I guess thatís what books do. Take you places. Inside and out. Move you. Inside. And out. You are at a different place after you read the book than you were before you read it. In many ways you are a different person as well. - The Alchemy #3
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Home News September 2009 24th

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

Faux Bronze Statues Will Ship Week of October 19
CSMooreStudio.com announced that the invoicing and shipping process for the Kabuki Faux Bronze Statue will begin the week of October 19 and noted that customer credit cards will not automatically be charged for the statue, however, invoices will be emailed with instructions on how to pay the balance due.

Ordering Marat Sade Journals
When asked how fans who are not able to attend APE can purchase a copy of Barron Storey's Marat Sade Journals, which features an introduction by David Mack, Carl Wyckaert replied that the "[b]est way to order is to send me a mail at " and added that Diamond has not confirmed that they will distribute the book.

Brian Michael Bendis: 10 Years at Marvel Solicitation
From Marvel.com:
Brian Michael Bendis: 10 Years at Marvel TP
WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Mark Bagley, Mark Brooks, Frank Cho, Mike Deodato, David Finch, Michael Gaydos, Jim Mahfood, Alex Maleev, Leinil Francis Yu
Celebrating Brian Michael Bendis' 10th anniversary at Mighty Marvel! Writing as many as five Marvel titles simultaneously, Bendis has become one of the company's most prolific creators during the past decade; his multiple Eisner Awards testify to quality that rivals such quantity. In 2000, the crime-noir veteran re-created Marvel's most vital character for modern audiences in Ultimate Spider-Man, harbinger of the growing Ultimate universe and still thriving as it eclipses 100 issues. He shook the world of Daredevil by revealing the hero's secret identity, setting into motion storylines whose repercussions will far outlast his departure. He next de- and re-constructed the Avengers, paving the way for the House of M crossover, which rocked the foundations of the Marvel Universe. And then he shook up the status quo again, unleashing a Secret Invasion of alien shapeshifters on the Marvel heroes. Collecting ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #13, NEW AVENGERS #22, ALIAS #10, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1, CIVIL WAR: THE CONFESSION, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN SUPER SPECIAL, ULTIMATE X-MEN #41, DAREDEVIL #65, NEW AVENGERS #15, ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP #9, DARK AVENGERS #9 and material from STAN LEE PRESENTS. Rated T
ISBN: 978-0-7851-4245-4
PRICE: $34.99
IN STORES: December 23, 2009
Previews Product Code: OCT090645

Revised Hidden Buddhas Release Date
According to Amazon.com, Hidden Buddhas: A Novel of Karma and Chaos (Amazon: $11.43 - SRP: $16.95), which features a cover by David Mack, will be in stock on September 27.

Remembering Bernie Fuchs
From David Mack:
In memory of Bernie Fuchs (1932-2009)

From the Society of Illustrators:


The Society of Illustrators mourns the passing of longtime member, friend and Hall of Fame illustrator Bernie Fuchs.

His contributions to the field of illustration will never be forgotten.

For more information on the life and works of Bernie Fuchs click the links below:
The Washington Post
David Apatoff's "Illustration Art"
The Boston Globe
The New York Times

MOB News Bytes
The first part of Wordballoon's interview with Brian Michael Bendis is online. Also, to help raise funds for Comix4Sight.com, Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming are auctioning off the oppurtunity for a fan to appear as a corpse in an issue of Powers and receive the original artwork signed by the creators.

Release Date Anniversaries
Ash trading card #79 debuted 12 years ago and the Kabuki: Skin Deep Wall Scroll as well as Previews - October 2003 were released six years ago. Also, Saturday, September 26 will mark the release date anniversaries of the following projects:
· Goldfish: Ace - 15 years ago
· Kabuki: Metamorphosis trade paperback (first edition) - 8 years ago

Auction Spotlight - Original Artwork
The original cover art for Alias #28 is available on eBay ($15.50).

Order Kabuki: Reflections -
Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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