Time has weight, and therefore, velocity. Thatís why the older you get, the faster time progresses. If youíre not careful, it will run right over you.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #8
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Home News February 2010 8th

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

Sci-Fi Saturday Night David Mack Interview
SciFiSaturday.com's interview with David Mack is online (27.5 mb - MP3 & streaming audio).

In-Depth Analysis of Daredevil Artwork
Scott M. McDaniel posted an in-depth article about page 8 of Daredevil #19, the fourth part of Daredevil: Wake Up.

David Mack Attending Chicago Comic Con
According to WizardWorld.com, David Mack is scheduled to attend Chicago Comic Con, which will be held from August 19-22.

The Shy Creatures Available via Amazon Again
The Shy Creatures is once again available at Amazon.com ($12.71 - SRP: $16.95).

Pre-Order JLA #44 and Electric Ant #1 Variant Covers
If you are not able to pre-order the variant editions of Electric Ant #1 and Justice League of America #1, which will feature David Mack cover art, at a comic book store near you, the issues are available at DCBService.com for $8.00 and $16.00, respectively.

Colossus Convention Sketch
Galactus posted a photo of a Colossus sketch by David Mack.

David Mack Art Magazine Interview in Annual
According to Moonlight Art Magazine, the publication's first annual will reprint their David Mack interview from issue #2.

Trailer for The Altered States of America
A trailer for the documentary The Altered States of America, which includes David Mack as one of the interviewees, was posted to YouTube.com.

Noh Book with Oeming, Upcoming Interview & More
From David Mack:
#1: Reflections Hard Cover Art Book, you slowly reveal your secrets to me
#2: RT @ALEC_EMPIRE "Those who do not move, do not notice their chains." Rosa Luxemburg (via @tmorello)
#3: Tattoo RT @DJ_Spinja @davidmackkabuki pic no. 2 http://twitpic.com/123pc1
#4: Tattoo of Kabuki's mother based on her favorite Japanese candy RT @DJ_Spinja @davidmackkabuki pic no. 1 http://twitpic.com/123p0n
#5: Barron Storey just sent me the most amazing blurb about my work that just may make me tear up.
#6: Ur letter is in the REFLECTIONS HC Art BooK :) RT @shubbykins @davidmackkabuki thanks again for helping me believe in myself enough to write
#7: I LOVE NZ! I was with Mark Millar & Frank Quitely RT @ogamu aw, you came to NZ & we missed you? ;-/ but I'm sure you loved this country! :)
#8: Correction: I met the interviewer in New Zealand, & then he was writing for a NZ mag, but this is for SFX, the UK's leading sci-fi magazine.
#9: Just finished a very comprehensive interview for a New Zealand Magazine about adapting Philip K. Dick's ELECTRIC ANT to Marvel
#10: Can you spot the Kabuki appearance in this poetry video? YouTube.com
#11: Lovely- Thanks Warren RT @warrenellis Look at this print by @McKelvie. He'll be taking pre-orders for it from tomorrow. http://bit.ly/aFAk9W
#12: Hi Nic RT @NIC_ENDO Nic Endo official site is now up and running! : www.nicendo.com
#13: Working on the design of Reflections Hardcover Art Book. Listened to film commentary of The Interview. Now Commentary of The Station Agent
#14: Deal. RT @jfthuecks when I grow up I will buy some of your art, standback and say "well worth it" while my friends are saying "that's nice"
#15: Good morning, Reflections Hard Cover Art Book. Shall we dance again today?
#16: Well done RT @GeneHa via ComicsBeat.com: Wes Anderson's Spider-Man, http://www.youtube.com:
#17: @GreatDismal I'm thinking it was Ralph Nader who campaigned to make car manufacturers make seat belts mandatory in their cars..
#18: I love this RT @camlilly iPhone wallpaper for fans of @davidmackkabuki TweetPhoto.com
#19: This is like... brilliant? This tone of interrogative has confused me since college? Brilliant! RT @GreatDismal Poem http://bit.ly/nG4vY
#20: Great letter RT @dasRupa: Loved the host's story about writing PKD's favorite fan letter. What an honor. (@sfsn live at Ustream.com)
#21: Just finished the Sci-Fi radio show about Philip K. Dick & Electric Ant. Very fun.
#22: @BRIANMBENDIS You've come a long way :) Congrats, bruv
#23: "All up in the interweb!" RT @TaraMcPherson Its spreading like fire... enjoy the weirdness http://bit.ly/boUTrf http://bit.ly/6cNcoW
#24: I'm digging this music today RT @processrecess RT @katemoross: The best thing I have ever seen. dieantwoord.com
#25: @Oeming About people who survive the Hiroshima bombings.
#26: I"m on Sci-Fi radio tonight: PKD RT @Dome_sfsn: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? SFSN PKD Special w David Mack this Saturday. Psyched!
#27: @pulphope: I listened to an incredible 4 hr interview w the author Of Last Train from Hiroshima on Coast to Coast last week. Amazing stories
#28: RT @ramtower: Hey, @davidmackkabuki's Shy Creatures is back up on Amazon. Go buy a copy to celebrate! (but buy it from a locally owned b ...
#29: Just returned from a Haiti Relief Benefit. It was fun & raised $13,000. The odd thing... choreographed dancing I had to partake in @ ballet
#30: RT @chuckpalahniuk Wanna Pre-Order 'Tell All' Personally Inscribed By Chuck From St. Helen's Books? Then go here: http://tinyurl.com/ye6qn3w
#31: In the meantime... Don't forget to order my adaptation of Philip K Dick's ELECTRIC ANT... in MARVEL Previews for ordering now
#32: Should have publishing news about the Tarot Cards soon RT @ramtower @davidmackkabuki: Excellent. All I need now is news on how to preorder!
#33: Checkin on it RT @a_stoddard No idea if this is a one time thing, but my shop told me Shy Creatures was "unavailable" thru Diamond right now
#34: I may have a little something cooking with @oeming RT @chris_page plans to do more masks of the noh type books? i loved the scarab book.
#35: :) RT @Darediva @davidmackkabuki @Lea_Hernandez I owe huge amount of gratitude to u both for giving me the confidence to get on with my art
#36: TONIGHT Miran Kim's gallery show in LA THIS Fri. Feb. 5. Her work here http://bit.ly/97T3Yj (She's contributing to our Tarot Card Set)
#37: Beautiful RT @michiokaku Einstein's Desk as he left it... http://bit.ly/apDyxA
#38: Got news today about the American publisher for the Tarot Card set I'm making w Barron Storey... :)

Release Date Anniversary
The Kabuki Color Special (regular edition) debuted 12 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
The second Kabuki statue (SRP: $159.99) is available on eBay ($1.04).

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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