I practice literature as magic. All words and all works are alchemy, the great science/art of transformation.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home News July 2008 14th

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The Shy Creatures -
now available!

San Diego Comic-Con Booth Number
David Mack recently announced that he will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con from Wednesday, July 23 through Sunday, July 27 and will be signing at the Image Comics booth (booth #2729 - Exhibit Hall Map), where copies of The Shy Creatures, The Alchemy of Art: David Mack DVD, original artwork, prints, Kabuki comics and trade paperbacks plus much more will be on sale.

Mack Mentioned in Comic Book Tattoo Editor Interview
From Comicon.com's interview with Comic Book Tattoo editor Rantz Hoseley:
There are close to fifty separate stories in the volume including work from comic notables David Mack, Mike Dringenberg, Jonathan Hickman, Carla Speed McNeil, Laurenn McCubbin, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ivan Brandon, Callum Watt, Neil Kleid, Christopher Mitten, Elzabeth Genco, Chris Arrant, and Daniel Heard, among others. The comic creators had to choose songs on a first come first serve type of basis, but, with the vast body of work that encompasses Amos' career, there weren't many duplicate choices.

San Diego Comic-Con Panels
From Comic-Con.org:
Saturday, July 26
11:30 to 12:30 pm - Image Comics/Tori Amos: 17 years ago, history was made at Comic-Con, when a kid gave Neil Gaiman a tape of her music. Now, Indie music icon and multiplatinum recording artist Tori Amos comes to Comic-Con to talk about Comic Book Tattoo, the new 480-page coffeetable-format anthology from Image Comics containing over 50 stories based on songs and music from her entire discography. Tori is joined by project editor Rantz Hoseley, as well as some of the contributing creators, including David Mack, Elizabeth Genco, Ted McKeever, and Kelly Sue DeConnick. Seating is limited, so be there early to hear Tori, the panel, and moderator Douglas Wolk talk about the long journey that resulted in one of the most exciting comics projects of the decade! Room 6B
Also, below are the finalized details of the Comics Arts Conference Session:
Friday, July 25
Sun, July 13 - 12:30 to 2:00 pm: Comics Arts Conference Session #7: Visual Language— Neil Cohn (Tufts University) explores the visual language underlying the "manga style," how it works and how it differs from the visual languages in comics developed in other cultures. Robert O'Nale Jr. (Henderson State University) uses David Mack's Kabuki to illustrate how gestalt can be an important avenue for analyzing design and meaning in comics. Alec Hosterman (Indiana University South Bend) demonstrates the dominance of hyperreality in comic art and explains how it can be utilized for further study of the art form. Room 30AB
Mr. O'Nale has also kindly sent the following information about the panel:
Just to elaborate on a couple of things: While my presentation makes a good use of artwork from Kabuki, it is not the sole topic of discussion, which is Gestalt psychology and comics layout and meaning. However, I'm a fan of David Mack's work, so expect some discussion of Kabuki artwork, obviously. Also, as David has pointed out, his only panel at Comic-Con will be the Saturday morning panel with Tori Amos, so of course he won't be appearing at my panel, just to clarify. Anyone interested in Comics Arts Conference can look their article up on Wikipedia. Neil and Alec are two amazing and intelligent people, so the panel should be exciting.

Hollywood Talent & Appreciating Philip K. Dick
From David Mack:
I'm friends with the producer for Scanner Darkly and Waking Life, who contacted me five years ago about collaborating on a project with Jonahtan Letham and Hampton Fancher (the screenwriter of Blade Runner). And we've been close since, and he has really given me a deeper appreciation of [Philip K. Dick] in the time since.

Thoughts on Native Americans in Comics Books
While talking about the Native Americans in Comics Books: A Critical Study, which is on sale at McFarlandPub.com (SRP: $49.95), David Mack noted: "I had done an interview with him for this book some time back, and I'm happy to say that it looks like the book turned out very cool. I read some of it and am looking forward to completing it. Also, I like the cover and design tone of the book... Looks like I'm hitting a family reunion and I'll see my Cherokee uncle, who was an influence in the Echo story, and was mentioned in this book, so it came just in time for me to show him a copy."

MOBA News Bytes
Powers #29, which was written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Mike Oeming, selected as Pick of the Week during IFanboy podcast #141. Also, below is an excerpt from ComicXFan.com's Wizard World Chicago 2008 report:
Powers artist Mike Oeming (photo) was just around the corner in Artist Alley. And don't forget about Bendis's other right-hand man, Alex Maleev (photo), who is rarely seen sans hat. Long-time independent artist David Mack (photo), he of the brilliant Kabuki, also had a prime spot in the Artist Alley.
Below is a the latest email newsletter from Mr. Oeming:
Marvel Noise: Review: Powers #29
Comic Book Resources > Preview: Powers

Mice Templar #5 Review « comicbookjesus

Read more about my next project RAPTURE here...
Interview from Chicago!


Release Date Anniversaries
Kabuki: Agents - Scarab #1 (Dynamic Forces - unsigned) debuted nine years ago and the Daredevil DVD (UK) went on sale six years ago.

Auction Spotlight
Alias #1-28 (SRP: $83.72) are available on eBay ($4.99).

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