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ComicWorldNews.com (June 5, 2007)
Thanks to David Mack for reporting that he was interviewed by Bryan A. Bushemi and Marc R. Keller of ComicWorldNews.com about the Kabuki movie. In the interview, the authors reported:
Mack recently declined to renew the option for Kabukiís film rights with Fox, but was tight-lipped about where it would surface next. He does confirm that a Kabuki motion picture is indeed still in the works, and that it will be realized sooner rather than later.

David Mack (March 27, 2006)
From David Mack:
And I've been doing meetings involving the Kabuki film all week.
Some REALLY interesting stuff going on!
So juicy I wish I could say more.
Can't say more right now, but hopefully I can make a more public update soon.
VERY interesting stuff happening!

David Mack (March 31, 2005)
David Mack recently stated that he "did a bunch of Kabuki film stuff" after the Wizard World LA convention concluded.

David Mack (March 17, 2005)
According to David Mack, he is scheduled to attend Kabuki film meetings in Los Angeles next week.

David Mack (February 17, 2005)
After noticing a fan's concern that the upcoming Kabuki film would be mishandled, David Mack explained:
The Kabuki film is at Fox right now.

I've been re-selling the option to them every year and a half for the last six years while we develop it.

I've been heavily involved in it from the beginning. So rest assured that I'm not going to let it turn into Catwoman. I didn't just sell it to them and write it off. I've been employed by Fox to work on the film this entire time in several capacities. Besides writing the treatment for them, my credits include Visual Designer and Co-Producer among others.

I even got to work with John Sayles on it for a while.

So please feel comfortable in voting for it [on USAToday.com].

David Mack (February 16, 2005)
Thanks to David Mack for reporting that the Kabuki movie was one of five films included in a USAToday.com poll that asked: Which never-before-filmed comic book character deserves a movie?

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
I'd like to talk more about the casting ideas for the Kabuki film, but I'm not supposed to do that, as the film is in developement at Fox and I'm supposed to keep quiet about that. But there are lots of great parts for lots of great actors.

Every now and then, I'm asked to send a signed hardcover to certain actresses with it personalized to her.

And I do have tapes of actresses auditioning for Kabuki saying my lines from the books, which is really cool.

But until things are all locked down, I can't really talk about it.

David Mack (May 26, 2004):
You know, Shannon Lee, [Brandon Lee's] sister, is an actor as well, and has been a martial artist in other films. There are lots of parts. It would be cool if she played one of the characters.

David Mack (May 11, 2004):
...on the old Bendis board, Kabukiboy (I think that was his name) broke the news that his brother is a custom furniture maker and that John Sayles came into his store to buy stuff from him. He asked Sayles what he was working on, and Sayles tells him about Kabuki.

Before that, I had thought I was supposed to keep it a secret.

But I guess it wasn't too hard to figure out anyway, as John Sayles wrote the afterword in my Kabuki: Metamorphosis trade. Great afterword too!

But yeah, I'm a huge John Sayles fan too. And he has been great to work with.

After my initial treatment, he wrote several drafts of the screenplay. He was great to talk to on the phone. He's a real class act.

I also know that he got a HUGE paycheck from writing the Kabuki script, so I like to think that Kabuki was a big part in financing those new Sayles independant films

I love his independant films, so it is good to think that the Kabuki project contributed to that

He's an Acadamy Award winning writer and director, and very smart, and totally cool to talk with. It was way nice of him to write the afterword for me too.

When he turned in the first version of the screenplay, the opposite pages had all the panels cut out of my books as visuals to correspond to the text in the screenplay. It was really interesting to think of John Sayles cutting up all my Kabuki issues and pasting the panels together in his screenplay.

I've never seen a screen play like that before. And it was real interesting reading Kabuki stories that he was adapting from my characters.

David Mack (May 10, 2004):
Thanks for all of that so far!

It is really cool for me to hear your responses on this.

Goodman, I do have a tape of Tamlyn Tomita reading some of my lines and auditioning for a part in Kabuki. There are lots of parts, so lots of actors.

Zhang Ziyi was always on the studio list. Glad some of you mentioned her! I love her in Crouching [Tiger, Hidden Dragon] and in Hero.

The studio did have me sign and personalize some Kabuki books to Lucy Liu. She's great in Kill Bill.

Shu Qui has also been mentioned in some meetings.

And I love Gogo! Thanks for mentiong her. I love her in her Japanese stuff too.

Others I am fans of too.

Mostly, the current challenges are in the script writing. What to include, what to leave out, what order to put it in.

I've been in the midst of working on several different film takes with Fox for a while now. So it is nice to see what kind of fresh perspectives that I get from Kabuki readers.

I love the Fincher suggestion. Fight Club is one of my all time faves and probably the best adaption of a book into a film that I can think of.

