I am poetry in motion. But the kind of poetry that has bad grammar and comma splices. Dangling participles and run-on sentences. Plural problems and incorrect tenses.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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The Shy Creatures -
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Second Part of One Shot Presents Video Interview
The second part of One Shot Presents' interview with David Mack (1m:43s to 6m:35s), which was conducted during Mr. Mack's exhibit at the Salt Lake City Public Library, is online.

Creator of Lecture on David Mack Promo Poster
Thanks to David Mack for reporting that Timothy St. Clair was the artist behind the promotional poster for Michael Dooley's (The Education Of A Comics Artist - Amazon: $15.56) lecture about his stories and artwork.

Mystique Convention Sketch
Xmencollector72 posted a photo of a Mystique convention sketch by David Mack.

Electric Ant #1 Previews Product Code
According to DiamondComics.com, the Previews product code for Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #1 is FEB100456.

Kabuki German Portfolio Still Available
From David Mack:
I have been bringing some of these to the cons that I was able to drive to. I had them at Chicago and Dragon Con last year, and they were a big hit the last couple of years.

I have a few left, but other than that they are pretty rare.

Collection Updates, Possible Omnibus Series & More
From David Mack:
#1: New Hardcover printing of Barron Storey's Marat/Sade Journals. I wrote the intro DavidMackGuide.com
#2: @braddunc Well, if it was divided into 3 Omnibus vols... 300-400 pages per vol. With the volume that collected The Alchemy being much larger
#3: RT @bradmeltzer: And go wish a happy birthday to @geoffjohns0
#4: @SotoColor Thanks and thanks for the great work! I'm excited about Electric Ant too :)
#5: RT @rowanNS: @MargaretAtwood fantastic animal, we reported it first here: Solar-powered sea slug harnesses stolen plant genes http://bit.ly/8b8BuH
#6: @whitespacehk: RT @Acquiremag: Steve Jobs on Apple Tablet: "This Will Be The Most Important Thing I've Ever Done." http://bit.ly/8zRink
#7: RT @barryintokyo: "Stop running away and you will be found." -Lao Tzu
#8: @CBCebulski You are having quite an effect, CB. I know people who you gave their first big break... You have an eye for it
#9: @kickmekate Yeah I was there :) You may have seen the pics. I'll be at his CD release party this Friday.
#10: @theinnocentones What bookstore did you see them at? Here's a site to give you some info on the books davidmackguide.com
#11: @braddunc I love it too. Or maybe this: Vol1=Circle/Dreams/Skin Deep. Vol2=Masks/Scarab. Vol3=Meta/Alchemy ?
#12: @craigoo We could try to get it in 2 omnibi(?) We had discussed this before: Vol 1=Circle/Dreams, Vol2=SkinDeep/Meta, Vol3=Masks/Scarab
#13: Hmmm... What do you think? RT @craigoo any chance of a Kabuki omnibus from marvel, ? maybe 2 volumes? vol 1= tpbs 1-4, vol 2=tpbs #5, #7.
#14: RT @GreatDismal People ages 1-100 http://bit.ly/86pwbi via Mrs. GreatDismal
#15: manifesting ideas RT @warrenellis RT @BERGLONDON @greatdismal - starting to chart instances of 'Gibsonian Eversion' http://is.gd/6WfPQ
#16: Working on Reflections artbook hardcover. Finessing ideas for cover and design.
#17: RT @BillWillingham: While researching story idea that posits a public phone sex phenomena, came across this gem: http://tinyurl.com/yervvh5
#18: RT @pulphope: Awesome, excellent, already this makes my day RT BuroDestruct Roger Dean & those he inspired: http://bit.ly/4ZGXe7
#19: I'll have a step-by-step painting process of that piece in this HC or the next RT @Jamin May I ask if my painting made the Reflections HC?
#20: @sweetmilky I'm glad you like :) The Alchemy is the newest one that recently was collected in Hardcover & paperback. Tell Australia I say hi
#21: RT @processrecess http://twitpic.com/z9yzd - Seamstress progress
#22: @sweetmilky Let me know which one you picked up. My current face and recommended Kabuki is The Alchemy. The collection has some extras too.
#23: RT @StephenWacker: Devastating story about Daredevil writer Ann Nocenti's film school in Haiti. Salon.com
