Time has weight, and therefore, velocity. That’s why the older you get, the faster time progresses. If you’re not careful, it will run right over you.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #8
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Home News March 2010 22nd

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

Electric Ant #3 Solicitation & Promo Artwork
From Marvel.com:
ELECTRIC ANT #3 (of 5)
Written by DAVID MACK
Cover by PAUL POPE
As Garson's world continues to unspool all around him, the threads fraying and his existence blurring around the edges, his questions are only answered with more questions.
Continue down through the varying levels of reality with writer David Mack (KABUKI) and sumptuous art from breakout artist Pascal Alixe as they bring Philip K. Dick's mind-bending story to life!
32 Pages/Explicit Content
Price: $3.99
© and TM 2010 Laura Leslie, Isa Dick Hackett and Christopher Dick

David Mack Tarot Card & Show Opening Date
Carl Wyckaert recently posted a David Mack tarot card along with several other pieces that will be featured in a Brussels gallery show that will open on May 27.

May not be
safe for work

Comicpalooza Live Art Show This Weekend
David Mack has kindly shared a flyer for the Comicpalooza live art show, which will be held at Joystix Classic Games and Pinballs at midnight on Saturday/Sunday, March 27/28.

Moonlight Art Magazine Annual #1 Press Release
Thanks to Moonlight Art Magazine Editor in Chief Christopher Cooksey for sharing the following press release:
Collecting most of issues #1 though #4 in full color, with an new interview with J.H. Williams. Other interviews include Billy Martinez (of nekopresscomics.com) Nati, Feminine Oddities, Dame Darcy, Abril Andrade, Molly Crabapple, David Mack, Joshua Petker, Gear, H.J. Brown, Aunia Kahn, Noe Montes, a photo essay by Fotojedi and more. Also included: The Temp, written by Frank Kane with art by Christopher Moonlight. Faith Speaks. Artists to Watch and more...

Moonlight Art Magazine is dedicated to bringing you new views and interviews on art, artist, & comic books. We want to bring you the latest in artistic style, the hottest artist, thoughtful short comic book stories, and show you the rising stars of tomorrow . Even if you don't read a single word in an issue, you won't be able to help flipping though the pages and marveling at all the wonderful art, fun page layouts, and daring typesetting. Every issue includes a comic by Christopher Moonlight (www.christophermoonlight.blogspot.com) and photography by Fotojedi. (www.fotojedi.com) Don't miss this, or any of the issues to come, as we push new boundaries is the world of creativity.

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 100
IndyPlanet.com - $19.99

Photo of David Mack Working on Con Sketch
James posted a photo of David Mack working on a convention sketch during the Emerald City Comicon.

