I practice literature as magic. All words and all works are alchemy, the great science/art of transformation.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home News October 2003 7th

David Mack on Kabuki: The Alchemy
From David Mack:
Thanks a bunch for the kind words. I'm glad you were able to read it all from the beginning at once time. I urge everyone else to do this. Especially before the new series comes out THIS JANUARY!

The new series is a brand new era in Kabuki's life. It is NOT going to recap anything from the previous stories. I've made sure that all six Kabuki volumes are in print and available in collections, so I hope people will use that as an oppertunity to read everything that has come before and hopefully read it all at once like you did.

In the new series THAT is all Kabuki's past. There won't be any flashbacks to it. No catch up. But it is still a great place for new readers to start because it is a brand new start for Kabuki that is very much it's own story, not dependant on previous stories. You don't need to read the past to understand the primary thrust of the new story. But if you do, you will love the contrast and the oblique and subtle hints at her past. And you will see the fruition of many of the seeds planted in previous issues! Seeds that you didn't know were seeds, but now you will see them blossom into something spectacular and mindblowing.

The truth is, after you read this new series, you will want to go back and read the previous stories again and you will see them in a new way that is going to make you appreciate them in a brand new dimension as well as the ways that they are already charming to you. They will still hold that charm, but you will have a brand new perspective to appreciate them from. It will be like looking at pictures of yourself as a child. You always appreciated the pictures for what they were, but now that you are grown up, you can see how those moments shaped your present life.

But the new series is specifically designed to be her NEW life. And it is essentially an instruction manual on creating a NEW life, creating the life of YOUR OWN PERSONAL DREAMS AND INTERESTS, that should be practical and applicable to anyone who reads it. It is a recipe and blueprint for creating your own reality, your own career, and your own fresh start. It is a spell for creating your own magic. Taking the baggage of your life and turning it into something positive and useful. Turning your garbage into gold.

Kabuki: The Alchemy is scheduled to ship in January and will be the cover of the January Previews.

We won't be overprinting, so please make sure your retailer orders ahead of time from the catalogue.

It is going to be great to have the Kabuki letter collumn again! I'm going to cram this issue with all that I can. Sketches, etc.

Please read the previous Kabuki stories like JD so you are ready for it!

NYArtsMagazine.com Interview
From NYArtsMagazine.com's interview with Philip Clark:
CH: How long have you been interested in comics?
PC: Iíve loved comics since I was five years old. Itís something I never grew out of. My first comic was probably an old Superman. I think I remember picking up a copy on a trip with my dad. It was Superman vs. The Toyman. Thatís the only thing I remember. The Toyman was in this giant robotic copy of himself, trying to kick Supermanís butt. I think that was one of the first comic books I had.

CH: And that made an impression on you?
PC: Yeah. The art and the stories. In early comic books, thereís not much of a story or plot, but the art is definitely eye-catching. I always loved it as a medium. I loved the characters, the possibilities, the fiction, the super powers, everything. And later I got into more adult fiction like The Sandman, and found independent guys like Matt Wagner and David Mack, who were getting away from the usual spandex clad superheroes. There are so many types of stories being told in comic books now.

David Mack Workshop at NKU
The NKU Art Department posted images of David Mack's work on Daredevil and Kabuki. The department also announced that a workshop, which will include sections taught by David Mack, will be held on Saturday, October 11; details about the workshop are listed below:
Do you have students who are interested in comics? Comics focus on concept development, critical thinking, drawing, and language. Find out more! Get professional development credit! Bring your interested students!


Northern Kentucky University Department of Art Presents:


A Comics workshop for Teachers (6 hrs. Professional Development Credit) and upper level high school students, art students, artists, writers, others!

Featuring David Mack, NKU alumni and world-renowned comic book artist with other professionals.

This workshop is FREE OF CHARGE. Please bring $5 if you would like lunch

SATURDAY 10.11.03
Northern Kentucky University
Fine Arts Building, Main Gallery

Welcome + Registration 11:00
Guest Speaker David Mack 11:15-11:45
W1 concepting 11:45-12:15
W2 scripting 12:15-12:45
W3 penciling 12:45-1:30
Lunch 1:30-2:00
W4 inking 2:00-2:30
W5 production 2:30-3:00
W6 coloring 3:00-3:45
W7 lettering 3:45-4:15
Lecture Professor Andrew Miller 4:15-4:45
Close and awarding of Certificates 4:45-5:00

RSVP by 10.03.03
Kevin Booher (booher@nku.edu) or Lisa Jameson (jamesonL@nku.edu)

Who is the intended audience for the C2C CONCEPT TO COMPLETION WORKSHOP?

ART TEACHERS - grammar and high school
MATURE High school students
Art Community
David Mack FANS
NKU art students
General public


Alias #26 and #27 Spotlighted
SilverBulletComicBooks.com spotlighted Alias #26 and #27.

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Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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