#24: @SotoColor Thank you for the kind words & congrats on your coloring on Electric Ant! I guess you've seen the preview pages Marvel put up :)
#25: RT @pulphope: I think for sci-fi to be most honest and credible now--showing a future world--most of what the characters do and say shou ...
#25: @ogamu I hope to have [Circle of Blood] Hardcover news soon :) Thank you
#26: RT @jerwa: #FF Functionally Artistic: @DennisCalero @andykuhn @cully_hamner @oeming @takisoma @davidmackkabuki @Chris_Samnee @thatpetewoods
#27: Thanks, Ben RT @Templesmith creators that I grew up with who influenced me & still do amazing work: @davidmackkabuki @ErikJLarsen @jimlee00
#28: Cool! Keep me updated RT @GregJurls The Hot Springs Film Fest just called. They may want you & I for a screening & panel this October. Fun!
#29: @BRIANMBENDIS Tell Charlize I say hello
#30: Agreed. Its time we spoke out RT @warrenellis The worst thing about being self-employed is the constant workplace sexual abuse from my boss.
#31: RT @chuckpalahniuk: Any Peter Straub fans here? We're doing an interview with him and YOU get to submit the questions. Details here
#32: Great news from IMAGE Comics: First volume of KABUKI to be back in print very soon! (the last printing had sold out /been out a for a bit)
#33: Haha! Happy Anniversary, you two, I love you too :) RT @BRIANMBENDIS @Oeming @takisoma pssstt! you're twitter is on, we can hear you :)
#34: RT @ebertchicago: David Lynch's grim L.A. weather report for today. http://j.mp/4pTP6q
#35: RT @GreatDismal RT @LittleMonsta: I'm Here trailer http://j.mp/88rJVe robot love story set in today's LA by Spike Jonze (http://j.mp/6FO0MP)
#36: RT @turgaymegrel: Electric Ant #1 Preview - We have a great interview with David Mack in Arcana #1 and his next project from Marvel is . ...
#37: @actordougjones Doug, it is a delight! Thank you and sending LOVE your way :) I look forward to being silly with you again
#38: Sometimes I really miss my biological father. He's so... biological.
#39: Got some brush & ink drawings finished... now some exercise before the next bit of work...
#40: @CBCebulski Nice. I think I still have quite a bit of paper yen from the last adventure in Japan. 30,000 yen taped to this Kabuki page...
#41: @MurdocksGirl That's a good point... I should take some studio pics
#42: Looking about me... I've written a lot of words/ideas on the walls of my studio over the years
#43: Cats, coffee, and hard at work designing this Reflections Hardcover... Tarot cards all done... I should see Baron Storey's cards soon :)
#44: Exoskeleton is real... RT @DJSHWANN The Super-Soldier Exoskeleton (aka HULC) http://bit.ly/8qdgy9

MOB News Bytes
From PremiumHollywood.com:
On Sunday, I spoke with John Landgraf, FX’s President and General Manager, to get the latest update on the network’s attempts to transition Brian Michael Bendis’s [and Mike Oeming's] “Powers” from comic book to the small screen. Not only did he confirm that the pilot was indeed still in the works, he also let slip that Bendis was now collaborating with an outside writer, describing this other individual as “a really, really good writer who got really excited about the project. The new writer and Brian have got a good take on it. They came in about two months ago and pitched what they were doing, and it was great.” What Landgraf did not tell me was the name of this writer, as he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to release the information yet, but he assured me that he would get in touch with me once he could.

Well, he just did...and, frankly, I couldn’t be much more excited about it. Bendis’s collaborator is none other than Kevin Falls, the man behind NBC’s late, great “Journeyman.” Given how well Falls kept the mythos and storylines of “Journeyman” weaving in and out, he seems like an excellent pick to work on such a complex series as “Powers” is likely to be.

Release Date Anniversary
The Geoff Geezer: Zero One CD debuted 10 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
The first mini Noh mask set (SRP: $39.95) is available on eBay ($2.25).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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