I think we all see the world though our own reality map. A transparent graph from which we view life in order to navigate through it.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home News February 2010 22nd

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

David Mack Talks Comics on Coast to Coast AM
From David Mack:
My third time on the show, but this one was just a little update.

Mentioned [Brian Michael Bendis's] name a couple times, our DD project, and was able to mention, Klaus, Bill S., & Alex. Talked about Electric Ant from Marvel.

Joe Q. as a great EIC at Marvel & commented on his questions about Jim Lee & Geoff Johns at DC and why I think they are grand.

The host was nice enough to plug Kabuki and The Shy Creatures.

Was very cool. I've listened to the show since 97 so It's always a buzz to be on the show live.

Next: Oprah

David Mack later noted:
The first time I was on, I discussed Kabuki & my children's book, The Shy Creatures. The second time was discussing adapting Philip K. Dick for Electric Ant.

I enjoy the occasional alien talk, but mostly it seems the guests are authors and discuss the subjects of their books. Michio Kaku is a frequent guest discussing physics. Often authors about books of some kind of History, or inventions, or social phenomenal, or science, etc.

Mr. Mack also added:
Ian is great. He is the host who has interviewed me all 3 times. And he always does weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday with the occasional fill in during the week.

He hosts some really interesting show. One of my faves was the fellow who was sure he solved the mystery to D.B. Cooper. And we'd e-mail back and forth during the commercial breaks about how far out and cool it was.

Podcast Host Erroneously States David Mack is Dead
During episode episode 789 of Comic Geek Speak, a very tired Jamie D. mistakenly stated that David Mack had passed away, causing the other hosts to exclaim with shock and confusion (1h:14m:08s to 1h:15m:00s), however, everyone realized the error and correctly assigned credit to an upcoming Supergirl cover to the late Michael Turner. Also, to poke fun at their fellow host, the other hosts jokingly held a moment of silence for Mr. Mack near the end of the episode (1h:31m:55s).

Kabuki Fan Artwork & David Mack's Reaction
After viewing Redskullrudd's Kabuki commissions gallery (registration required), David Mack replied:
These are great!

My favorites are the Christ Steven's Kabuki and both of the Siamese images! Fantastic collection!

I'm always fascinated to see other artist's take on the characters. Especially when they are this good!

I've seen a super Josh Middleton Kabuki, and an amazing Travis Charest Snapdragon (I have these somewhere), and others from some of the most talented artists. Love these.

Attending Parties, Speaking in Miami & More
From David Mack:
#1: Order info for ELECTRIC ANT #2 (my PKD story with cover art here by Paul Pope) & cover art & info for DREAM LOGIC http://bit.ly/dx11OK
#2: Party at Cliff's RT @pulphope: Happy birthday @cliffchiang
#3: Tomorrow, speaking to students at Miami University who have been reading KABUKI: The Alchemy for class
#4: @SCORPDLM I'll look for that Daredevil piece to bring to EMCC in Seattle. Any others?
#5: @ginayates Thank you, I very much enjoyed being back on Coast to Coast am last night.
#6: @YuanoGL Thank you . I'm glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing for Joe Quesada.
#7: RT @banshuwa: The Works-The Art&History of Cartoons,national artists David Mack, Scott Simmons B3nn3tt & others 3/26-5/8/10, reception F ...
#8: RT @ginayates: At Premiere for 3rd radio shift of the day. Attention comic book geeks: David Mack will be joining us in 10 mins. www.Coa ...
#9: RT @idlemountain: Ten rules for writing fiction via @guardian and featuring @neilhimself & @MargaretAtwood amongst others. Good stuff.
#10: @jimlee00 http://bit.ly/92kPzn Your official Artistic License...
#11: Haha! It's true RT @ivanbrandon: @davidmackkabuki see? @jimlee00 said, what, 5 years or so ago in my apartment, that he'd get you to drink!
#12: @geoffjohns0 Congratulations! I think this is wonderful news & you've always been a super person.
#13: Deal! :) Next one on me! I'm really happy for you. You've been an inspiration to me in my early formative years since [Punisher War Journal]
#14: Paul Pope's cover for our PKD Electric Ant #2 (& solicit info) http://davidmackguide.com
#15: @anjkan http://bit.ly/92kPzn Your Artistic License
#16: Just returned from the CAC with Shepard Fairey & Shilpa Gupta. Shep DJed. Dancing. Great talk. Lots of pics to come. Met some great peeps.
#17: @dasRupa Your # of tweets (893) is the origin of the term "Yakuza"
#18: Very Cool "Echo" RT @dasRupa: @davidmackkabuki Inverse Echo http://twitpic.com/146n29
#19: Book grab! RT @BRIANMBENDIS: RT @mtvsplashpage: Went to @MidtownComics to pick up one book, discovered a 40% off sale, and left with a stack
#20: Probably a week to order before they lock in the print run RT @Darediva: @davidmackkabuki I'd really like one. Hope I can get it ordered.
#21: :) I thought I was the only one! RT @DennisCalero: Oh it's the Year of the Tiger... I keep writing year of the Monkey on my checks.
#22: Nice! PKD Bladerunner CAPTCHA RT @dasRupa: Prove that you're not a robot, once and for all. http://bit.ly/bt9WTA (best CAPTCHA ever)
#23: You're probably familiar with Shepard Fairey's work (OBEY GIANT), but if u don't know of Shilpa Gupta, look her up & see here fantastic art.
#24: Back from a very fancy dinner (& after party) at the Contemporary Arts Center with artists Shilpa Gupta & Shepard Fairey. Good conversation.

MOB News Bytes
When asked if Powers will be available as a digital comic, Brian Michael Bendis replied: "Yes. Announcement soon."

Release Date Anniversary
Daredevil #½ (signed edition) was released 10 years ago.

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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