Egg, larvae, pupa, adult. All labeled by Linnaeus. Back then I thought Latin was a language made up specifically for insects.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home Message Boards WFC: November 26-30, 2000

Re: Hey David
MON, 11/27/00, 3:02 p.m. - In Response To: Hey David (Jerry)

Hi David, how is going, i have been busy laytely with the wrapping up this semster, work and the holiday and havent been able to post.

Question, what type of water colors do you use for your painted work? I picked up Sakura KOI brand recently to try. I think you mentioned you use the cheap ones that come in the trays? Up to this point i used these cheap ones that come in tubes in a set of 12 for like 10.00.

Hi Jerry,
Yeah I've used the KOI and like them. I don't know what the other ones are called. I just buy different ones each time when the water color trays run out. But as far as tubes. the KOI from Sakura are what I have.
I have a portfolio review to get into the art dept here at the University of Buffalo (UB) this friday. I have some of the pieces i sent you prints of, which are inspired by kabuki in the portfolio. I also have a mix of figure drawings/gesture drawing, my character designs and a seperate portfolio of my design work from work. I am actually going for a BA or a BFA in communication Design.

Looking forward to picking up my copy of Metamorphesis this week.

I picked a book at UB's library its a book of 5 translated Kabuki theatre plays from 1960. I will post the actual title and author when i get home from work today for you and others interested.

Rons site upgrade and flash piece are really well done. Kudos to Ron.

I am going to see Unbreakable, i will look for your DD covers. Did you see the classic Chow Yun Fat film Killer? I picked up the newly released DVD and it is a great film. John Woo is legendary in his cinematic story telling style. I bet you were inspired by this film and some of his work for the first chapter of Kabuki, COB.

The Killer is the first WOO/FAT film I saw and probably my favorite of them (maybe for that reason). Andy Lee Introduced me to fave Hong Kong films (woo/ fat/ and jackie chan) about eight years ago. So I saw the original versions. We used to get real hyper after watching them.
Thanks for your time and take it easy Bud!

Re: Vital Man Cover Original
WED, 11/29/00, 9:23 p.m. - In Response To: Vital Man Cover Original (Jamin)
David, I recently puchased an original cover to "Adventures of the Vital Man" copyright Budgie Press and your name is on the license plates of the vehicles on it. What info can you give me about it? It's dated 1992, is it your first published work?
Sounds like the cover to #3. I did seven issues but only the first six were printed. Yes, some of my earliest paying comics work.

Re: House of Leaves
THU, 11/30/00, 7:28 a.m. - In Response To: House of Leaves (No One)
At Mr. Mack's recomendation and having nothing better to do except read read read and READ...ummm, just wondering if anyone else has read House of Leaves? There were some things i just didn't get..such as, what's with the House??? The ending was very ummmm..sudden and lots of questions. The story was alright too, or rather, all the stories in it were interesting. Really enjoyed how it was designed and written. Reminded me a lot of Kabuki's Skin Deep series...wondering if there was any influence or is that just coincidence?

"confused girl"

Hello Noh One,

Yeah, it reminded me of my own way of writting in Kabuki as well. House of Leaves was printed recently, so if it borrowed any inspiration from Kabuki, I'd be flattered, but my guess is that each of us were designing a story in which to solve the same sorts of problems: Tell personal stories, childhood, parental, etc. through metaphor, and we each devised our own literary devices in which to do that.

Chuck Palahniuk, is another great writer that gives me this feeling. In his books Fight Club and Invisible Monsters, he covers some of the exact same ideas that were a central part of the Kabuki stories that I had done. The similarities in the latter are especially striking. Look for both of these guys to do great things in the future.

Hi Jerry...
THU, 11/30/00, 2:38 p.m. - In Response To: Metamorphisis review and paper suggestion (Jerry)

Thanks for the paper suggestions. I'm going to check into that with Image.
Glad you like the design and new pages in between chapters.
I'm real happy with how that part turned out. This was a book that definitely needed seperated into chapters istead of each issue running together. THere is a certain pacing of chapters and I wanted some extra pages in between that let you breath and collect your thoughts of each chapter before you begin the next one. Also, It worked as a good way to present the covers without type before each issue. And ultimately it relates to the design at the end of the book and at the last page of issue nine. So glad it worked for you. I wanted to focus on making the whole book read well as one book and I think this helped.

Glad you liked the TOKYO POP interview.


Hi David,

I picked up the Metamorphisisi hardcover. Great job on the design and layout. I really like the divider pages with leaves on them it divides yet ties the issues togther. The biography was very cool. You took theatre in school... cool...i heard you were going to star in the remake of "Enter the Dragon" LOL!

Were those actual leaves you used to make the divider pages in the new Hardcover?

I read you interview in Tokyo Pop magazine you did with my friend Anthony Zicari. Very good questions and answers into you work.

Congrats on the fine Metamorphisis book, by the way i would try 60 lb stock for paper with a 96 whiteness or bright white for future books. The bright white paper really pops the colors out as compared to regular white. Hammermill makes a good paper. I use this for the datasheets i design at work. Our printer suggests this for higher quality paper.

Hope this helps,

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