It wasn’t until she reviewed the tapes of the sessions, watching from the eye of the camera that she realized I was speaking to her. In one session, she noticed my eyes blinking in irregular patterns. Morse Code.
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David Mack Explains Use of Triangle Motif
When asked about his triangle motif, David Mack explained:
Well, I've tried to use geometric shapes in different ways. I realize that when I used to doodle on the phone (since I was a kid) I wouldn't draw images, I'd draw these triangle designs and geometric shapes. Kind of an unconscious design doodling.

So when I need some design element to help emphasize the hierarchy of the page design, I thought to include those "unconscious" design elements with the conscious structure.

In the Echo story, I tried to use the triangles in ways that I've seen them used in Native American designs.When I was in Australia, I also noticed the the aboriginal artwork used triangle shapes to make images to great effect. So sometimes I try to use them that way.

And sometimes I use them the way Gustav Klimt would use geometric shapes in his paintings in contrast to the organic figure shapes.

Barron Storey, was inspired to use triangle designs after seeing how they were used in African Art.

He also assigns gender to them. When the triangles are pointing up, they are male, when pointing down they are female, and that duality is an unconscious design element to integrate and contrast with the more formal composition structure.

I notice that having the triangle point left vs right also works with how we in the west read things.

I point the triangles to the east, left to right, to give sense of forward movement, I point them the other way when bringing the reading of the eye to a standstill to stop and look at something for a bit longer.

Possible Kabuki 1/4 Scale Statue Delay?
From Jerry Macaluso of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles:
We are having a hell of a time mass producing the costume. very complicated.

March is the earliest [the Kabuki 1/4 scale statue] is going to come out. I wouldn't be surprised if it's summer."

T-Shirts, Black Swan, Sleeping Dogs & More
From David Mack:
#1: RT neilhimself - At SDCC last year @davidmackkabuki @terrymoore & @helmetgirl all sketched @amandapalmer. Now on @CBLDF ebay #ForCharity
#2: Waiting for the Marla scenes RT @chuckpalahniuk 'Fight Club' for Senior Citizens:
#3: Haha! RT @bradmeltzer No. Here's best t-shirt ever:
#4: @satinephoenix Su habitual :)
#5: @olganunes Bien pregunta
#6: @satinephoenix Es verdad!
#7: @bradmeltzer cool to look up in a musicy bar/food place & see your face & name on the screen. You were very earnest & compassionate
#8: @bradmeltzer I don't believe that for a second :)
#9: @bradmeltzer I don't know what the show or channel was. I was at my friends Pizza joint in Atlanta 2 nights ago, looked up, U were on TV!
#10: @bradmeltzer Cool. And Brad, it was cool to see you on TV the other night for a good cause! Respect
#11: Donde esta mi pantelones?
#12: Also, if you sit through the credits of Black Swan... Nick Fury shows up. (shh)
#13: Tour de Force by Portman. But everyone shines in it. It has a bookend relation to The Wrestler but atmosphere of it is very different.
#14: Saw Black Swan. Aronofsky is a talent that cannot be denied. People in the audience were jumping at points in it more than in a horror film
#15: @dmcc1126 The land and the king are one
#16: Working on Dream Logic #3 with Excaliber playing. Lots of amazing actors getting their early showcase in this film.
#17: Fun drawings RT @floating_world Farel Dalrymple's Batman
#18: Grooving to Jay-Z while I mix-master this Dream Logic #3... art spread out all over the place... animals walking around... music shining
#19: Music is like weather, you can play something that changes the climate around you, and makes sunshine in your head when it is cold
#20: Man, I love Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind". Great to work to- play to- anything to...
#21: This book looks so fun RT @Oeming About 10 more pages of Takio layed out, hope to wrap them up this week
#22: Limited Editions (signed/#ed w sketch) of REFLECTIONS ART BOOK HARDCOVER & KABUKI Vol. 1 are still available (but going fast...) #greatgift
#23: @GenevieveTweets Very glad you came to the Live Art at the gallery with @billsinn & I. We had a great time
#24: @CullyHamner I hear you :) Just sayin :)
#25: @GenevieveTweets I love all those artists you mentioned too! Great convention for catching up with super creators/artists
#26: @GenevieveTweets Thanks, Genevieve! Great to see you at the show, and glad you gave Bill & I some company & good conversation.
#27: @CullyHamner :) Well, aside from Daredevil (whose eyes are blind) most characters I've worked on have dark eyes (tho some wear red lenses).
#28: Chicken & Bendis at Atomic Comics in Phoenix AZ RT @BRIANMBENDIS Atomic! I am bringing you chik fil a! First come first serve!!
#29: RT BRIANMBENDIS. the writing seminar last night went into major overtime, 3 hours!! the people seemed happy. now to the signing!! see u soon atomic!!
#30: @BRIANMBENDIS Tell Malve & Atomic Comics I say hi. Was the writing seminar amazing?
#31: Cat senses power RT @JoeQuesada My cat usually sleeps right by my keyboard when I work, today he's found a new spot
#32: RT whatakuriosgirl - I was at ComicArtFans & they were featuring a pinup of @amandapalmer by @davidmackkabuki
#33: :) RT @nomadixxx @davidmackkabuki Don't move. Their vision is based on fear.
#34: RT neilhimself - My scary goddaughter, @Hayleycampbelly, is now blogging. The Great Wall of Vagina: Hayley and 359 plaster vulvas
#35: AW! RT @dasrupa My hat is awesome. And not just because I made it. But mostly.
#36: RT RAINN01 - Looking 4 a job in Washington, DC? Check out RAINN's newest opportunity - Multimedia & Online Coordinator! #37: There are two dogs sleeping on me.
#38: @olganunes :)
#39: @eushiro Thanks, Ed! Great to hear from you- hope you are doing wonderful!
#40: RT BRIANMBENDIS Bendis writing seminar is tonight we will be shutting down registration today at 5pm
#41: Great nite of drawing, painting, photos by Linda Costa, bringing food & cloths for homeless. Just got back to friend's place- Larry cooking

Auction Spotlight - Original Artwork
A 30" x 30" original painting created by David Mack during the Atlanta Comic Con live art show on December 4 is available on eBay ($2,000 - Buy it Now: $5,000).

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Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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