Circle of Blood HC, Dream Logic #2 & More
From David Mack:
#1: Order code for it: http://bit.ly/a86Y5v RT @dallendoug: I've asked stores in DC.They don't see it in ordering system as available to order
#2: Working on that next :) RT @birohazard: hardcover?RT @davidmackkabuki KABUKI Vol 1 Back in Print... #plsreissuekabukivol1inhc
#3: You have to take it one day at a time... If you can do it for just that day... RT @BRIANMBENDIS: I may have fallen off the short pants wagon
#4: I wish! But I am bringing some new original art to Houston :) RT @stevevanhorn: I guess that means no hardcovers in Houston this weekend?
#5: Chicken Curry, crabcakes, salmon crepes home made by my friend Feryal Kahn. Dinner with her & Janelly & fam. Nice bite between ink drawings
#6: Pics here. Books on sale RT @BooksQuebec: Montreal>For Sale>Books>KABUKI GRAPHIC NOVELS (DAVID MACK) http://bit.ly/aqrJCG
#7: Any comic store & book store can order it RT @RodAG_: @davidmackkabuki Where can I find it in México? Is there a way besides internet?
#8: KABUKI Vol 1 Back in Print...
#9: Marvel ran a 5 pg preview of Electric Ant in their books recently. Maybe online? RT @thecraw_: @davidmackkabuki :( no sneak peek preview?
#10: I plan to include that painting in Dream Logic #1 or #2 :) RT @JaminL: @davidmackkabuki Sweet. Can't wait to see if my commission made it.
#11: Reflections Hardcover Artbook at the printer...
#12: Electric Ant #1 at the printer...
#13: RT @BRIANMBENDIS: alex maleev and i launch our creator owned icon book in july. my first since powers! just called in some big name... ...
#14: Oh my! RT @mika_tan: @davidmackkabuki Gotta love the Bollywood dances! http://bit.ly/cEgnhh
#15: I love the dance sequence at the end of Slumdog Millionaire.
#16: Wince. See you in NYC again, I hope! RT @EdCatto: @davidmackkabuki Just watched the2nd sequel, tho....painful!
#17: Your all Karate Kid 2. You're Ralph Machio to my Tamlyn Tomita RT @Oeming: @davidmackkabuki it means I shall defend your honor sir!
#18: I've been having some weird dreams too. RT @Oeming: I had a dream a Seattle Panhandler was trying to sell me stolen Kabuki hardbacks!
#19: Haha! Scalpers. Whad do u think it means? :) RT @Oeming: I had a dream a Seattle Panhandler was trying to sell me stolen Kabuki hardbacks!
#20: All the Mexican food eating in The Magnificent Seven commentary was making me hungry
#21: Man, I love fish tacos.
#22: The actor of the Seven that you can't readily name is Brad Dexter. Other 6 went on to famed careers. Brad saved Sinatra's life from drowning
#23: Thanks! it gets better :)RT @vcaedus: @davidmackkabuki I just finished the first Kabuki trade. How did I go this long without reading it!?
#24: The film commentary for The Magnificent Seven is a riot. And great to draw to.
#25: Approaching the halfway mark for these drawings for the Limited Edtion of the Reflections Art Book Hardcover
#26: RT @SCORPDLM: New Sketches Uploaded Finally featuring @piaguerra @davidmackkabuki @philhester

#27: I'll take some pics & post :) RT @BretInVancouver: @davidmackkabuki Any chance of seeing these drawings?
#28: I like how these drawings are coming. I think it works well as the first page of the Reflections Art Book Hardcover. The ink on parchment
#29: Soccer at the park in the sun. Now back to drawing in ink on parchment. Little Big Man playing.
#30: Ink Brushing 500 drawings...Reminds me of the Japanese Calligraphers drawing 1000 times the calligraphic expression of Void. Essence of Zen.
#31: @warrenellis I have the same problem with my Clark Nova & my Mugwamp writer.
#32: Jim Mahfood just told me we are confirmed for LIVE ART in Houston next Sat. night. One week from today. #COMICPALOOZA
#33: Scandocious! RT @Superpouvoir: Product Changes: Electric Ant #1 & #2 will be rated Mature, not Parental Advisory.
#34: More drawing for Reflections HC Limited Editions RT @shubbykins: @davidmackkabuki I can't wait to see which one I get! :D
#35: watch this. RT @GreatDismal: RT @twishtoo: Is she writing Neuromancer ? http://bit.ly/9irqRr
#36: You got it! Maybe 50 in so far? RT @LeEnfantSamedi: @davidmackkabuki Make sure to draw me something special in mine! :P
#37: It's at the printer now! :) RT @Human47118627: Cool! Can I expect to be able to buy it sometime around 2012? (hopefully before December! :P
#38: About to start 500 drawings for the REFLECTIONS Limited Edition Art Book. Bought my 500 sheets of Fine Parchment Paper. Brush & ink ready..
#39: New! RT @SheaTweets: @davidmackkabuki is DREAM LOGIC a KABUKI book or is it something new?
#40: R U Caprica 6? RT @dasRupa http://twitpic.com/19ml8l - Today's dressmaking project. Look familiar? picture it in red. & me w boobs. & blonde
#41: DREAM LOGIC #1 in current Marvel mag RT @gliovampire @davidmackkabuki Anything called "Dream Logic" is something that I will definitely read!
#42: @SotoColor I've said it before, but you have done some transcendent coloring for ELECTRIC ANT. Really sets the distinct mood for each scene
#43: Dream on This: "There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." ~Marshall McLuhan, 1964 RT @mika_tan
#44: Just turned in the final script polish for PKD's ELECTRIC ANT #2 after seeing the amazing completed art by Alixe & @sotocolor.
#45: Yay! & Congratulations... RT @TerryMoore: Echo nominated for National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award. Also Paul Pope and JH Williams.
#46: RT @ComicBookInk: David Mack, John, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev at Comic Book Ink on March 12th, 2010 (Emerald City Comicon)

