We may never find Akemi since she has been trained to blend in. These skills are amplified by the fact that she is a hermaphrodite. Some of the best agents are. It raises their cover potential by 200%.
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Home Production Notes Kabuki Scarab Art Book

David Thornton (February 7, 2005):
An unpublished Scarab cover, which was created by Rick Mays, is available at ComicArtSource.com.

David Mack (December 12, 2003):
Hopefully I will have lots more Kabuki issues out in time for the Portland show. And a big oversized David Mack/Kabuki art book from Image.

David Mack (December 11, 2003):
Image wants me to put out an oversize format Art of David Mack hardcover (or a Kabuki Art Book with all David Mack art) before I do the Scarab Art book (which would have DM and Rick Mays art).

David Mack (July 11, 2003):
Still planning on doing the Scarab Artbook. Image wants to do a series of oversize artbooks with me, but they wanted the first one to be a book of all my art. So we'll start with an oversize collection of all of the complete Kabuki covers, or an Art of Kabuki, and then do the Scarab artbook.

These will come out when the next Kabuki series is in full swing.

David Mack (February 3, 2004):
There is an Art of David Mack book planned for release from Images. We are planning to do a series of oversized art books. The Scarab Art Book would be one of these, and we will probably start with an oversize book that includes each and every Kabuki cover, with sketches. So it may start with the Kabuki cover art book. And then follow with the Art of David Mack book that also includes a lot of non-comic book work as well as comic book stuff.

We have the cover art book scheduled for this year.

What do you think. All suggestions about any of this will be considered.

David Mack (December 3, 2001):
The Scarab Artbook will probably come out in the first part of 2002.

David Mack (June 13, 2001):
Well, the idea I had is sort of like this:

The Kabuki story volumes will still all be able to fit next to each other and the volume #s of the spines should line up so that you can have vol 1-5 now and hopefully many volumes in the future all set up next to each other.

But the SCARAB ARTBOOK will be much taller and will hopefull set up a seperate line of art books that you can group with it. For instance, I'd like to do a book of every Kabuki cover ever made (in order, and showing sketch, commentary etc). and it would be cool to do this in oversize format as well, so that you can see cover without type and much closer to actual size. And from there, we can hopefully have a Tiger Lily artbook eventually as well, so that with books like this, your taller, bigger Scarab ARTBOOK will have company, in that you can group it with some other future Kabuki Artbooks.

David Mack (June 13, 2001):
It looks like we are closer that ever to having a firm schedule for the artbook. So far Dec is what we are looking at. And it is good that we waited because we have many additions and improvements.

First, the book will be at least twice the size that we intitially intended. It will now be at least 96 pages maybe much much more. AND! IT will now be an OVERSIZE format which will let you see the work at closer to actual size. I'm very excited about this part. It will be a much better format for an artbook with much better paper, etc.

I have lots more details to announce about it as I confirm things with Image in the next month.

I will keep you updated.

David Mack (June 4, 2001):
You're going to love the SCARAB ARTBOOK then! I have two entire drawers filled with all the work Rick has done since I met him in 95 and we first planned to work together. I have several full Sketchbooks of his in there, several oil paintings on canvas, cel painings, breakdowns, all kinds of stuff in many different mediums and approaches. Direct stuff that he did in practice, research, and structure for Scarab, and a lot of other more personal stuff that kind of creeps into the sketchbook. I get psyched about the book just thinking of all the stuff I can put in there.

I'll also probably run commentary from each of us in there. Maybe some of my original layouts and scripts too. I haven't decided if I should mix this together or keep the artbook all Rick, and do a seperate Scarab SCRIPTBOOK for my layouts, sketches and original handwritten scripts.

Previews (May 2001):
Below are images of unreleased artwork that appeared in the Previews solicitation for Kabuki: Agents of the Noh - Scarab #8:

Previews (January 2001):
Below are images of unreleased artwork that appeared in the Previews solicitation for Kabuki: Agents of the Noh - Scarab #7:

David Mack (November 6, 2000):
Some of the and pages have been switched around, redone or recut to best fit some of the new directions in the order the story is told in. I love thos pages too though, and I assure you that you will see the complete story, and for the pages that have been redone or did not make it into the final cut of the Scarab series, we will put them into the Scarab Artbook. I also love the idea (from Rick's above post) that we include his illustrated adventures from Japan in the Art book.

Previews (November 2000):
Below are images of unreleased artwork that appeared in the Previews solicitation for Kabuki: Agents of the Noh - Scarab #6:

Previews (September 2000):
Below are images of unreleased artwork that appeared in the Previews solicitation for Kabuki: Agents of the Noh - Scarab #5:

Previews (July 2000):
According to the July 2000 issue of Previews, the Scarab Art Book was cancelled by the publisher.

Kabuki: Agents of the Noh - Scarab #2 (November 3, 1999):
Page 25 of Scarab #2 noted that the Scarab Art Book will be on sale in January 2000.

Previews (November 1999):
An Image Comic
(W) David Mack (A) David Mack & Rick Mays
All-new, never-before-seen pages of art & story that won't be printed anywhere else! Before David Mack and Rick Mays completed the Scarab story in the new KABUKI: AGENTS series, they illustrated many Scarab scenes and short stories that won't make it into the series! These stories experiment with a wide range of artistic styles from duotone to oil painting. Also included are teaser scenes for the upcoming series of the other Noh Agents, and more! 48 pages packed into a square bound prestige format! A must for the Kabuki collector! Retailers: See order form for retailer incentive program. Retailer Incentive: For every 4 copies of Kabuki: Scarab Artbook ordered and received, retailers can order one copy of Kabuki Agents #1: Scarab with the Quesada cover!
FC, 48 pages, $4.95
Diamond Product Code: NOV990798

Kabuki: Classics #8 (October 2, 1999):
Ryan Graff's Scarab print was used as part of an advertisment for the Scarab Art Book, which appeared on the back cover of Kabuki: Classics #8.

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