When I was learning English, I read a lot of children’s books. One was about a girl falling into a rabbit hole and talking to people who were cards and chess pieces. Then there was that Greek surgeon: Dr. Zeus. -- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #2
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Home News June 2006 19th

Contest Ends July 31, 2006 at 11:59 pm (Central)

Post-Documentary Filming Thoughts
After he was interviewed for the upcoming documentary from Hero Video Productions, David Mack posted the following messages about the experience:
#1: It was a lot of fun, but I'm ready to take a break from myself.

4 person crew, they arrived Thursday night and shoot most of each day Fri-Sun. Definitely the most extensive interviews and documentary of my work ever done.

Comic work and other work. Paintings, children's books, handmade artists books, live drawing, and they even managed to talk me into showing my early work as far back as elementary school.

And lots more than that. The director was delighted when Timmy from Wake Up was driving his Quad next door and interviewed him too.

We also went to an art studio for artist with disabilities that I'm involved with and I interviewed those artists to give them an oppertunity to show there work on the DVD. It was a blast. Even had a live rap from one which we may use as the main music for the DVD since my dad didn't show up to play his music.

I'm a bit tired now, but figured I'd mention it. They said the DVD would probably be offered around Christmas time.

Let me know if you have any questions.


    Mike Oeming asked: Yeah, how did you manage to behave yourself enough for 3 days? Did you get all Tom Cruise on them?
That's funny because at the studio called Visonaries and Voices, the camera guy kept calling me Tom Cruise. So I did a little routine with one of the artists there in which he was forced to take on the role of Oprah. I think I scared him just a little.

But I was pretty good the rest of the time. I guess lack of sleep did it. They'd start shooting at 9am and go on until evening.

They shot tons of artwork. There's even a kind of commentary on an entire issue of Kabuki as they shot each page doing close-ups and so forth as I discuss it with them.

I did a live reading of THE SHY CREATURES kids book.

And some real Barbara Walters interview moments that I will ask them to edit out

#3: Yeah, this one is all me. Hours and hours of footage so far. Except for where I asked to include the studio for the artist with disabilities that I work with. But most of that will probably be on one of the bonus features rather than the main film.

There will be a lot of bonus features. They have SOOOO much footage. It is going to be a real challenge for them to cut it into a 2-hour film. They said it may turn out to be a 2-disk set. And at least the extra stuff can go in the bonus material.

They did another one before this on Terry Moore. Which was good and very informative and interesting to get to know about Terry's approach to his work. But this one is WAY more ambitious. They just filmed at Terry's studio for 5 hours.

For this they flew up a 4 person crew, camped out in a hotel for 4 days and filmed here all day long for 3 days solid.

So far, I believe the working title is - The Alchemy of Art: David Mack

And in case you want it, the Terry Moore DVD was - Terry Moore: Paradise Found.

This is all the DVD of me you'll need. No reality shows. There was a producer trying to pitch a comic book reality show with Bendis and I and there was no way we wanted any part of it. A DVD/documentary like this is way better. At least for our dignity.

#4: I'll definitely keep you updated when I hear more and set release date. So far they plan to release it to stores for November or December for Christmas. You should be able to order it from your local comic shop by them ordering it through the Previews catalogue in one of those months.

They plan to release it at some film festivals and also on PBS and Discovery channel. But those won't have the bonus sections and maybe not run the full film as PBS prefers 50 minute episodes. Or two sections of the film in 50 min parts.

But the DVD will have way more footage.

#5: Thanks. They were also filming around my booth at the last Dallas show in November.

You may have been recorded then when you were at my booth. I know they were interviewing some people who came by my booth. I think Saymama from this board was there and was interviewed and I think cried as she told an emotional story to them on camera.

#6: That was the university that was filming the gallery show. But I'm going to ask that the send that footage to the DVD crew in case they want to cut in some of that gallery show.

I also asked the gallery director from my current gallery shows in Belgium right now to send footage of that show as well.

#7: Yeah, it definitely goes into the creative process.

Touch: Real Miracles Half Price #2 Debuts Wednesday
According to DiamondComics.com, Touch: Real Miracles Half Price #2 ($2.99) will be on sale Wednesday, June 21 at a comic book store near you.

Heroes Con & San Deigo Con Appearances Confirmed
David Mack confirmed that he will be available at his table during all three days of Heroes Con (June 30-July 2). Also, Mr. Mack announced that he will be located next to Jeff Amano's Beckett Comics' table, which will be in the Image Comics area, during the San Diego Comic-Con (July 20-23).

Kabuki Fan Art
Bairdduvessa posted a sketch of Kabuki.

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The Scarab ($10.49 - was $13.99) and Kageko ($9.74 - was $12.99) action figures are 25% off at BigBadToyStore.com until Thursday, June 22 at 12 pm (Central).

Release Date Anniversary
Combo #19 was released 10 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
The Kabuki artist proof mask (SRP: $69.00) is available on eBay ($19.99).

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