Egg, larvae, pupa, adult. All labeled by Linnaeus. Back then I thought Latin was a language made up specifically for insects.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home News December 2007 28th

Now on sale at!

The Shy Creatures -
now available!

Art in Comic Book Tattoo & Upcoming Calendar
David Mack has kindly reported that he has contributed to Tori Amos: Comic Book Tattoo, a 400+ page anthology of full-color comic stories based on narratives created by songstress Tori Amos that will be released in time for the San Diego Comic-Con this summer according to Also, Mr. Mack noted that he has recently completed a Tori Amos painting for an upcoming calendar.

Revised Kabuki & Powers Release Dates

Kabuki: Reflections #9 - January 16 (was January 9)

Powers Encyclopedia #1 - February 6 (was January 9)

Powers: The Definitive Collection, Volume 2 - February 27 (was January 30)

Contents of Kabuki: Reflections #9
From David Mack:
Reflections #9 to ship in early January! It has...


I think it ships around the first week? Maybe the 10th?

Many photos and notes of my newest hand-made robot! The one I spoke of in the summer.

Also has photos of painting with light.

Also has lots of paintings you have never seen before. A lot of paintings I did over the summer and never published or put online anywhere.

Some process pages of Kabuki #9 and Alchemy.

And Daredevil covers... And a lot more.

I hope you dig it.

Also, since I'm getting tons of mail from Alchemy, I've included a letters column in this issue for the first time.

Feel welcome to continue to post here for any posts that you'd like me to include in future letters columns.

Kabuki: The Alchemy Hardcover Debuts in May?
From David Mack:
I believe Marvel has plans to release the hardcover collection of The Alchemy for May. It will be a pretty nice collection and have a few extra things, and I'm thinking to do even a "best of" letters collumn collection for the first time in the collected volume as well, as the letters were such an interesting part of each issue to see how readers reacted so personally to each issue.

But wanted to throw out this last call, to those that may have missed a single or two (or all) in case they wanted a chance to reorder the complete singles before some issues go completely out of print.

From David Mack:
Like I mentioned above, there is a good chance it will include some extra pages that I cut out of the single issue version (some extra pages at the ending that spell out more of new direction and possible cliffhanger for the next story), and some other things, like "a best of" letters collection. I've never included letters in a collection before, but the responses seemed to be such a part of the experience of The Alchemy that I'm going to pick some of my favorites or some really unique letters and include them in a "best of letters" section in the very back of the collection to include the readers' reaction to each issue of the book.

Also I'll include an introduction by a special star creator that I think will have a unique POV to the intro and afterward.

And maybe some sketch art, etc.

Stores Carrying Akemi Blood Spattered Action Figure
Although the Blood Spattered Akemi action figure was slated to debut in March and was not included on the December 19 shipping list, the figure is available at the following stores if it is not in stock at a comic book store near you:
· - $11.24
· - $14.99
· - $14.99
· - $18.69

New Avengers #39 Art Style
From David Mack:
I've got most of this issue pencilled and I think you may get a kick out of the style in this issue. It will be a penciled and inked look, and kind of my version of an action oriented more traditional comic book Marvel style.

It is a real hoot so far.

As you probably know, I develop a different art style for each project, and I'm really enjoying the "comic bookness" fun of this one.

David Mack later noted:
There are other members of the team in the issue. It very much continues with the continuity of the storyline, and kind of kicks off the big Invasion story.

The script from Bendis is great. Very well done. Very fun. Some nice twists :)

Finding Fake Kabuki Prelims
From David Mack:
I stumbled on to this online gallery of art collectors and it was kinda cool to see literally hundreds of works of mine online presented by collectors who really liked them.

Lots of paintings and pages I haven't seen for years, as well as con sketches I've done over the last 15 years.

Unfortunately there were 4 or 5 images that were attributed to me and labled DAVID MACK WATERCOLOR PRELIMS. They were pencil sketches with water color washes on them. I don't know if the artist was in on it, or the seller just sold them to a collector claiming they were mine.

Pretty weird.

I contacted the collector and he bought them from a dealer some years back who said they were my art. So I felt bad for the collector. But kinda weird.

Daredevil: End of Days Delayed
While promoting his interview with Brian Michael Bendis, Wordballoon podcast host John Siuntres reported: "Daredevil: End Of Days has been delayed due to artists David Mack and Klaus Janson getting other front burner projects that have to take priority, but work continues on the DD story. 'I've seen pages and they're gorgeous,' [said Mr. Bendis]."

