I study her lips and notice that I hear her voice even when her mouth is closed. Furthermore, her mouth does not match her words.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home Portfolio Kabuki Vol. 2 Trade Paperback - Image

Dreams Trade Paperback
Credit: Cover artist, writer, interior artist & afterword
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Dates:
Hardcover (unsigned & signed with original art) - January 30, 2002
Softcover - November 27, 2002
Hardcover (unsigned) - $24.95
Hardcover (signed with original art) - $49.95
Softcover - $12.95
Previews Product Codes:
Hardcover (unsigned) - AUG011128 / STAR15045
Hardcover (signed with original art) - OCT011567 / STAR15046
Softcover - AUG021202 / STAR17193
Related Images:
· Promotional artwork
· Brush sketch
Previews Advertisements:
August 2001
Hardcover - unsigned
(W/A) David Mack
For the first time ever in Hardcover! KABUKI DREAMS presents the long out of print second volume of the Kabuki saga. Now readers who have their Kabuki library stocked with every other Kabuki hardcover or paperback of volume 1-5 can finally add this missing volume (2) to complete their collection. Much more than the out of print 48p DREAMS paperback, this 128p hardcover volume presents all the very first fully painted Kabuki books (The Kabuki Color Special & Kabuki Dreams of the Dead), but also the entire fully painted Kabuki #½, and a BRAND NEW Kabuki story written and painted by David Mack just for this volume. 60 pages more than the out of print paperback, this volume also includes a cover gallery, brand new pages of art, sketches, in depth commentary of layers of the story, and an insightful introduction by Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, Ultimate Spiderman). Also features a brand new dust jacket painting by David Mack, embossed cover, special end pages and more! New Mack fans and older Kabuki readers alike are searching for these early Kabuki stories, and this book delivers with loads of extras and a brand new story!
Hardcover, 7" x 10", 128 pages

October 2001
Hardcover - signed and numbered
The ultimate holiday gift! Four self-contained painted stories and more! Dreams makes available again the long-out-of-print second volume of Kabuki. Readers can complete their Kabuki library with this handsome, essential story link. This strictly limited edition features an ORIGINAL brush drawing by Mack! Each is signed, numbered, and stamped with David's personal Kabuki chop and limited to ONLY 500 copies! More than the original 48 page Dreams paperback, this new and remastered 128 page hardcover collects the very first fully painted Kabuki books (Kabuki Color Special & Dreams of the Dead), the entire fully painted Kabuki #½, and a BRAND NEW story written and painted for this book.
These 60 new pages inlcude a cover gallery, brand new illustrations, sketches, in-depth commentary, and an insightful intro by Brian Bendis (Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man).
Wrapped in a brand new dust jacket painting featuring cover embossing and special end pages, this is the prize of all sequential art prizes. This book delivers on a scale never attempted before.
128 pages

August 2002
(W/A) David Mack
Full Color, 128 pages
The Concept: Japan. A horribly scarred woman has a vision of the afterlife in which she is visited by her dead mother, and then returns to life with a new sense of purpose. A personal tale of love, duty, and self discovery, elegantly told through the masks and metaphors of the Japanese Ghost Story. The long-awaited second volume in David Mack's critically acclaimed series.
This Collection: Now back in print! Collecting four fully painted Kabuki stories (including a completely new story!) in a brand new and improved prestige edition with extra pages! Much more than the previous out-of-print 48-page Dreams paperback, this 128-page volume presents all of the very first-painted Kabuki books (Kabuki Color Special & Kabuki: Dreams of the Dead), but also the fully painted Kabuki #½, and an entire brand new Kabuki story written and painted by David Mack, just for this volume! Also included in Kabuki for the first time ever, a completely autobiographical comic book story, written and drawn by David Mack, an in-depth Kabuki Spotlight and David Mack interview from France's Ekllipse Magazine, a gallery of original covers, an introduction by Brian Michael Bendis, and brand new afterword by David Mack, a brand new front and back cover (and lots of new art pages), and printed on new and improved, thicker high grade, archival paper. Having been out of print for some time, fans are looking for these early painted Kabuki stories and this book delivers with loads of extras and a brand new painted story!

· David Mack's four-page story from Crypt of Dawn #2 was included
· Kabuki: The Ghost Play is the new Kabuki story that is mentioned in the Previews advertisements
· The hardcover (with signature and artwork) was sold out in November 2002

Preview Pages:

Color Special
Page #3

Dreams of
the Dead,
Page #5

Page #3
Additional Preview Pages

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