Glad you are looking forward to it!

The new Kabuki series is going to rock!

And there is a Powers character that makes some unnamed appearances in the story.

See if you can connect the dots in it.

David Mack (April 29, 2004):
My dad used to live in the basement of a veterinarian clinic.

Sometimes he'd assist the vet in animal surgery. And when my brother and I visited we'd let all the animals run free in the night.

More about this in Kabuki #2.

David Mack (April 15, 2004):
At this point, I think it is safe to say that it will be at least 8 issues, but it could very well end up being 10 or 12.

And I have the next three Kabuki stories after that written out as well.

All of the books have ended up being longer than I originall thought they would be in the scripts or outlines. Some of the characters just start fleshing themselves out more and more space gets devoted to characterization of new characters and their interactions.

Which is the fun and magical part about it. I always let there be room for improvement on every level of the process.

David Mack (February 15, 2004):
I'm doing the new Kabuki series now, which will probably go for more than 6 issues. Maybe even 8 or more.

David Mack (February 14, 2004):
Although I intend and hope to collect all the Kabuki stories in a trade after the individual series is over, I generally don't offer the collection, until all the individual issues are sold out.

And I hope readers do continue to buy the single issues in the periodic form, because that enables me to finish the story.

You do what is best for your taste, but the Alchemy will be going for a while (and probably longer than 6 issues, maybe 8 or more) and it will be some time after that until a collection of it is released.

David Mack (February 14, 2004):
Also look for an appearance of Yukio in Kabuki: The Alchemy.

David Mack (January 30, 2004):
And even a Powers tie-in it's own way.

Little known fact is that issue 3 & 4 includes a character from Powers, but it is not spelled out in the story. You have to figure it out.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's a subtle thing. Those who read both titles will get a little in joke.

David Mack (January 27, 2004):
Tigerlily will totally stand on its own as a story. There just happen to be some scenes that overlap, but you will only know they overlap and tie-in if you read both stories. For instance, Tigerlily appears in Alchemy, but you won't know it is her until your read Tigerlily. And Kabuki appears in the Tigerlily story, but you will not know it is her unless you read Alchemy. But both stories stand on their own without having read the other.

And you can try to guess which character is Tigerlily or Kabuki.

But it won't change your understanding of the story. It will just be an extra layer of reality for you to enjoy and piece together.

David Mack (January 12, 2004):
Dove does have some future involvements in the story!

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