The Shy Creatures Review posted a review of The Shy Creatures.

Russell Lissau Plugs The Shy Creatures
When asked by which book is the best suited for elementary school readers, Batman Strikes writer Russell Lissau selected The Shy Creatures and noted: "The famed comic-book writer/artist branched out into children's books with this marvelous, Seussian tale. My 5-year-old loves it."

Water as an Influence in Kabuki: The Alchemy
From David Mack:
The implications of the H2O studies do seem to offer some insights into why just about every ancient culture and religion seems to include the idea of thoughts or words of intent spoken to bless water or food before it is ingested.

Holy-fy it as you say, infused with specific intents. To change it on the molecular level into a carrier system for those thoughts and intents and mass consciousness agreements to be ingested and made material inside us.

Not to mention the essence of the Japanese "tea ceremony", the ritualization of it as a sacred and symbolic act that transforms the molecular structure into the symbol of the act to carry on inside us that change that the symolic act is there to signify.

Baptism continues this idea. John the Baptist was later referred to as "Baphomet." The transformer - ideas into reality. Origin of Alchemy as picked up by the Templars, etc.

The Egyptians and Greeks had similar sacred ideas connected to water, and its cleansing and transformative effects.

I'm sure you continue the tradition with your tea labels.

Viva la revolucion.

Working on New Avengers #39 in a Grocery Store
After reading about a fan's desire to listening to a conversation between Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack talking about New Avengers #39, Mr. Mack noted: "Well, all you had to do was be in the Meyer grocery store in Portland, because we were discussing it aisle to aisle, as he pushed his cart through the store collecting his Chik-Fil-A ingredients."

Lessons Shared in Comic Books
From David Mack:
Brian Bendis said something about this to me the other day. All the comic books, let alone all the movies and TV stories which are essentially about a point, a virtue, a morality play with something to learn from it - ie: "With great power, comes great responsibility".

There are so many stories that have a point, and so much of the audience misses the point completely and the stories instead become about a big spectacle, and fighting and violence, and what the actors, or writers, or artists personal lives are that the audience doesn't even care or notice any actual point of the story.

Actually I don't know if I communicated that as well as Brian did when he discussed it to me (but he was making a point about a certain situation and a private view of that to me, so I kind of universalized it).

But, the fact that you are able take in something valuable and practical to your life from the story I made is especially rewarding. And reflects on your own instightfulness and perspective.

Favorite Kabuki Covers
From David Mack:
Good choices. After I did the Ghost Play cover, it was probably my fave for a good long while.

In general, my favorite is always THE NEXT ONE! The cover that I'm thinking about and have not done yet

Barring that, it is usually THE LAST ONE. The most recent cover I have done.

So these days, my favorite Kabuki covers are some of the most recent of The Alchemy. These would change constantly, but at the moment, my fave Kabuki covers may be:

#1 - Maybe being Alchemy #6 right now. I like the house as dress, etc.
The Empiricist's New Clothes.
I like it because it is completely different from any cover I have ever done before, or that I have ever seen. And it is very metaphorical with the story.

#2 - Good call on mentioning Alchemy #5 cover. I like this one too as it shows the 2D to 3D ideas in the story. And like #6 and #4 and all the other succeeding issues of The Alchemy it plays off not just the cover, but the cover starts the composition ideas that coninue to the first page and throughout the rest of each individual issue with its own composition idea, that works as a cover and as panels in the story.

#3 - Maybe Alchemy #7 for the same reasons.
I like that this cover is different from any previous Kabuki cover and is a bit of a metaphorical understatement for what happens in the issue.

White Tiger #2 Digital Comic
White Tiger #2 is available as a digital comic at

Seven Brothers Volume 2 #4 Release Date
According to, Seven Brothers Vol. 2 #5 is set to debut on January 23.

Release Date Anniversaries
Kabuki: Circle of Blood #6 (regular edition) debuted 12 years ago and Wizard Postermania 2001 was released seven years. Also, this weekend marks the release date anniversaries of the following projects:
Saturday, December 29
· Kabuki: The Alchemy #3 - three years ago

Wednesday, January 2
· Kabuki: Metamorphosis #2 - nine years ago

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The signed Scarab action figure (SRP: $25.00) is available on eBay ($.99 - Buy it Now: $25.00).

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