In a former life, I worked in New York as a detective. I once worked with the Powers division as a consultant. I saw some weird stuff. And then I got out.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #4
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Home News October 2003 16th

NKU Gallery Update
From David Mack:
Here is an update on my new gallery show at the NKU main gallery. I will be giving a lecture, speaking, Q&A at NKU on October 22. It will be at 8 pm held in Greaves Concert Hall in the first floor of the NKU art building. This is the same concert hall at NKU the Neil Gaiman spoke at last year. So if you went to that you know where it is and how fun this will be.

I will keep this a very interactive forum. Please feel free to express yourself and ask the questions about the details that you want to speak about. The lecture will also be filmed and included with the gallery receptions, and other workshops I’ve done this month on a DVD that the school is making for educational purposes.

Before the lecture there will be a reception and cocktail party in the actual gallery where my work is on display. This will be from 6:30 to 8. There will be food and drinks (including wine and alcohol if you indulge). The entire Cincinnati Art Directors Club is hosting the reception and will be in attendance. The gallery is on the 3rd floor of the art building. At 8 we will go to the concert hall on the 1st floor.

The art critic from the Cincinnati Enquirer has hailed the show as on of the five must see fall shows of this year. The Cincinnati Enquirer that ships on the 21st will have a detailed profile of the show and my work and makes reference to the Kabuki message board and some of the posters here.

Read on to hear the details of the show that I posted in the previous updates:

I have close to 400 original art pieces in the show. It is a one man show and has the ENTIRE main gallery of the university that I graduated from. My biggest show ever.

Included are: The original art from the entire issues of Daredevil #51-53. 33 original art pages from the Daredevil Wakeup story I did with Brian Michael Bendis. Hundreds of Kabuki pages from Metamorphosis, Skin Deep and Dreams (including the entire Ghost Play art, and entire Kabuki One Half art).

Four figure sculptures at real life scale. Large full figure paintings at real life scale and larger. Many, many personal figure drawings, sketches, studies and doodles. A brand new never before published black and white autobiographical 8 page story called Self Portrait.

The original cover art to selected published covers of Kabuki, Daredevil, Alias and more. The Tori Amos painting I did for her upcoming calendar.

Handmade artbooks including “My Invisible Friend” (as seen in pages of Kabuki), Father Hymn Book, Mother Her Book. Child hood robot sculpture and first childhood oil painting and more.

Also included are many books and books will be available for sale to the public at the night of the opening reception.

Also free posters and post cards with the show art are free to public at the night of opening reception.

Reception will have free food and drinks. Including SUSHI! Yum. I hope I have time to eat some.

Previous update below will have other info dates, times and lecture night info:

I have a new gallery exhibit of my artwork in October. It will be held in the art gallery of the University that I graduated from and will extensively feature original pages from Kabuki, Daredevil, Echo, and many non-comic related works and paintings.

The opening night reception of the gallery will be Thursday, October 2 from 5-8 pm. It will be held at the main gallery of the Art Building at Northern Kentucky University. Right across the river from Cincinnati Ohio.

It is a one man show and my work will be up throughout October, but I hope people can make it on the opening night, as there will also be a signing held, a free poster for the gallery show, and books available. On Friday, October 22 I will be having a lecture/discussion at the University. Last year NKU had Neil Gaiman do this at the University, and If you attended that you know how fun and interactive this can be.

The last two years the NKU Literature dept hosted something like this. I did it the first year, and Neil Gaiman did it the second year. This October the art dept is sponsoring my show and working hand in hand with other departments of the University including the Literature dept, and book stores in the area. Both events are free to the public, and everyone is welcomed to attend!

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