I've waited for so long for someone to teach me impatience.
-- Kabuki: Scarab #1
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David Mack Comics Coming to Longbox Platform
From David Mack:
And very happy to be a part of the Longbox project. I'm glad we all got to look at this together at Heroes. Everybody had great things to say about it!
According to ComicBookResources.com, Comic Book Tattoo editor Rantz Hoseley announced that his latest project, Longbox, a digital comics platform similar to iTunes, is expected to launch in September or October 2009 for Mac, PC, and Linux and will sell comics that can be download for a "suggested price point of $.99 per issue, with the potential for block and subscription pricing."

Seeking Kabuki Movie Cast and Director Suggestions
From David Mack:
I know there are some threads about this already that some of you have started, but I'm taking a note from Bendis' and asking you directly.

Who do you think should play the lead role of Kabuki?

What actors/actresses should play the other roles? Kai, The General, Akemi, Link, Cowboy, Siamese, Scarab, and the other agents of The Noh?

Who should be M. C. Square? Kabuki's mother? Etc.

And feel welcome to mention directors that you think would be amazing at bringing the vision of the books to the screen.

Origins of Akemi
When asked if Rinko Kikuchi was the basis for Akemi, David Mack noted:
No, I didn't know of her until Babel (which I'd guess is the only time here hair was like that) and I think that film just came out a couple years ago.

I named Akemi after a person I knew from '95 and I think I had seen a musician with a streak in her hair like that from around that time.

As Akemi's self-portrait doodle was the only image of her so far, and it had those vertical lines in it - I thought it would be cool to have an actual vertical line of color in Akemi's hair when she first appeared in the flesh.

It gave a sense that the vertical lines in her hair were maybe part indicating doodle, but also partly literal.

Kabuki: The Alchemy Hardcover Review
From VeeThirtyThree.com:
One of the best purchases I made at Heroes Con was Kabuki: The Alchemy by David Mack. To call it a simple "graphic novel" would be a complete misnomer. I’ve raved about books like Criminal Macabre and The Nightly News in the past because they’re a lot of fun, but Mack’s art and words go deep to move our hearts and senses. Reading The Alchemy is like slipping into someone else’s stream of consciousness – a feeling I can’t even begin to describe.

David Mack Mentioned on Comic Geek Speak Podcast
Gerimi Burleigh cited David Mack as one of his artistic influences during an interview with ComicGeekSpeak.com (10m:53s).

Plugging Barron Storey Show in New York City
According to David Mack, Barron Storey's Journal show at the Society of Illustrators in New York City, which he noted is "incredible," will be up for the next month.

Thoughts on Heroes Con 2009
From David Mack:
It was great to see so many of you at Heroes Con.

I thought the show was especially good this year. It may just be the best year I ever had there, and I've been to most of them since 1995.

Really good to meet so many of you from the board at the show and to run into you at the hotel lobby. It seemed like everyone had a lot of fun. And Bendis' cookies were good!

A big shout out to the people who ran the show - especially Shelton and his right hand man Dustin Harbin and also Doug Merkle who ran a very smooth show.

Thanks for representing the Boards so well :)

MOB News Bytes
A four-page preview of Rapture #2, which features a story illustrated and co-written by Mike Oeming debuts tomorrow at a comic book store near you, was added to DarkHorse.com. Also, BleedingCool.com reported that Brian Michael Bendis is "compiling a Fortune And Glory-style series based on his Marvel experiences. His movies are still in development and he has been busy as part of the Marvel Movie Committee (formerly known as the Brain Trust), which is consulting on numerous upcoming Marvel Studios releases.

Release Date Anniversary
Awakening Comics 1999 #1 debuted 10 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
The Daredevil: Vol. 1 hardcover (SRP: $34.99) is available on eBay ($0.99).

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