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-- David Mack (September 1, 2004)
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Miami Con Thoughts & Photo
From David Mack:
#1: Just had in depth late night discussion w Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall, Larry Sanders Show) about the mechanics of comic book storytelling (he's working on his new graphic novel & had great questions about it). Aaron Douglass (Battle Star Galactica) & Tommy Castillo a part of the discussion of storytelling in comics & TV&Film. Scott sharing some great bits about creating/writing Kids in the Hall

#2: Dinner after convention w Bill Sienkiewicz (always a joy/mindstorm), Kid in the Hall Scott Thompson stopped by my table today (pics soon) he gave me his new comic book HOLLOW PLANET (looking forward to reading on plane) & he got a handful of Kabuki :) Such a great vibe @ this Miami convention. So many really heart-touching moments of readers telling me some really personal connections... really moved me.

David Mack, J. David Spurlock, and Bill Sienkiewicz discuss Vanguard's EDGE 10th anniversary book at Wizard World Miami Feb 26, 2011. The EDGE also features work by Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman, Barron Storey, Marshall Arisman, Steranko, and more. Photo courtesy of Steve De Anda.

Days Missing: Kestus #4 Cover & Preview Pages posted the cover and several preview pages from Days Missing: Kestus #4, which will be on sale Wednesday, March 2.

Miami Con Dinner, Panel, Artistic License & More
From David Mack:
#1: RT Girvan0 - 1 thing I love about @emeraldcitycon, "mob" all in a row @davidmackkabuki, @Oeming and @BRIANMBENDIS! Can't wait.
#2: @AllredMD Word
#3: @DanielleSoloud Yay! See u there
#4: Another pic from the panel at Miami with Sienkiewicz @BillSinn & Spurlock
#5: Pic RT @MindTrickdMedia @billsinn @davidmackkabuki & J.David Spurlock, 3 great minds at #WizardWorld #mindtrickd
#6: @ThaiJacqueline Yeah, I'll be at Wondercon in San Francisco- will you be there?
#7: Miami. Great dinner w @billsinn after show . Kids in the Hall Scott Thompson came by & gave me his comic book Hollow Planet (pics to come)
#8: Walking in Miami... doing my best to fight the Grand Theft Auto flashbacks... must resist... urge to carjack
#9: RT phntm42 - @davidmackkabuki Any chance you can help some big fans & RT a link? Help an artist raise money to complete a project:
#10: @MeredthSalenger Thank you very much! Glad you like them! An honor- I look forward to it :) Will I see u at a convention this year? @JaminL
#11: @Mika_Tan Will I see you at WonderCon in San Francisco in Early April?
#12: @wolfboy74 obviously
#13: After I explained I'm just me, I like that one hostess said I looked like the TC from Top Gun, & the other insisted from Mission Impossible
#14: At the hotel in Miami, the hostess at dinner, asked me if I was Tom Cruise.
#15: @jhissong I'll take that :) It is funny you should say that though.
#16: Winner best tweet RT @keisertroll I WANT TO THANK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL #reznor #oscars
#17: RT CorLeonis8 @davidmackkabuki David, here's another license for your collection! ;) @Todd_McFarlane @TheRealStanLee
#18: Congratulations Trent reznor
#19: @LUNASEAUX You too! Thank u
#20: Miami. Great late night discussion w Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall) about storytelling (He's working on his new comic book)
#21: Scott regaling us w his kids in the hall, Larry Sanders, stories.
#22: @KentWms Indeed! A mojito in your honor!
#23: Miami, relaxing at a Cuban restaurant w live Cuban musica
#24: Panel W bill sienkiewicz went great. People liked.
#25: About to begin signing at my table in Miami.
#26: POWERS comic is greenlit as TV series on FX! Congrat to my best pals @brianmbendis & @oeming!
#27: goodmental RT @ZFunktopus @rlydeepthoughts re-reading the Kabuki series by David Mack, which u would love.They get me in a good mental place
#28: On plane to Miami
#29: @Mika_Tan And yooooo are a sweetheart
#30: @wolfboy74 U are a sweetheart
#31: Just finished packing for Miami. Signing Sat/Sun. My table #, map, & convention info here:
#32: @CylonModel7 I think I'm on season 3 now. The last episode I watched may have been my fave so far. Gets so good as it goes
#33: What do Electric Sheep dream of? RT @MuchCoffee yes. Androids do dream of electric sheep. Any other questions you'd like answered?
#34: Working non-stop for the last 10 hrs. Must decompress by watching The Wire for a bit before I do anymore thinking, writing, or making stuff.
#35: Wow- busy day

MOB News Bytes
According to, FX has green lit a Powers TV pilot, which will be based on the series written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated Mike Oeming. Also, the pilot will begin shooting in Spring 2011 according to

Release Date Anniversary
Daredevil #15 debuted 10 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
The first Kabuki statue (SRP: $119.00) is available on eBay ($95.00 - Buy it Now: $135.00).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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