There is no limit to what one can achieve, as long as one is willing to give someone else the credit.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #5
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Home Portfolio Kabuki Vol. 1 Trade Paperback - Image

First Printing

Second Printing/

Third Printing

Fourth Printing
Circle of Blood Trade Paperback & Hardcover
Credit: Cover artist, writer & interior artist
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Dates:
First printing (softcover) - December 10, 1997
Second printing (softcover) - November 25, 1998
Third printing (softcover) - circa February 2001
Fourth printing (softcover) - March 10, 2010
Hardcover (unsigned & signed and numbered with brush painting) - January 13, 1999
First printing (softcover) - $17.95
Second printing (softcover) - $17.95
Third printing (softcover) - $19.95
Fourth printing (softcover) - $24.99
Hardcover (first edition) - $29.95
Hardcover (first edition; signed & numbered with brush painting) - $49.95
Previews Product Codes:
First printing (softcover) - FEB980838
Second printing (softcover) - AUG980654/STAR7188 & STAR07188
Third printing (softcover) - FEB011377/STAR12480
Fourth printing (softcover) - APR090361
Hardcover (unsigned) - AUG980650/STAR08793
Hardcover (signed & numbered with brush painting) - AUG980651/STAR08794
Related Image:
· Signature and chop from hardcover
· Fourth printing promotional artwork
Previews Advertisements:
February 1998
First Printing
The story that started it all! The CIRCLE OF BLOOD Trade collects all six issues of the first Kabuki series plug the hard to find prequel one-shot into nearly 300 pages! This edition includes new pages of art and in-depth notes and story analysis about the subtext of the story, plus an introduction by comics legend Jim Steranko.
CIRCLE OF BLOOD explores the origins of the government operative known as Kabuki. Set against a backdrop of Japan's near future, the story explores the relationship between Japan's government and organized crime on a truly epic scale!
Each issue of this series ranked #1 of its month and category in the Comic Shop News Top Ten List. This is the book that loyal Kabuki readers will want and need, and it's the book that will turn first time Kabuki readers into lifetime Kabuki readers.

August 1998
Now this epic story, the very first Kabuki saga, is available to everyone in this archivally collected deluxe hardcover format. With a Dustcover Jacket painted by David Mack. Look for Hardcovers of Kabuki: Masks of the Noh and Kabuki: Skin Deep in time for Christmas.

August 1998
Signed and Numbered Hardcover Edition - Limited to 500.

April 2009
Written, art and cover by David Mack.
Circle of Blood recounts the origins of the government operative known as Kabuki who works in Japan's near future, It's an exploration of the relationship between Japan's government and organized crime on a truly epic scale!
Collects all six issues of the first Kabuki series plus the hard to find prequel one-shot with new pages of art from scenes that for space reasons were left out of the original story. It also includes in-depth notes and story analysis about the subtext of the story.
272 pages

· Only the second edition softcover includes dustjacket flaps on both ends of the book
· The introduction for all of the editions was written by Jim Steranko
· An incentive program was mentioned in the solicitation for the hardcover editions, however, no details were included except: "Kabuki Images with covers by J. Scott Campbell and Matt Wagner"
· Compared to the Caliber edition, the Image collections lost as much as 3/16" around the edges of the pages
· Although the list of people who were mentioned on the "thank you" page vary between the Caliber and Image editions, the page was replaced with a company advertisement in the third printing
· The afterword, which was written by Takashi Hattori, is available at

Preview Pages:

Issue #1,
Page #42

Issue #4,
Page #16

Issue #5,
Page #2
Additional Preview Pages

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