In a former life, I worked in New York as a detective. I once worked with the Powers division as a consultant. I saw some weird stuff. And then I got out.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #4
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Home News February 2006 24th

White Tiger Limited Series from Marvel
Friday afternoon Marvel issued a Press Release announcing Young Readers Fantasy author Tamora Pierce has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel and will write an upcoming White Tiger limited series with covers and character designs by David Mack.
Below is the press release for the series:
Tamora Pierce, author of over twenty novels and self-proclaimed "geek", has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics.

Best known for her breaking of the male warrior fantasy mold, Pierce has made solid, action-packed adventures for young female readers a reality. Her books have captured the imagination of lovers of the fantastic across the world and rung interesting changes on the classic tales of the hero's journey.


Growing up in Rural Pennsylvania, the proud-to-be-a-hillbilly Pierce devoured fantasy and science fiction novels at a rapid pace, digesting what they offered and then constructing her own worlds of wonder. Encouraged by her father, Pierce dove into writing and strived to correct what she saw as the genre's greatest flaw: the lack of strong female warriors.

Now, she brings her unique voice to the House of Ideas, industry leader Marvel Comics, where she will have access to one of the most finely-tuned fictional universes of all.

"To say that having Tamora at Marvel is a coup for us is to make a pointed understatement," says Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley. "Her name is synonymous with female-oriented fantasy literature, her works bestsellers, and her fans devoted and illuminated. That she was willing to sit down with us, listen to what we had to offer, is one of the best things that has happened on my watch at Marvel. Tamoraís vision of what fantasy and science fiction can aspire to is nothing short of ground-breaking, and what we look forward to her producing with the House of Ideas is really and truly something to look forward to."

"Her first project will be WHITE TIGER. Tamoraís going to revisit the concept, linking it to the original Tiger and creating a new female hero with street smarts, guts, and a whole lotta obsession. I hope all Marvel fans will take a look and join us on this new adventure."

"Working with Marvel is the realization of one of my longest-held dreams," says Pierce. "The first believable kick-butt female heroes I ever encountered were Marvel Comics 1970s Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. Ever since reading the Daughters of the Dragon and discovering how powerful a good female comic hero could be, I've wanted to try my hand at creating for Marvel. Working with my Marvel editor, Ruwan Jayatilleke, I've become convinced that White Tiger is going to very seriously rock!"

WHITE TIGER, as introduced in Brian Michael Bendisí celebrated DAREDEVIL run, is getting some artistic love, as well. Legendary artist David Mack will be providing painted covers for the series as well as creating the character designs. "I had a blast redesigning the White Tiger character," says Mack. "One of the charms of working on a Marvel project is the spirit of collaboration involved. I loved working with George Perezí previous design, and with the suggestions of Tammy and Joe Quesada to make the covers to this series something unique and very special." To see more of Mackís designs and work, be sure to visit

Pierce will be joined in the White Tiger script writing by her husband, web designer and former Video magazine writer and Computer Game Entertainment editor Tim Liebe. While Liebe is co-writing episodes 3 and 4 of the arc, he and Pierce have worked together on the plot from the beginning to make the story as taut and action-packed as Pierce's books.

"You don't talk about how a person learns to be a superhero," says Pierce. "You have to show her learning how to do it. Most of the time, the price of that learning involves a lot of bruises on somebody."

Kabuki: The Alchemy #6 Production Materials
David Mack has kindly shared several page layout sketches that were created for Kabuki: The Alchemy #6. If you enjoy examining Mr. Mack's creation process, please let him know via his message boards at (no registration required) or JinxWorld (registration required). Also, please note that plot points are present in the production materials, so it is recommended that you read Kabuki: The Alchemy #6 first.

Pen & Pencil Layouts

121 kb

90 kb

86 kb

111 kb

104 kb

76 kb

80 kb

85 kb

76 kb

152 kb

2005 Wizard Fan Award Nomination
David Mack was nominated for a Wizard Fan Award in the category of Favorite Painter.

The Alchemy #6 Plugged at
Kabuki #6, $2.99. By David Mack. Been a while since we saw the last Kabuki from Icon. This one is billed as a jumping on point for new readers, so if you are curious about it, this is the week to get it. Kabuki is an extremely visually interesting title that is really unlike anything else on the market today.

David Mack Mentioned in Pop Culture Shock Interview
From a recent interview:
Q: Lenore is a great comic. Make sure you check out the new Haunted Mansion comic that Slave Labor put out, because she has a cameo in it. If you could recommend any series to someone who doesn't generally read comics, which one would you suggest?

Merlinna M. Thompson: I would recommend the Kabuki series by David Mack. The art is amazing and the story will make you want to read more. Whenever I show it to any of my friends who never read comics, they always fall in love with it, and canít put it down.

Stores Selling Kabuki: The Alchemy #6
Kabuki: The Alchemy #6 ($2.99/David Mack & Mike Mignola covers) is on sale at the following stores:
· - $2.99/Mignola & $2.99/Mack
· - £2.15

Release Date Anniversaries
Kabuki: Images #2 and Kabuki Poster #3 were released seven years ago. Also, Saturday, February 25 will mark the two-year anniversary of Daredevil: Volume 3 hardcover.

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Auction Spotlight
Clayburn Moore's latest Kabuki Statue (SRP: $159) is available on eBay ($126.99 - But it Now: $139.99).

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