FanboyRadio.com (episode #129; January 25, 2004):
· Every couple weeks, David Mack has a meeting with the people involved with the film. The challenge is deciding what material to include and the order the material should be presented.
· Brian Bendis on the Kabuki film script by John Sayles: "It's really good. I still think they should use it. It's fantastic."
· David Mack: "We're just going over the script until it's just right."

David Mack (May 28, 2003):
It is currently being developed as live action. A few years back it was being developed as animation when it was at a different division of Fox. It has been a very interesting process. Tons of good, ridiculous and insane experiences with the film world. You have no idea how much time this stuff can take up. I'm going to have to write a book about my experiences in the development of it. I've dealt with brilliant people and idiots.

As a matter of fact, today was a crazy film day. One of those days when you have hours of conference calls and then follow-up calls from producers to lawyers to executives etc.

David Mack (December 20, 2001):
Fan question: Finally before I go, just wondering if there is any news on the Kabuki movie front? Anything? Just a lil scrap or tidbit of info?

David Mack: Wellllll, I did just close a deal for Kabuki as a LIVE ACTION film. Other than that, I'm not supposed to say anything other than my own work for FOX (which besides writing the treatment is listed ast "Visual Designer, Creative Consultant, and Co-Producer").

Would love to say more (especially who they are mentioning for the lead role!!!), but I should wait until that stuff is official and let them announce it first.

David Mack (November 14, 2001):
After two and a half years of developing Kabuki as an animated film (with me working for FOX as a writer, co-producer, visual designer, and creative consultant), a new division of Fox has taken over the project and decided to do it as live action. We just closed the main deal for this and are now rolling on the project. It is very exciting. I'm learning all kinds of new ways to work. The PERFECT actress for it has already been discussed and approached for the role. Lots of great things happening, but I can't talk about any of them yet due to disclosure agreements. I will update you as I am able to! Be very excited!

Phantom42 (October 26, 2001):
Mack said at Dragon*Con at the beginning of September that it was to be live-action, that he's seen the screen tests and that the role of Kabuki [in the movie] has been cast though he couldn't release the name of who has been chosen. But he did say that the people who did screen tests were fairly large names. He went on about how amazing it was to see such big names reading lines he had written. I believe that the director has not been decided just yet though.

David Mack (September 19, 2001):
[The movie] has always been planned by Fox as a feature film theatrical release. Still is.

Part of the news is, that the new division of Fox I've started working with earlier this year has decided that at this point they are now approaching it as a live-action [Kabuki] film.

Two or three years ago, we began approaching it as an animated film becouse it seemed like it may not have been able to be pulled off as live-action, and still live up to the spirit of the book.

But now, films like Crouching Tiger, or the Matrix and others have proved that it can be done as a drama oriented live action film and still pull off the needed set and effects.

That's all I can say now.

David Mack (July 30, 2001):
In LA, Anh and I had a meeting at the FOX studios about the Kabuki film and it went GREAT. I feel like we are really on track with this film. There is a lot more I'd like to say about it, but I should wait to make sure it is ok to speak of it. So hopefully there will be announcements about this in the not to distant future.

ComicsContinuum.com (April 23, 2001):
David Mack told The Continuum that work continues on the animated Kabuki movie and that "one way or another, something's going to happen in the next couple of months."

Mack renewed his option with 20th Century Fox last November for another 12 months.

"They still send me thing to look over and we have phone conferences where we discuss things and then they fine tune," Mack said. "I get the impression we're near the end of this stage and the next stage is soon upon us."

Filmmaker John Sayles has been brought into the project. "I've never met him face-to-face, but he's a great guy and totally cool," Mack said.

Mack remains optimistic that Kabuki will be made.

"I do know they have put a lot of money into it," he said. "It's been a great learning experience."

ComicsContinuum.com (January 23, 2001):
Kabuki movie: "It looks like the final script [for the Kabuki movie] has been turned in, and we've all went over it. I'm awaiting my assignment for the next step."

David Mack (December 2, 2000):
What Bendis is refering to on his board, is that: Fox had previously bought an eighteen month option from me. That means that for that period of time, they have the exclusive right to develope Kabuki into a film. And we have been doing just that for the last year and a half.

The news is that the option time period just expired, and they have renewed the option by buying another 12 months of exclusive rights to develope the film. This is good news because options don't often get renewed. Often, if things aren't completed in the first option period, the studio drops the project. Bendis was telling me this is great because i'm the only person he knows whose option got picked up.

So far it has been a great experience working on the film project. I've learned a lot writing for a new medium and working with other talented professionals whose work I admire and am learning from.

