Egg, larvae, pupa, adult. All labeled by Linnaeus. Back then I thought Latin was a language made up specifically for insects.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home News August 2008 11th

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

David Mack on San Diego Comic-Con 2008
From David Mack:
I did a little blog of each day at Comicon for my publisher of The Shy Creatures. They printed an edited version, so I'll run the longer versions here on a day by day series.

Blog from Wednesday night-

The first day of the convention was great. Wednesday night has a preview night from 6-9 so it gave me time to set up the booth all day, and the opening night was still incredibly busy.

Iím at the Image Comics booth (#2729). I have my Kabuki & Shy Creatures table there, and Tori Amosí Comic Book Tattoo table is also here.

I signed many of the Tori Amos: Comic Book Tattoo books - and this book is SUPER.

It is HUGE. It seems like it is 2 inches thick - 12 x 12 square - with gold leaf pages, and the design is phenomenal. It is a real artifact. The cover has really good spot varnish, and the work inside is just a joy.

Anyway - this book must be really popular because many people brought it to me to sign.

If you donít know about this, it is Tori Amosí project with Rantz Hosely. It is filled with stories inspired by her songs by a variety of writers and artists. Neil Gaimen did the introduction, and I did the first story in the book: "The Flying Dutchman."

I noticed G4 was filming me at my table when people were talking to me and I was doing a Kabuki sketch for someone.

The Image booth is quite nice, with loads of fine creators around. Brian's Michael Bendisí old pal Mike Sangiacomo from the Cleveland Plain Dealer is sitting to my left. We was a reporter for the Plain Dealer when I met him fifteen years ago (and I think he still is) but he is a comic book writer now, too.

So far The Shy Creatures and the Alchemy of Art DVD have been very popular at the show.

A lot of people are asking about the Comic Book Tattoo Panel we are doign with Tori Amos this Saturday.

It sounds like the panel will be filmed. Not sure where it will air.

It is the only panel I will be doing at this show.

More info here, I think:

The Alchemy of Art (film documentary of my work) is popular with University professors and high school teachers who screen it for their students. It is nice to hear these teachers and students stop and my table to tell me that they got something from viewing the film.

The Shy Creatures is very popular with librarians and elementary school teachers. There are lots of teachers and librarians here that are picking this up.

But this book is popular with everyone. Kabuki readers pick it up because it is an artifact of the Kabuki story, but people who have never read the story are caught by its cover as they walk by and come to investigate it.

People love The Shy Creatures as a gift because everyone knows a child who would enjoy it.

Comic Book Tattoo on Best Sellers Lists
From David Mack's MySpace Page:
Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo on Best Sellers List & Comicon

The San Diego Con was amazing. The book was a huge hit, and I'll be posting a blog with pics from the con and from the panel I did with Tori - I'll blog pics and news in a day or two - Some Comicon pics here in the meantime:

But first, I just received this news from CBT editor Rantz Hoseley:


THANK YOU SO F*CKING MUCH to everyone who was at San Diego and supported the book. We sold through 400 books in a day... after NOT HAVING books the first two days. (for those who weren't there, our first shipment of 300 books 'disappeared' between the loading dock and the Image booth. Evidentially some palms didn't get greased or something but 35 boxes of books... gone. We did an emergency drop ship of book that arrived on Friday am, and by the panel on Saturday, we were completely sold out. Just mind boggling. In the face of rabid Tori fans (and comic fans) you showed why the book is such a f*cking stellar achievement... you are all so f*cking talented AND you're great people on top of it, and I feel so blessed. CBR and Publisher's Weekly dubbed the two 'hot items' of SDCC 'Watchmen and Comic Book Tattoo.' Not f*cking bad. Some 'high grade' panel and signing highlights and interviews will be showing up on the net in the next two weeks, as we feed out more exclusive content. GOLDEN APPLE The Friday AFTER SDCC, we had a signing at the Golden Apple in LA, which had a great and enthusiastic turnout. It was great being able to hang out with some of the creators in a '*slightly* more relaxed venue. GA sold 40 books (mostly HC editions) and about a dozen folks showed up with the books they had bought at the Amoeba Records signing the Monday before SDCC so they could get creator signatures on their books. Again, thanks to everyone who showed and made the effort when (if you were any state like *I* was, all you REALLY wanted was to go to sleep) The last of the 'big launch push' was me appearing on Dave Navarro's SPREAD TV yesterday. There will be another promo push around Oct for holiday sales, which may include a trip to the UK, we're seeing about that now. It's the 2 bestseller on, 15 on Amazon's graphic novel bestseller list, 35 on Bookscan's bestseller list.

Please pass on the good news & congratulations

Echo Cosplayer at San Diego Comic-Con 2008
Marie Bower has kindly forwarded four photos of her Echo costume, which was worn during the San Diego Comic-Con:

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864 kb

David Mack & Mandy Amano in YouTube Video
Ken Tanaka posted a video clip from the recent Golden Apple Comics release party for Comic Book Tattoo that features an interview with Mandy Amano and footage of David Mack drawing artwork for Mr. Tanaka's story, Jacob The Happy Rabbit.

Week-Long Kabuki Fan Art Forum Thread
Below are samples of the artwork from the fans on the Brian Michael Bendis message board, who have launched a thread dedicated to sharing Kabuki fan art:

Mid-Ohio-Con Tickets on Sale
Tickets for the Mid-Ohio-Con, which David Mack is scheduled to attend on October 4 and 5, are available online.

Revised Kabuki & Powers Release Dates
According to, both of the release dates for Kabuki Reflections #11 and Powers: Encyclopedia #1 have moved from September 3 to October 1. Also, states the release date for the Kabuki: The Alchemy hardcover has been changed to October 8 from September 10.

Auction Spotlight
The out-of-print Daredevil: Echo - Vision Quest trade paperback (SRP: $14.99) is available on eBay ($2.99).

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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