I know Kabuki is not everybody's cup of tea. It is very non-mainstream... But if you like all of Kubrick's films, I think you will dig Kabuki.
-- David Mack (August 31, 2004)
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Kabuki: The Alchemy
Collection - Now Available!

Photo of Kabuki Commission
Redskullrudd posted a photo (registration required) of a Kabuki painting by Chris Uminga.

HeroesCon 2010 Picture
Molly McIsaac recently posted a photo of David Mack traveling to HeroesCon.

Cosplay Photo, Fan Photo Call & More
From David Mack:
#1: See you at San Diego? RT @mia_matsumiya: @mika_tan Oooh, David Mack schwag heaven, you lucky girl! :)
#2: Brush & ink pic... (thanks :) RT @amandacera: RT @TopsyRT: David Mack - Dream Logic http://bit.ly/ajyDtl
#3: Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction, Gage signing @MidtownComics in NY right now RT @BRIANMBENDIS: Were starting our signing early!! Now!!
#4: Thanks RT @Amanojahku: Read: Kabuki by David Mack and The Invisibles by Grant Morrison #FEEDYOURSOUL
#5: RT @AnimeHot: Want to see yourself in a Marvel comic? David Mack wants photos of you in your Akemi or Kabuki hat to put into... Facebook.com
#6: Check out @Mika_Tan's very cool profile pic as SCARAB (complete w KABUKI shirt)
#7: Wait until you see #4 :) RT @cquad73: @davidmackkabuki Oh and a copy of Electric Ant #3 from @fpinternational LOVE IT!
#8: Hope you like RT @cquad73: @davidmackkabuki Just go our copy of Dream Logic from @fpinternational :-)
#9: @cquad73 It collects the first 6 issues of Reflections from Marvel
#10: @anjkan Thank you :)
#11: RT @TFAW: Meet Michael @Oeming and @TakiSoma at @HollywoodTFAW 6/26 from 1-3 p.m. http://bit.ly/ckl7XO @DarkHorseComics
#12: @jpalmiotti Looking forward to seeing it. I remember I bought a second hand comic of it for a dime as a little kid.
#13: Happy Father's Day, Dad. Wherever you are.
#14: :) RT @bruceincolorado: @sarahkhas Saw David Mack @ #heroescon & he drew Isabel a quick alien (from Shy Creatures) in her sketch book.
#15: @BRIANMBENDIS If you have trouble writing in the Barton Fink hotel, just practice wrestling moves with the guy in the next room.
#16: @BRIANMBENDIS Enjoy the Life of the Mind!
#17: That was Yoga in Downtown. (not downturn as my phone decided to translate). Was super. Now back to Dream Logic
#18: Doing yoga outside in downturn fountain square. Just what I needed
#19: KABUKI & AKEMI hats from @animehot http://bit.ly/9kqlpL
#20: http://mysp.ac/akemi RT @sarahkhas: it's funny finding pictures of my David Mack akemi tattoo randomly on the internet!
#21: Cover to DREAM LOGIC #2 RT @JaminL: @davidmackkabuki Whatcha working on?
#22: I don't care how crazy they are
#23: Pscyhos don't explode when you shoot them. RT @dasRupa: Did you mean what you said back there? Because I would do that for you.
#24: Frida is great in this movie. She should have done a self-portrait painting with that snake.
#25: When I see that From Dusk til Dawn is on, I can't help but turn it & listen while I work
#26: @NevinsComics Haha! Glad you are reading ELECTRIC ANT. Hope you like. #4 just went to the printer. And the art for #5 looks fantastic
#27: Akemi pics RT @ChristyDreams: @DrNvrmore I guess ((^_^)) is kinda my personalized variation of David Macks Akemi face http://mysp.ac/akemi
#28: RT @wordnerdy: our customers are awesome: an really cool chick just found a pic of her tattoo in the new david mack dream logic book! (he designed it)
#29: http://bit.ly/bisBLG Who wants a KABUKI Vol. 1 Hardcover?
#30: RT @mika_tan: #FF #ÜBERWHOA @DavidMackKabuki @nomadixxx @TheRealNimoy @WilliamShatner @ConjureCognac @SFI-org @SGI-USA @sex_food_comics
#31: @ChristyDreams I very much appreciate your facebook post on Electric Ant 3- Thanks! Wait until you see #4!
#32: :) RT @ChristyDreams I apologize for the lengthy Facebook post, just had to get that out of my system! Electric Ant #3 blew me away! ((^_^))
#33: RT @JamesDRobinson: Brilliant Portuguese author José Saramago died today. RIP.
#34: Ink & brush pic from life RT @thinkdesha: RT @TopsyRT: David Mack - Dream Logic http://bit.ly/ajyDtl
#35: RT @ChristyDreams: YW ;) RT @guard31684: Just read part of a comic book by @davidmackkabuki. should have gained some nerd points for that!! Its interesting... maybe more one day!
#36: @mika_tan Fantastic- thank you :) Yes, please do
#37: @mika_tan Love your pic! Kabuki shirt, Scarab face- Do you mind if I include this pic in the back of DREAM LOGIC #2? http://yfrog.com/3djx2j

#38: Aw! Love this pic, Mika! RT @mika_tan: I love my Reflection Books, beanie, DVD, & shirts! I am a happy Kabukigirl! http://yfrog.com/3djx2j
#39: Start now. rewrite later RT @JanArrah going to #HeroCon & meeting David Mack & @thejillthompson inspired me to write again. I just need time
#40: RT @manwithoutfear: What If? SHADOWLAND written by Mack: "I need a costume. Black. But what is black really but a representation of time folded in on itself."
#41: RT @anjkan RT @iArafath Its unbelievable that its all from skateboards! http://bit.ly/9JvT2R @abduzeedo @MoonApe @SignalnoiseArt check it!
#42: Working on a very enjoyable & expressive painting! Almost finished! It will serve as another Tarot Card image for the set
#43: Pic w Shepard Fairey at the Contemporary Arts Center http://bit.ly/bpB58b

Auction Spotlight
Over 40 issues from various Kabuki series as well as five prints are available on eBay ($20.00).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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