There is no morality in virtual reality.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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The Shy Creatures -
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Justice League of America #44 Variant Cover
DC Comics has posted David Mack's variant cover for Justice League of America #44.

Documentary Interview, Con Photos & More
From David Mack:
#1: Word from Marvel: REFLECTIONS ART BOOK Oversize Hardcover will be with me at Pittsburgh Comicon! (by Marvel I mean editor @jengrunwald :)
#2: Just left The Art Institute of NY in Tribeca. Film professor Ian Fisher had me in for an interview on his upcoming documentary...
#3: At V-Bar in Soho. Drinking Chai & going over art for Electric Ant #5
#4: Word from Marvel (@jengrunwald) is that the REFLECTIONS Oversize Hardcover Art Book will be in stores 4/28
#5: Enjoying the feedback to Electric Ant 1 RT @djalimonger: this weeks issue of philip k dick's electric ant was pretty snazzy @davidmackkabuki
#6: RT @ChristyMathis: @davidmackkabuki I finally picked up a copy of Electric Ant #1! Looking forward to curling up with it tonight! (((^_^))
#7: RT @AnimeHot: made stuff for David Mack today! To anyone who has never been into graphic novels, I suggest reading the Kabuki...
#8: All good RT @philhester: Dreamed my grandfather was complaining to me about the food in heaven. He is alive, btw.
#9: The Fab Mike Oeming! RT @Oeming: fun Powers page- double click for a clear image
#10: Glad you ike! RT @PineapplePants: @davidmackkabuki Read Parts of a Hole. It's my first DD book. And now it won't be the last. :)
#11: RT @tatjanadanilo: David Mack draws Amanda Palmer, SDCC 09 PART 1
#12: Here you go: RT @Manji2501: @davidmackkabuki is it possible to get a link to your fb
#13: Great to meet so many wonderful people at MoCCA ! RT @A_Marra: @davidmackkabuki thank you for signing the books I purchased today at MoCCA.
#14: @Manji2501 Yeah, I have a facebook page. You can find me there. & there is a fan page of my work there that existed long before I was there
#15: :) RT @mika_tan: @Kwinseeeee Oh, I am more of a Marvel universe & @davidmackkabuki kinda gal.
#16: word! RT @mika_tan: @Davidmackkabuki Holy crap! That @Mia_Matsumiya girl is so funny!
#17: Good to see you at MoCCA! RT @Agent_M: Photo: Itís @davidmackkabuki and @dasrupa. #MOCCA
#18: RT @mia_matsumiya: RT @supa_pedro: 2nite @ Union Pool: KAYO DOT w/ @Cymerman1's Amplified Quartet & Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia, Byla, Gorguts) $10 - doors @ 8
#19: MoCCA Pics RT @dasRupa: - With @davidmackkabuki, @pulphope, and @frankmillerink! Unbelievable.
#20: MoCCA pics! RT @dasRupa: - Excellent times at the #MoCCA after party with @davidmackkabuki and @pulphope
#21: Paul Pope DJ-ing at the after party. Meeting up with old pals. Mocca show better than expected. Great conversation with David Mazzuchelli
#22: RT @davegrilli: This #mocca shindig is ridiculous. There's a nerdy dance bonanza. David Mack is sitting behind me. Beers. Girlfriend. Aw ...
#23: Mocca is great. At after party w @dasrupa @pulphope @Frankmillerink. Pics to follow
#24: Heal RT @SheaTweets: Chabon's A Model World & @davidmackkabuki 's PKD Electric Ant adaptation will help to close up these apendectomy scars.
#25: I liked that RT @SotoColor: Nice to be regarded as one of the art team. RT @sex_food_comics: Review of Electric Ant #1
#26: U need @jpalmiotti :) RT @Darediva: featuring @JoeQuesada @davidmackkabuki @ThatKevinSmith Trifecta of DD coolnessity!
#27: My first DD story in Hardcover RT @sinkancom: 2010-04-21 Daredevil / Echo: Parts of a Hole DDavid Mack/J... [Hardcover]
#28: RT @sex_food_comics: New Review of Electric Ant #1
#29: :) RT @satinephoenix: @davidmackkabuki posting wondercon blog soon. thanks for the photo op! :D
#30: New Electric Ant #1 review:
#31: Looking forward to MoCCA in NYC. Last year Darren Aronofsky & @_mcchris stopped by my table.
#32: Looks stunning... RT @SotoColor: @davidmackkabuki Just sent you another one.
#33: Got the new pages in for Electric Ant #5 and they look amazing! And a colored page in today from @sotocolor which is incredible work!
#34: @manwithoutfear Had a really good lunch meeting w Bendis, Klaus Jansen & the editor on it. Looked like it was on sked then. I hope so :)
#35: April signing update: MoCCA this Sat & Sun in NYC! Then Chicago for C2E2... Then Pittsburgh Comicon (The REFLECTIONS HC Artbook at this 1)
#36: I intend to be :) RT @ChristyMathis: @davidmackkabuki: Do we know if @Dragon_Con might be blessed with your presence this year? (Pout face)
#37: :) RT @a_stoddard: Ordered 2 copies of The Shy Creatures by @davidmackkabuki one for my niece & one for me, because I never learned to share

Release Date Anniversary
Transmetropolitan: I Hate it Here debuted 10 years.

Auction Spotlight - Original Artwork
Meatyore is auctioning off the original covers for Swamp Thing #14 and Ruule #4.

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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