#47: Back in NYC for MoCCA! Miss you too RT @davidmacho: @BRIANMBENDIS @davidmackkabuki missing you guys here in NYC!
#48: A beautifully designed UK magazine called LITTLE WHITE LIES arrived in the mail from the publisher. Great comics/film articles & KABUKI.
#49: Andy Kuhn at Houston Comicpalooza! Had a super time w you last year:) RT @andykuhn: @davidmackkabuki i'll see you cats there too! :)
#50: The party is mostly in my head & on paper. RT @anjkan: @davidmackkabuki Sat over 3 days sounds like carnage! Whoa YOU - paHTAY animal!
#51: @SheaTweets Thanks :) I'll make sure to bring 30 copies of The Alchemy Hardcover :) Bring all your friends!
#52: :) RT @SheaTweets: gettin my not-into-comics friend to come who'll probably buy 30 copies of The Alchemy when he sees the intro by Chuck P!
#53: See you in Houston next weekend RT @SheaTweets: Going to Comicpalooza next weekend to see @Templesmith, @BrianDenham & David Mack
#54: @Templesmith It seems I missed you in Seattle at EMCC. I'll be sure to see you in Houston @ Comicpalooza Next weekend
#55: It may be a new communal brain evolution. Makes us use our brains differently. RT @actordougjones: I think this webbernet is gonna go big.
#56: As a grown up you can eat 3 meals a day of exactly the same thing if you want. Tomato sauce & meatballs w hummus & olives. Good each meal
#57: That line stuck with me too. "Nothing comes out of the camps..." RT @BJLG: @davidmackkabuki "Nothing good comes out of the camps...Nothing."
#58: For the warm-up/relaxing phase RT @olganunes: I think she likes it rough. / @davidmackkabuki gently rub her underside while telling her...
#59: She has the best prosthetics. RT @DJ_Spinja: @davidmackkabuki I think my favorite Lena Olin film is 'Romeo is Bleeding" w Gary Oldman
#60: wrd RT @jerwa: @davidmackkabuki Lena Olin is like the bacon of acting.There is literally nothing that cannot be improved by adding Lena Olin
#61: THE READER update: Lena Olin shows up & makes a wonderful scene as always.
#62: @olganunes gently rub her underside while telling her honestly how you feel about her.
#63: Each act a masterpiece... editing is crafty. Getting juicier RT @cedarseed @davidmackkabuki I found The Reader terribly moving and haunting.
#64: @anjkan A worthy endeavor. I used to be able to live like each day was Saturday. Now 2 much business-y-stuff to maintain Sat over 3 days
#65: THE READER lures you in with lovely literature reading & romantic carnality then takes some deep turns... tasty & mind-tastier so far
#66: Tonite's film while working: The Reader. So far... if you like reading/literature & fucking... this film is for you. Lovely so far.
#67: Refreshing mini-nap. Cat-style. Now wide awake & back to the dreaming.

MOB News Bytes
From Newsarama.com:
Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL AVON OEMING
God is dead! And Walker and Sunrise are investigating his murder. Yeah. God. Don't believe me? Then buy the book and find out what's going on in this cops and capes drama that has NO RULES!! Oh, and Deena Pilgrim returns and the how and why is going to surprise you!! All that and Retro Girl finds herself infected with a deadly alien virus.
40 PGS./Mature ...$3.95

Auction Spotlight
The Daredevil: Parts of a Hole trade paperback (SRP: $17.95) is available on eBay (Buy it now: $3.92).

Order Kabuki: Reflections -
Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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