Language has become pre-recorded sequence. Practiced in its one-sided state, it conditions the mind to be as narrow as the language meant to represent it.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home News March 2010 29th

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

David Mack Attending WonderCon This Weekend
David Mack announced that he will be signing at WonderCon (table AA050), which will be held April 2-4, 2010 in San Francisco.

Comicpalooza Photo and Convention Sketch
Alan Stoddard posted photos of David Mack as well as a convention sketch created by Mr. Mack during Comicpalooza.

David Mack Art in San Jose, CA Art Show
From the Comics Waiting Room blog:

DORIS DANGER fans! Come see some fantastic DORIS DANGER GIANT MONSTER original art, at the SLG Boutiki and Gallery this Friday, April 2! The party starts at 8pm! FREE ADMISSION!

The Boutiki Gallery is located at 577 S. Market Street San Jose, CA 95113! The opening coincides with the San Jose First Friday art walk, and will be up all month!

The MONSTERS! art show features twenty-two original giant moster splash pages by Chris Wisnia, as well as twenty-two pin-ups by the biggest names in the comics industry! Artists on display include Brian Bolland, Sam Kieth, Russ Heath, Gene Colan, Geof Darrow, Thomas Yeates, Peter Bagge, George Tuska, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tony Millionaire, Dave Gibbons, Simon Bisley, David Mack, JH Williams III, Ryan Sook, Los Bros Hernandez, Jill Thompson, Mike Allred, and Mike Ploog!

Much of the work has not yet been published!

Visit the Facebook page and invite yourself to join in the fun.

The Art of Red Sonja HC Solicitation
Written by Chris Lawrence, art by various, cover by Marc Silvestri.
From the edge of her sword to the murky swamp below, this magnificent work of art captures every dramatic detail of the She-Devil with a Sword. This is a must have for both the fine art collector and the lover of sword and sorcery fantasy.
Over 35 years in the making! Featuring a look at every aspect of the she-devil with a sword -- Red Sonja! From the Dynamite revival and back to the classic era of Roy Thomas and Marvel Comics, the Art of Red Sonja has it all! Bursting with incredible art by a veritable who's who of talent: Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Frank Cho, Frank Brunner, Adam Hughes, Pablo Marcos, John Cassaday, Art Adams, Mel Rubi, Howard Chaykin and more!
208 pages
Price: $29.99.
Publication Date: August 2010
Previews Product Code: APR100900
David Mack's Red Sonja artwork is the sixth image from the top on the left hand side of the collection's not-yet-finalized cover.

Comicpalooza, Con Sketch & More
From David Mack:
#1: ELECTRIC ANT #1 has 2 covers- one by me, one by Paul Pope. FYI in case you want to order specific cover from your comic shop
#2: In APRIL: Two books of mine shipping- ELECTRIC ANT #1 (my Philip K. Dick adaptation) & REFLECTIONS Oversize Hardcover Art Book. Marvel.
#3: REFLECTIONS OVERSIZE HARDCOVER ART BOOK -there are some Limited Editions w sketch still available for order. Limited to 500 made
#4: Thanks 4 attending RT @immortalfireboy: @davidmackkabuki awesome paintings man
#5: RT @SheaTweets: I feel bad that I'm 3ishs left on @davidmackkabuki 's THE AlCHEMY and I put it down to watch THE SIMPSONS. It knows I st ...
#6: :) RT Many thanks @davidmackkabuki for our FANTASTIC sketch!!! during ComicPalooZa ! @70sShowSuperFan:
#7: Thanks for coming to our Live Art show RT @immortalfireboy: @davidmackkabuki awesome paintings man
#8: Great LIVE ART for charity at Comicpalooza- Thanks Houston RT @immortalfireboy: David Mack just busted out 6 paintings in a row
#9: Thank you, Olga :) RT @olganunes: @baudot David Mack's Alchemy graphic novel is good too if you haven't picked it. Older, but just read it.
#10: Great to see you perform RT @Doctor_awkward: Tonight @ Joystix in Houston! Dr. Awkward, Jim Mahfood, David Mack, and More! Doors @ 9.
#11: @organprinter Great to meet you at Comicpalooza. I really enjoyed our conversation...
#12: RT @organprinter: Really enjoyed hearing @DavidMackKabuki's perspective on changing the medium to tune the message. Interesting play on ...
#13: Hi Richard & Zeus! See you @ Comicpalooza in Houston RT @zeuscomics: @davidmackkabuki We're coming down tomorrow! We'll come stalk you, too!
#14: Thanks- keep me updated :) RT @velvetdelirium: @davidmackkabuki We'll make it as awesome as we possibly can. We absolutely love your work!
#15: Have a great time Oeming/Soma! Is that Maui? I remember our snorkeling there RT @Oeming: @davidmackkabuki
#16: I'm intrigued RT @velvetdelirium: Yipyipee! @jactinglim and I are gonna cos-shoot @davidmackkabuki's Kabuki. I'm gonna be Akemi. Excited!
#17: We are joined by JH Williams & Bernie Wrightson
#18: YES & YES! RT @SeanJ0917: @davidmackkabuki are u going to be @ C2E2? If so will you be bringing any of the new printings of Circle of Blood?
#19: The people in Houston at Comicpalooza are great. Saturday should be really busy. Great downtown. Great venue. Live Art comin up...
#20: First day of Comicpalooza was super! Sold my last Alias cover. Off to Vietnamese dinner with Mahfood, Templesmith, Kuhn, Strangely
#21: @chris_page Thanks, but its a little too much traveling this month. Kinda of nomadic.
#22: Here at Comicpalooza Houston w Mahfood, Bernie Wrightson, Andy Khun, Humberto Ramos... Bruce Campbell tomorrow... more... Great venue
#23: Free! RT @stevevanhorn: Don't forget the FREE live art show & auction at 7:00 Saturday night at the convention center. Benefit for CBLDF.
#24: Thanks for the info. I think they have video games & DJ etc RT @a_stoddard: @davidmackkabuki Flyer shows the Live Art event to be $10 & 21+
#25: I sense History happening RT @Templesmith: @davidmackkabuki If I have a drink in hand, many such things can happen. Looking forward to it.
#26: Excellent- @mexicanfood is now following me on twitter!
#27: You should join us! RT @Templesmith: @davidmackkabuki I need to go the live art show too. I hear you & Jim shall tear the place apart.
#28: We'll run into @templesmith at this show in Houston tomorrow
#29: Had some great Mexican food with @jimMahfood. We are ready for some Epic Show & Live Art.
#30: I think it is a free event. But not sure. RT @SheaTweets: @davidmackkabuki is the Live Art a ticketed event or a freebie?
#31: Info on the LIVE ART event w Mahfood & I. And info on Comicpalooza in Houston this wknd
#32: In Houston. About to meet up with Jim Mahfood for dinner. Comicpalooza Fri-Sun. We do Live Art Party Saturday night

Auction Spotlight
The Lee's Comics Scarab print (SRP: $20.00) is available on eBay ($0.79).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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