Even the Bible speaks of angels in Heaven with savage weapons.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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Home News March 2010 8th

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Actress Julia Ling's Kabuki-Inspired Photo Session
David Mack announced that actress Julia Ling posted pictures from her Kabuki-inspired photo session.

Videocast Spotlights Kabuki Action Figure
The Kabuki Indie Spotlight action figure was spotlighted during an episode of Big Kev's Geek Stuff.

Akemi Totem Image
David Mack recently added an Akemi totem image to his Akemi photo album.

Amazon Sale, Control Corps Shirt & More
From David Mack:
#1: I'm made of unstable molecules
#2: Nothing like painting in springtime with the doors open & the sunshine. The sun seriously changes my entire chemistry.
#3: Amazon.com still rocking the good deals... RT @RazorbackBH: @stephbuscema David Mack got me to order a couple of cheap kabuki! Damn Amazon!
#4: just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world... RT @DennisCalero YouTube.com
#5: Brilliant. I like too. RT @GreatDismal: I like this. Like the comment thread too. http://bit.ly/cvaSN8
#6: Via @dasrupa RT @savasavasava: YES! AND it is international woman's day!! #oscars
#7: @gothamchopra It's good. I recommend it :)
#8: In honor of Oscar night: Actress Julia Ling sent these pics of her Kabuki-inspired photos http://lnk.ms/6pXwP
#9: Haha :) RT @RantzHoseley That was surreal. Just saw a man in his 60s in the grocery store. With a @davidmackkabuki control corps shirt on...
#10: @warrenellis @brianmbendis "f*ckvulture" will be the name of our new rock band
#11: @BRIANMBENDIS :) I'll see you soon. Just fyi: Taco bell has amazing Shrimp Tacos. I know you like shrimp almost as much as chic-fil-a
#12: Nice! RT @JaminL: @davidmackkabuki Just pre-ordered Reflections HC through Amazon. $18.98 total with shipping. Sweet
#13: Hardcover the way to go on Alchemy RT @Frances_L: just ordered @davidmackkabuki's Kabuki: The Alchemy from Amazon. I <3 hardcover editions.
#14: F'n teamwork! RT @RazorbackBH @davidmackkabuki I looked at those on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the heads-up on the low prices!
#15: @jimlee00 Finished painting a JLA cover. Lots of green...
#16: Haha- Crazy. Amazon.com selling KABUKI Vol. 1 Hardcover (used) priced at $9,599.99 http://bit.ly/a4T2CQ Alchemy & Metamorphosis @ low price
#17: FYI: Some great prices on Amazon.com for KABUKI: THE ALCHEMY & KABUKI: Metamorphosis... order while prices are still crazy low
#18: Order away! RT @cedarseed: and @davidmackkabuki's Metamorphosis and Alchemy...Uhh... I'd forgotten I'd ordered so many books!
#19: @satinephoenix Thank you for the recommendation.- I'm listening to Diplo now :)
#20: @jimlee00 Yes sir, painting a cover... feels great
#21: Absolutely! For last two hrs @punkagogo
#22: House of pain
#23: Gotta go bell bib devoted remix
#24: Naturaly @jerwa
#25: At underground breakdancing club. Amazing
#26: @mia_matsumiya My mother had one of those when I was a kid. I probably still have it with her sewing stuff.
#27: Back from playing soccor in the sunshine. Now to the painting... (still listening to Gorilaz)
#28: @AcmeSuperstore Thank you very much for having a good stock of the Kabuki volumes. And especially The Alchemy.
#29: @BRIANMBENDIS Tell your family to get ready to participate in DrDavid/MrMack dance marathon. Start stretching now.
#30: Yay! Thank you RT @AcmeSuperstore: just made a lady veeeery happy by having a good run of Kabuki issues instock. She hadn't heard of Alchemy
#31: Thanks. Now listening while drawing. RT @satinephoenix: listening to Gorillaz new album while scanning art... http://bit.ly/bpjwMe
#32: Oh very cool! Hadn't seen that. Thanks! I'll mail the Reflections artbooks signed. RT @Agent_M: http://is.gd/9PxF6 Thanks again!
#33: @Agent_M Did KABUKI:The Alchemy Hardcover magically appear to you at Marvel?
#34: Physics=limber mind RT @anjkan: Nobel Prize Winner Richard Feynman made Physics sooo fun to imagine! http://bit.ly/blybYm via @tedtalks
#35: "Good morning-ish! What day is this? Making omelet?" - David Mack, March 6 2010
#36: Akemi sighting RT @Darediva: Akemi sighting I had a couple years back. She's not in Kansas anymore http://bit.ly/9RPElY @davidmackkabuki
#37: Sadly, a person thought LOL really meant Lots Of Love. They wrote a nice loving funeral message to the bereaved family. Then signed: LOL
#38: @mia_matsumiya I think ur lemon-coconut bar just may in fact, b made of ideas. Ideas R like atoms.They R everywhere & make up material world
#39: Morrison is talking directly to me. Thru you. I'll watch The Doors with U anytime. RT @dasRupa: @davidmackkabuki Break on through!
#40: @LawrenceAugust LOL= Lots of Love, right? I'm glad we had this conversation. :) See you at 10. #makingfriends
#41: @dasRupa Is that how the phrase goes? It's eggs? I keep breaking other things... in hopes... that with enough breakage.... magically...
#42: @mia_matsumiya Put entire contents of your very own aforementioned "drunk-bought" grocery spree and... viola! Omelet.
#43: @LawrenceAugust Fantastical. Keep me updated. Tolkein-Style. Hinges, keys, etc.
#44: @dasRupa I remember this conversation. War isn't a good analogy for omelets.
#45: @mia_matsumiya Yeah, an idea omelet. I can't make it without breaking a few rules.
#46: Making omelet?
#47: 3 stages of AKEMI (maybe visual spoilers if U have not read The Alchemy) http://bit.ly/d6R3NF
#48: Haha! RT @GreatDismal: RT @ebertchicago: http://twitpic.com/16tvzl - Best publicity still from a movie in quite some time.
#49: @DennisCalero "I like it when you quote yourself and include the date" - David Mack 2010
#50: M RT @Agent_M Video of a guy dressed as Boba Fett playing Zelda music in the subway! http://www.twitvid.com/57B8D (by @garfep, via cbake76)
#51: Finished painting for cover of high profile book. Walked in the sunshine. Now Mocha as I catch up on businessy e-mails & plan next painting
#52: @Audreyalexis Thank you :) Yes, please do! I hope you enjoy :)
#53: Repeated impact (Fonzie style) RT @0neiromancer: @davidmackkabuki, do you have any tips for unclogging jelly roll pens?
#54: :) RT @davidmacho: @davidmackkabuki I love that one but I prefer another of his quotes: "when inspiration comes, I hope it finds me working"
#55: RT @henryjenkins: Speaking at #TEDxNYED conference about trajectory from participatory culture to political participation. watch http://bit.ly/95v9FE
#56: RT @CBCebulski Today's FF, the lovely & talented editors of @Marvel's GIRL COMICS: @J9Schaefer @PancakeLady @MiniB622 @jengrunwald #ff
#57: Wow- motivating... RT @jamessime: 'Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.' - Picasso
#58: Going to rock. I'll be signing w Bendis, Maleev, Fraction, Brubaker, Joe Q RT @chris_page looking forward 2 seeing you @ ECCC this year, sir

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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