The curtains are opening, rising with the sun. My consciousness widens to take in this drama. It has been well-rehersed and finely-tuned with age. Watch it with me.
-- Kabuki: Fear the Reaper
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Home News May 2010 5th

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Kabuki: The Alchemy
Collection - Now Available!

Photos of David Mack at C2E2 & Live Art Show
Desha Metschke posted the following photos of David Mack at C2E2 and the convention's live art show:

Details About Brussels & Paris Art Exhibits
From David Mack:

Preview & Stores Selling Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #2 posted a five-page preview of Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #2 ($3.99), which is on sale today at a comic book store near you. If you are not able to find a copy, the issue is available at the following stores:
· $3.19
· $3.19
· $3.19
· $3.19
· $3.19
· $3.39
· $3.39
· $3.59
· $3.95
· $3.99
· $3.99
· $3.99
· $3.99

David Mack Plug & Photo in Pittsburgh Comicon Article
The convention offered us plenty of time to chat with guests, shop, and just plain hang out with friends. The guest list was a good one again this year. Such luminaries as Tom Mandrake, David Mack, Daryl Banks, Brian K. Glass, Scott McDaniel, Billy Tucci, and Marc Wolfe signed autographs, did sketches, and just plain spent time chatting.

Pop Matters Reviews Electric Ant #1 gave Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #1 a score of 9 out of 10.

Dr. Strange Marvel Masterpieces Series 2 Sketch Card
Thanks to Kevin for sharing a scan of a Marvel Masterpieces 2 sketch card featuring David Mack featuring Dr. Strange.

David Mack Mentioned in Chuck Plahniuk Interview
From This Week in New York:
twi-ny: In your introduction to David Mack's KABUKI: THE ALCHEMY, you write, “Art is the lie that tells the truth better than the truth. . . . [David Mack builds] a metaphor that allows people to see and explore their own experience.” The same can be said for your writing, which is also very visual and cinematic. Do you have any interest in perhaps collaborating with an artist such as David Mack, or writing a graphic novel or comic book? Your website features Kissgzs’s adaptations of INVISIBLE MONSTERS and LULLABY; might there be more of those in the future?

CP: Frankly, I won't rule out anything except suicide.

Kabuki Faux Bronze Statue Previews Solicitation
Below is the solicitation for the Kabuki Faux Bronze Statue from the May 2010 issue of Previews:
The CS Moore Studio continues its faux bronze line of premium statues featuring several of sculptor Clayburn Moore's best-selling works, each re-created with stunning faux bronze finishes. Kabuki, the beautiful and deadly assassin from David Mack's popular series comes to life in this breathtaking museum quality statue. Limited to 250 pieces, Kabuki ships complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Moore.
MSRP: $299.00

Custom Bound Daredevil: Echo - Vision Quest HC
Cgcmaster posted a photo of a custom bound hardcover with Daredevil #51-55.

Kabuki Convention Sketch
Joey Von posted a photo of Kabuki sketch by David Mack.

David Mack Mentioned in Two Comic Reviews
From on Fractured Fables #1:
[Christian] Ward's art is beautiful too, reminding me in some ways of David Mack's painted art in "Kabuki." It's lush and colorful, and the page of the beanstalk growing through the stack of mattresses is just amazing. It's the other high point of the comic, and worth a big thumbs up.
From on Shuddertown #2:
[Adam] Green's art is growing on me even more, and I love his David Mack-esque cover.

Video Interview, Free Comic Book Day & More
From David Mack:
#1: Mr. and Mrs. Trent Reznor: via @jerwa
#2: ELECTRIC ANT out today. Paul Pope cover & preview of pages at this link (via @sotocolor)
#3: Got my MoCCA membership in the mail today. Thank you MoCCA founder Lawrence Klien.
#4: RT @SotoColor: Yes it does! RT @davidmackkabuki: I'm thinking ELECTRIC ANT #2 ships today. Is this true?
$5: I'm thinking ELECTRIC ANT #2 ships today. Is this true? Anyone see it yet? #philipkdick
#6: @kbeilz Thank you for that story! I'm glad you found it and connected to it! Let me know what you think of the others too :)
#7: glad u like! RT @PatHPR: finished Kabuki: The Alchemy. Loved it. Superb story & art. I Like how you push boundaries of graphic storytelling
#8: RT @backroomcomics: @cquad73 if you have a @vimeo account, login and go to the David Mack interview ( and you can dow ...

