Even the Bible speaks of angels in Heaven with savage weapons.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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Alias - Volume 1
Credit: Cover artist
Publisher: Marvel
Release Dates:
  Hardcover - July 3, 2002
Trade Paperback (first printing) - April 16, 2003
Trade Paperback (second printing) - May 12, 2004
  Hardcover - $29.99
Trade Paperback (First Printing) - $19.99
Trade Paperback (Second Printing) - $19.99
Pre-Order Sales/Copies Ordered *:
  Hardcover - #29; 2,522
Trade Paperback (First Printing) - #15; 3,124
Trade Paperback (Second Printing) - #50; 1,530 *
Previews Product Codes:
 Hardcover - APR021777 / STAR16006
Trade Paperback (First Printing) - FEB031408 / STAR18233
Trade Paperback (Second Printing) - MAR041761 / STAR18233
Related Image:
 · Marvel promotional artwork - Hardcover & Trade Paperback
Previews Advertisements:
April 2002
cover by david mack
· The Scoop: Collecting the first nine issue of Brian Michael Bendis's next hit -- the critically acclaimed, adult-themed crime series! Now with tons of behind-the-scenes extras!
· The Story: Meet Jessica Jones, a one-time, unsuccessful costumed super hero, who's now a self-destructive, chain-smoking, alcoholic with a mean inferiority complex! Jones is the owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations -- a small private-investigative firm specializing in superhuman cases. But this time, the former Avenger is in way over her head! Because, while working a missing-persons case, she unwittingly uncovers Captain America's secret identity! One murder later, Jones finds herself embroiled in a situation that's rapidly spinning out of control!
· The Buzz: "The standout in Marvel Comics' new explicit content-allowed line blends hard-boiled melodrama with unusual ethical dilemmas..." - Entertainment Weekly
· The Format: This 208-page hardcover is printed on 7 1/4" by 10 7/8" glossy-stock paper.

Trade Paperback (First Printing)
February 2003
Cover by David Mack
Brian Michael Bendis (W)/Michael Gaydos (P)
Meet Jessica Jones, one-time costumed heroine turned private investigator. After realizing that her powers were unremarkable compared to those of the icons in the Marvel Universe, Jones gave up being a super hero and eventually opened up a detective agency. While her intent to help others is intact, her personal behavior is anything but valiant: She is bitter, resentful and self-destructive. In lieu of professional help, Jessica battles her inferiority complex and depression with a chain-smoking habit and alcoholic tendencies. In spite of her self-imposed exile from the spandex crowd, Jessica's cases continually lead her back to her old circle of acquaintances, which only fuels her angst even more. Jessica is imperfect and human, and her textured personality is eloquently rendered by Bendis and Gaydos. Collecting the critically acclaimed ALIAS #1-9. 208 pgs./Parental Warning

Trade Paperback (Second Printing)
March 2004
Meet Jessica Jones, one-time costumed adventurer turned private investigator. After realizing her powers were unremarkable compared to those of the icons in the Marvel Universe, she gave up being a hero and eventually opened a detective agency. Now, having uncovered the potentially explosive secret of one hero’s true identity,
Jessica’s life immediately becomes expendable. But her wit, charm and intelligence just may help her survive through another day. Thrust into the midst of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels, has Jessica burned too many bridges to turn to old friends for help?
208 Pages/Parental Advisory

· The title and volume number on the spine of the first edition were white while the second edition features a title on the spine in red and a volume number in gold; only the second edition has a box on the back next to the UPC symbol with the words "Marvel MA" and covers for the second, third and fourth Alias trade paperbacks as well as the cover for the Daredevil: Vol. 4 collection on the inside of the front cover, which has the following string of numbers at the bottom to indicate it is a second edition: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

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From the collection of David Thornton

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