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David Mack Interviewed for Bleeding Cool C2E2 Article
Thanks to Gregory Baldino for reporting that David Mack chatted with him about C2E2 for an article on BleedingCool.com.

Autograph on Apple iPad at MoCCA
From the Mid-Ohio-Con blog:
In addition to the great roster of indie creators and publishers at MoCCA, I was psyched to find a few of our good friends from mainstream comics in attendance. Chris Giarrusso and Jacob Chabot were sketching up a storm for fans when I visited their table. I picked up a great Mini Marvels piece from Chris featuring the Silver Age X-Men and I also discussed a couple of promotional pieces that he’s going to do for Mid-Ohio-Con 2010. I also got to spend some time with David Mack, who gave my iPad Adobe Ideas sketch application a try with his autograph and also reminded me that his new title, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Ant had just hit the stands that week.

Second Frida Kahlo Painting
David Mack has kindly shared a scan of a painting featuring painter Frida Kahlo, which was created for MoCCA founder Lawrence Klein as a birthday gift for Mr. Klien's mother, who is a fan of the surrealist painter.

3264 x 5052 - 474 kb

1632 x 2526 - 1.82 mb
816 x 1263 - 6.06 mb

Mack & Kabuki Mentioned in Article
From Newsarama.com:
The Icon imprint was founded with the exodus of two Image titles back in 2004 with Bendis & Oeming's Powers and Mack's Kabuki, but has gone on to be the birthplace of several new creator-owned series over the years including the just announced XO series from Bendis and Alex Maleev.

Kabuki and Akemi Fan Artwork
The Shy Creature posted three images of featuring Kabuki and Akemi fan art:

Thoughts on C2E2, Con Photos & More
From David Mack:
#1: @DennisCalero Super to see you at the Live Art jam! Your twits are endlessly entertaining
#2: @nickspencer Cool. But if that was going on, I wasn't in on it. Anyway good to see how far u climbed since I woke up in your hotel room :)
#3: Beauty RT @beckycloonan: The cover to DEMO issue 6, out in July! :D http://bit.ly/8ZU7ja Can't believe it's the last one in the series! omg.
#4: @nickspencer Good seeing you too! Uh... I don't know anything about that. I had no idea that was a part of any of the things I recalled.
#5: Chicago, you were wonderful
#6: :) RT @jace3359: #c2e2 was a blast. Well worth the cost just for the freebies, plus got to meet guy davis and david mack
#7: RT @Oeming: Mice Templar in the classroom!! graphicclassroom.blogspot.com
#8: @Kalogerakos Glad you had a good time. Have to ask @jimmahfood about the DJ. He was a hit. Glad you both like the painting :)
#9: Live Art rocked. Terrific venue. Pop Cult party. Superior DJ. Professiona dancers. I'm sure there will lots of photos on facebook tomorrow.
#10: I got my excercise :) RT @wildisthewind: David Mack is an exceptional dancer. #c2e2
#11: I wondered that too RT @TomBolton: @davidmackkabuki painting while the DJ plays "Return Of The Mack". ...planned?

#12: RT @technogreek: Live art f*cking being rocked by @jimmahfood @templesmith @davidmackkabuki and more

#13: RT @JahFurry: #C2E2 #popcultivator party kickin' live art w/ @cameronmstewart @templesmith @jimmahfood @rayfawkes @davidmackkabuki @joshblaylock
#14: CHICAGO: I'm doing Live Art tonight at Reggies 2105 S. State St with Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland & Jose G. Live DJ. Live painting... mayhem
#15: bar/club I'll be there aroudn ten RT @Kalogerakos: @davidmackkabuki is it at a gallery or a bar, and what time does it start?
#16: The flier doesn't mention a cover. Says open til 3 RT @Rk_Reborn: @davidmackkabuki: How much will the live art be tonight??
#17: @beckycloonan Yeah I thought I saw you for minute in NYC at Mocca walking at a distance. Love to catch up. Happy 4 ur work! All grown up :)
#18: Haha :) RT @beckycloonan: @davidmackkabuki comics are dramatic!!! I saw u @ mocca but didn't get a chance to say hi btw, will make up for it
#19: There was full emotional crying at my table today. Not by me.
#20: We did Houston in March RT @craigmaloof: @davidmackkabuki I still remember the live art show from Texas a few years back. An amazing time.
#21: YEs. Live Art tonight. At Reggies 2105 S. State St. Chicago RT @Rk_Reborn: @davidmackkabuki: Will you have live art here today??
#22: A delight RT @Rk_Reborn: @davidmackkabuki: Im so glad i got to meet you today! I cant wait to read circle of blood! Thanks for the signing!
#23: :) RT @willowfinn: You signed a copy of The Alchemy for me at the MoCCA Festival last weekend! Thank YOU! It was so great to meet you! :)
#24: @dasRupa My name is a killing word
#25: Thank u RT @willowfinn: @unwoman David Mack's Kabuki books are probably the most beautiful thing money can buy (in a comics shop, that is).
#26: You are the mayor RT @johnwordballoon: great day a #c2e2 but spent most of it shaking hands like i was mayor
#27: New SCARLET by Bendis & Maleev RT @wedgex: @BRIANMBENDIS That David Mack cover is tops, man. They all are, but dang. Can't wait to see more.
#28: RT @Sr_Pixel: Nuevo proyecto personal de @BRIANMBENDIS y Maleev. Scarlet se ve muy bien y esa variante de David Mack esta perrona. http://ow.ly/1zpEL
#29: Good first day at C2E2 RT @beinggrahamish: So pumped @davidmackkabuki thanks, so great!

#30: I'll find a use for it. Send it over RT @Oeming: @davidmackkabuki I can save the bloody wrappings for you, and you can use it for a cover:)
#31: @takisoma @oeming Taki, I hope you are feeling better and less openly wounded. Have them put an extra dexterity chip in it for you...
#32: My book for take off in planes lately is PROUST WAS A NEUROSCIENTIST. Great book about writers & artists intuiting how the brain works
#33: Listening to the book ROCKET MEN on CD on the way to Chicago. Riveting, fantastic book
#34: Attack of the show vid of @brianmbendis & Alex Maleev's new series from ICON http://bit.ly/abzZtc I did a cover for it that is shown here

Release Date Anniversaries
Daredevil #12, the Kabuki German Portfolio as well as Powers: volume 1 #1 debuted ten years ago Scarab #7 was released 9 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
Visions #4 (SRP: $5.95) is available on eBay (Buy it Now: $5.00).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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