#9: Info for the Paris & Brussels exhibits #tarotcard
#10: @CharlesHearn3 Yes to REFLECTIONS HARDCOVER at Heroes con in June! And Dream Logic should be out by June too.
#11: Artwork sent to Europe for the Brussels & Paris exhibits. 20+ pieces to Brussels show. 30 pieces for the Paris show.
#12: Wow- vintage! RT @Girvan0: Got my inner circle package in the mail. the kabuki collection is growing quickly.
#13: RT @chuckpalahniuk: First bit of big news just dropped! RT @greatnsecret: @chuckpalahniuk: Almodovar has first dibs on "Tell All" film ...
#14: Sending off the art for the Paris & Brussels exhibits!
#15: RT @trent_reznor: New music from my new band:
#16: Very interesting review take on Electric Ant. 9/10 RT @sw6rdsch66l: ,a href="" target="_new" class="blue"> philip k dick and david mack on PM Comics today
#17: That "Riddle of sleep" line was based on a dream I had under a fever RT @dasRupa: What was that about the mystery of sleep @davidmackkabuki?
#18: Satellite images of the oil spill
#19: Working to film commentary of Godard's Contempt. Putting Dream Logic together.
#20: Yeah, Kind of. A new format to include works of all kinds RT @a_stoddard: @davidmackkabuki will Dream Logic be a replacement to Reflections?
#21: FYI RT @chuckpalahniuk: Going to the 'Tell-All' reading in Porsmouth, NH tomorrow? Link up with other fans beforehand -
#22: RT @KenTanakaLovesU: ATomic ATom! New video/art/blog-
#23: RT @CriminalRecords: "The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing" - James Brown Happy b-day ...
#24: Putting DREAM LOGIC #1 together for the printer
#25: RT @RAINN01: Children have the right to be free of abuse. Watch RAINN's new PSA and post the link everywhere! #rainn
#26: RT @DennisCalero: little known bowie fact, his eyes are NOT two diff colors. an accident caused one of the irises to bleed and turn brown
#27: Putting some finishing touches on these Tarot Card paintings for the Brussels exhibit in May. Choosing DD, Echo & Kabuki pages for Paris...
#28: @Templesmith It's like a metaphor for reincarnation
#29: @gemmarfleming I love your photos. I wish I could have seen your latest show. How are things?
#30: RT @gemmarfleming: Spent over an hour talking Garth Ennis and @davidmackkabuki with some real comic buffs. Screaming like teenage girls! ...
#31: Right on! @DennisCalero: @davidmackkabuki I'll be there second week of June. I'll be sure to goHave a Looky loo!!
#32: Getting the artwork ready to send to Europe for the Paris & Brussels gallery shows in late May. All the Tarot Card paintings, Kabuki & more
#33: Reznor. How To Destroy Angels
#34: RT @meltdowncomics: SOBEST TODAY! RT @satinephoenix @davidmackkabuki there were Fraggles @meltdowncomics & the place was crowded! Line e ...
#35: By all accounts... a fantastic Free Comic Book Day. The store I stopped by was packed
#36: RT @fleshvine: Bought Kabuki 1 (I love David Mack) and Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall.. Freebies were Shattered Fables, Bone, and The S ...
#37: It's a kinky thing RT @Templesmith: this "poking" thing on Facebook. Am I meant to poke back? Its not something kinky I'm clueless to is it?
#38: RT @antognoli: @idiolect ooh, i love the kabuki installments (david mack, right?) - we have them all. the story and artwork are both ama ...
#39: Yes. 7 Kabuki volumes in Hardcover or paperback RT @Kalogerakos: @davidmackkabuki there are 7 Kabuki trades right?
#40: Indeed! RT @jillygunn: @SupertrooperX you know that @davidmackkabuki reflections hardcover does make a nice gift...
#41: RT @gwenix: While there, also got: @warrenellis' Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island issue #1, +new Kabuki by Dav ...
#42: Dropped of a lot of Kabuki books to @comicbookworld today for #freecomicbookday
#43: Haha the band at the beginning of "Road House" is the same vampire band in "From Dusk til Dawn". Discuss.
#44: An heavily accented woman named Noriko came to my door today for census & I got to do my census in Japanese. She was delighted.
#45: RT @dasRupa: @pulphope @davidmackkabuki @GreatDismal @doctorow I think you'll really like this panel from our thesis symposium
#46: @mika_tan Yes. But that's too bad they didn't have it for you this week.
#47: RT @kbeilz: Back from the city. @KinokuniyaAust had an impressive dalek & so many wonderful costumes! Picked up @davidmackkabuki Kabuki ...
#48: Yes. They can reorder RT @Girvan0 was the art book ever in the previews magazine? Tried to get one at my comic shop & they didn't have any
#49: RT @LeEnfantSamedi: @davidmackkabuki going to pick up my Reflections art book SE! SO EXCITED!
#50: Paris & Brussels signings & Tarot Card Art Exhibit gallery opening dates: May 27-30. Info @ link. Who will attend?
#51: I liked :) RT @satinephoenix: @davidmackkabuki Whatdya think? Was very nice chatting with you too. Also thanks for all the goodies!! :D
#52: More comic shops carrying REFLECTIONS HARDCOVER ARTBOOK online w good prices
#53: @satinephoenix Saw your D&D game :) Super to talk with you in San Francisco
#54: :) RT @atomikart: got @davidmackkabuki's Reflections hardcover... but then my wife ripped it out of my hands before I could look at it.
#55: Thank U RT @jimlee00: RT @davidmackkabuki: My 320 page HARDCOVER ARTBOOK out today! With new stuff. I hope you like.

Auction Spotlight
The Alias Omnibus (SRP: $69.99) is available on eBay ($31.00).

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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