Miraculously, the medics bring me back. But part of me felt like it did not belong in this world. Either part of me was left on the other side, or I brought a part of my mother back with me.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #1
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Boston Comic Con
April 30 - May 1, 2011
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May 27-29, 2011
Houston, Texas


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Emerald City Con Live Art Show Photos
Lani Girvan posted several photos of David Mack painting at the Emerald City Comicon live art show.

Daredevil: End of Days Production Update
From ComicBookResources.com:
[Brian Michael Bendis] also assured the crowd that he was still working on "Daredevil: End of Days" with David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz and Klaus Janson. He promised the book "will be happening sometime in our lives."

Fraction jokingly added, "It's not just a title, it's a shipping date."

Thoughts on ECCC Live Art Show
From David Mack:
Live art was off the hook. Started on canvas. Then went to the wall. Then painting people in the audience. Then they painted my arms... then... the people of Seattle ROCKED IT. & a big shout to my art compatriats. Camilla, Mahfood, Templesmith, Molly, Red- First Seattle LIVE ART was a success. Thanks for getting naked....Send me all your photos. Kyoko was using my camera but the batteries died.

Emerald City Con Photos, Live Art Show & More
From David Mack:
#1: Yeah... I really liked tigerblood... before everyone was all into it.
#2: Happy Templeday, birthsmith! RT @warrenellis @Templesmith Happy birthday!
#3: Fantastic food RT @BRIANMBENDIS Portland @CBCebulski food tour 2011 is now at slappy cakes with @davidmackkabuki
#4: RT organprinter - ? I rest my head on a pillowy star / And a cracked-door moon / That says I haven't gone too far / I'm coming home...Via Chicago ?
#5: A joy to sign w these friends! RT @sergio_diaz Fun seeing @davidmackkabuki, @Oeming, @takisoma, again & meeting @brubaker & @JHickman #ECCC
#6: RT ZFunktopus - @PaperClippe I have the same early conversion theory. I've given my "niece" (cousin's kid) an Owly book and a kids book by @davidmackkabuki
#7: @OriginalSpunky Thank U
#8: It was a delight! RT @czlatanovic Thanks for the arm-art! Look forward to bugging you next year ; )
#9: RT CBCebulski - Road-tripped from Seattle to Portland with @brianmbendis & @davidmackkabuki. Drove straight to Pok Pok for an amazing dinner!! So so good!!
#10: RT simps - For @BRIANMBENDIS: "@patloika: @BrianMBendis signs a dog! NEW #ECCC photos here: t.co/MQ5zTJ8 t.co/YZEBf9a
#11: RT lingerie_addict - Went to #ECCC today & met @davidmackkabuki & @brianmbendis. Now I'm watching anime on @Netflix while The Boyfriend makes chocolate cupcakes.
#12: RT BRIANMBENDIS - The @CBCebulski Portland food tour 2011 starts now!! Pok pok!!
#13: RT ScottAllie - @JERWA ! @emeraldcitycon @cosmicmonkey @MTVGeek @indycred @ChrisSamnee @johnschork @davidmackkabuki @kiala @oeming @takisoma @brubaker
#14: Driving to Portland from Seattle w bendis and cb cebulski
#15: RT lalaranel - Look what the very awesome @davidmackkabuki drew for me at #ECCC! twitpic.com/4707vw incidentally it happens to look like our cat.
#16: RT BRIANMBENDIS - The rumors are true. Someone had me sign their actual dog
#17: I have no idea how many humans I painted on at the live art. Also, bendis signed a dog today
#18: Eccc seATtle exceeded all expectations, thank u to all who came and made it magical
#19: AMAZING ECCC today. Signing w friends. NonStop busy.Alchemy was a hit. Dinner in @Brianmbendis room w @oeming @takisoma Marvel party after.
#20: @CullyHamner Good to see you :)
#21: Love this photo RT @neilhimself China. city called Dali. I took this photo, because it looked like a Dali painting twitpic.com/46prem
#22: Great to talk w u again- Glad you enjoyed Live Art RT @zannah mr. @davidmackkabuki drew me a giraffe!!! so happy! #eccc t.co/Rn6k3jJ
#23: Good to talk w U today :) RT @1Spectre1 OMG! Is that Tom Cruise or @davidmackkabuki?
#24: RT unseenfilms - Spoke w @davidmackkabuki for nearly half an hour about his DVD The Alchemy Of Art, soon to be the subject of a write-up here at Unseen Films
#25: RT xenokattz - BRILLIANT #eccc LiveArtEvent. Artists started on canvases->plastic on walls walls->people. Think @davidmackkabuki started it, cheeky monkey.
#26: @Mika_Tan See you Saturday then? :)
#27: Was way FUN! RT @zannah Definitely! :) Loved the finger painted wall pieces tonight. They turned out beautifully + looked like so much fun!
#28: @Mika_Tan Wish you were here :) you would have loved it :)
#29: RT BRIANMBENDIS - david mack and i have been road-tripping to conventions together since the early 90's. only difference is now olivia is the backseat!!
#30: @irispearl713 Bring it!
#31: RT lalaranel - Live art - twitpic.com/46b7r7 twitpic.com/46b7k8 twitpic.com/46b76r @davidmackkabuki @helmetgirl #ECCC
#32: @zannah I'll see you at ECCC Saturday? Come by my table?
#33: was a blast RT @Girvan0 So what I learned tonight is @davidmackkabuki + finger painting + loud 80's remixed music = recipes for masterpieces
#34: RT Girvan0 - plixi.com/p/81695910 @davidmackkabuki doing his thing live.. Wish you could be here. Its pretty amazing
#35: Pic from the Live Art we just did in Seattle (on the wall) RT @Templesmith Endings... But only the beginning. instagr.am/p/CAw4q
#36: @Templesmith That's great! Had a blast at the Live Art with you
#37: W bendis n daughter all singing along to the Beatles in the car
#38: RT Girvan0 - @davidmackkabuki can't wait for live art tonight! Have a safe trip.
#38: Psu talk went great. Driving w brianmbendis to Seattle eccc
#39: In Bendis writing class right now
#40: Thats how I feel RT @BRIANMBENDIS just shown the row I am sitting in @ ECCC & went: awww, I love all those guys. This will be a fun weekend
#41: RT BRIANMBENDIS - David Mack guest lectures my class today then off to ECCC for the second last con I will do for a very long time
#42: Fri: I'm talking @ PSU Bendis' Writing class. Then we go to Seattle Fri LIVE ART & ECCC Sat/Sun RT @Lol_J Shouldn't u be in Seattle for ECCC?
#43: Playing Marvel VS Capcom with Brian Bendis' daughters
#44: I'm in Portland.

MOB News Bytes
Mike Oeming announced that he recently appeared during a recent Seattle news broadcast. Also, the second part of Wordballoon's interview with Brian Michael Bendis is online.

Auction Spotlight
18 various issues of Kabuki are available on eBay ($5.99).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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