David Mack via NohTV.com (circa November 2000):
You may have heard that Kabuki was optioned by Fox. That means that Fox bought from me the rights to develop the film. Currently they are commissioning me to write the screenplay. This entails several stages. Outline, treatment, and many drafts. Fortunately, they pay me for each one and I am learning a LOT about writing from the opportunity to spend so much time doing it under the guidance of talented professionals.

The plan is to make an Animated theatrical release. Fox wanted to do something cutting edge that breaks the mold of the Disney type, and is a mature realistic story with serious themes and an emotional impact. They decided Kabuki would be the vehicle for this. So now I am doing my best to make sure it is successfully realized. When I am involved in a project I have to give it my best. That means taking the time, effort and commitment to personally write the screenplay and guide the artistic vision of the film.

The Kabuki film weaves the stories of Circle of Blood and Skin Deep together. As for a release date, I have never asked the executives about this, nor do I dwell on it. I just put all my effort into fulfilling my commitment and worry about meeting deadlines for that. The only estimate that the producer mentioned (not a Fox executive, this is just her guess) is summer of 2002.

ComicsContinuum.com (October 9, 2000):
David Mack told The Continuum that works continues on the Kabuki animated movie at Fox.

"Lots of exciting progress, but not much that I'm allowed to talk about yet," Mack said. "I had to sign a contract that included a confidentiality clause.

"I'm only able to speak of what capacity that I have been employed with Fox. Which is: Besides writing the treatment, and the writing work I've already done with them, my new credits and work on the Kabuki film presently include -- as listed on my contract -- visual designer, creative consultant and co-producer."

Mack is working on Kabuki with Catherine Winder, who was a producer of HBO's Spawn animated series.

ComicsContinuum.com (May 23, 2000):
The animated Kabuki movie remains in development at 20th Century Fox and is now in the script stage. "We've got new contracts for the next stage of things", said Kabuki creator David Mack, who will be co-producer, visual designer and storyboard consultant on the film in addition to writing the script. "We've had several rewrites on the treatment and the screenplay is now happening. Sure, it could go faster, but it's not in limbo. Everything's still progressing".

Mack said producer Catherine Winder visited Japan to check out animation studios there for Kabuki. "She's narrowed it down to two studios," Mack said.

Comics2Film.com (November 30, 1999):
According to Comics2Film.com, ComicsContinuum.com reported that Catherine Winder (Aeon Flux, Spawn animated series) will produce the film for Fox Animation. Also, David Mack stated that he has turned in four drafts of the screenplay for the feature, which is based on the Skin Deep and Circle of Blood story lines. The animated feature may be released in 2002.

Comics2Film.com (March 10, 1999):
David Mack told ComicsContinuum.com that he has signed option and screenwriting agreements, however, he is still in negotiations regarding merchandise according to Comics2Film.com.

"When I first thought about it, I saw it as live-action, no doubt," he told ComicsContinuum.com. "I had signed an option with a live-action team a couple of years ago, and there's just so many control issues in terms of there are so many other people involved. In animation, it's so much simpler and it can be a lot closer to what I've done. Not only that, it can be a lot closer to what the comic book does. It's sort of surreal at times, it pushes the envelope. And they can make every bit of money they put in on it show on the screen."

Good Times Toons and Tunes (December 25, 1998):
According to Comic Buyers Guide (12/25/98), Kabuki creator David Mack is in "serious negotiations with Fox to develop 'Kabuki' as an animated feature film."

Mack's going to tackle the first draft of the screenplay, which is said to be a combo of the "Circle of Blood" and "Skin Deep" storylines. He also hopes to stay on as a producer and/or creative advisor.

Concerned about the tone of the feature-length cartoon, Mack decided to go with Fox after liking what he saw in "Anastasia." "Fox seems to be very concerned about the quality of their projects," said Mack, "as well as making sure they're not just putting out knock-offs of Disney movies, which 'Kabuki' most certainly will not be."

Also, Comics2Film.com included the following quote from Comic Buyer's Guide #1310 (December 25, 1998):
Everything is looking very good right now, and, hopefully, we should have everything worked out within a couple of weeks. What we've been discussing would have me writing at least the first draft of the screenplay and then taking some producer or advisory capacity to maintain some level of input and creative control.

David Mack in the Kabuki: Metamorphosis #6 letter column (December 9, 1998):
Are you referring to the movie poster pinup in Kabuki: Images #1? Brian Bendis (get his books Jinx and Torso) and I have the same film agent (super-agent Justin Silvera). Brian knows some of the behind the scenes info on the film deal I've been working on, so for his pinup, he wanted to do a Kabuki movie poster. It's his pinup. But I have just closed a deal for the Kabuki Film with a major studio (the same people that brought you "Star Wars"). I will be involved in the development and I'm writing the screenplay. I'll update you when I can say more.

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