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Thoughts on Panel with Bill Sienkiewicz
From David Mack:
New Orleans Comicon is Amazing. Never did a signing here before, and the people are spectacular. I did a panel today with Bill Sienkiewicz that my be my fave panel ever. We just riffed on our storytelling philosphies for an hour and people seemed to enjoy. Someone filmed it. I'll post link to the vid when they send it.

Kabuki Fan Artwork
Below are links to two images of Kabuki-related fan artwork:

Hanging Out With Teenage Neil Gaiman & More
From David Mack:
#1: For those that missed the pic (New Orleans w Teenage Neil Gaiman & Bill Sienkiewicz) on.fb.me/hL52xL
#2: RT tinabrieste - @davidmackkabuki @neilhimself that is such a sweet pic--he is an eerie teenage replicant version!
#3: RT pseudicide - @davidmackkabuki wow. That could be @neilhimself cosplay
#4: @olganunes well, we had those for breakfast at Cafe Dumont :)
#5: This New Orleans food has been fantasteriffic
#6: RT dasRupa - It's 72 degrees here in New Orleans. As for New York? 27. Sigh.
#7: RT warrenellis - Lessons in parenting: never refer to your daughter's period as "Shark Week"
#8: RT dasRupa - Bourbon Street, 2am, listening to @davidmackkabuki geek out about film with @theaarondouglas. Mmmmmyes.
#9: At Greg dulli's r bar in new Orleans. W @dasrupa n carin Chapman n spirit of @olganunes
#10: New Orleans peeps fantastic today as well. Lovely experience. Thanks to all the readers & creators who made it wonderful
#11: RT chris_cracka @davidmackkabuki wanted to say thx for my drawing and books at #NOLAComicCon #wizardworld plixi.com/p/73460357
#12: Love back to ATL (pass on to entire city) RT @Meghasissues looks like you're having great time. ATL misses U & yes i do mean the entire city
#13: @olganunes Talkiing to carin right as u sent that. She freaked. She had come to con n invited us to meet her without knowing about it. Crazy
#14: @neilhimself Bill loved it. And previous you said he met current you when u were here for your birthday.
#15: @olganunes Holy balls I think I'm talking today her right now! Olga you are strange magic dream logic
#16: RT dasRupa - @davidmackkabuki dark & stormy at Finnegan's in the French Quarter :
#17: New Orleans with Bill Sienkiewicz & Teenage @neilhimself on.fb.me/hL52xL
#18: RT altoups - @davidmackkabuki It was one of the best panels I attended today.You & Bill should lobby for your own panel room if you're together again.
#19: Also in New Orleans, we fell into a time warp, & the teenage version of Neil Gaiman talked to us for quite some time. Charming. Pic coming.
#20: We just riffed on our storytelling philosphies/ideas/passion for the artform for an hour & people seemed to enjoy. Fun-could've went for hrs
#21: @pseudicide thank you, I'd love to do that again
#22: Yes, Someone filmed it. I'll post link to the vid when they send it. RT @pseudicide any chance it was recorded??
#23: New Orleans Comicon was Amazing. The people are spectacular. I did a panel today with Bill Sienkiewicz that my be my fave panel ever.
#24: @gimpnelly I was trying to press the LIKE button on this.
#25: I just saw a commercial in which people bite a sandwhich & their pants fly open
#26: Just told them I didn't get my shoes in the States. In Auckland, New Zealand (true) RT @GyozaMan Did u take them up on it? Were they right?
#27: Walkin in New Orleans, 3 guys (each a block apart) said they could guess what city/state I got my shoes in. What's w the shoe-guessing here?
#28: Did it for a Sandman Benefit Auction CBLDF (San Diego Comicon) RT @OhJara David Mack dibuja a Muerte de "Sandman" bit.ly/f3qLPX
#29: New Orleans 72 degrees.
#30: Plane to new orleans. Signing sat n sun at comicon
#31: Hadn't seen her since her Shepard Fairey exhibit at CAC. Her Keith Haring show begins in Feb
#32: Dinner w Contemporary Arts Center Director/Curator Raphaela Platow after she came to my exhibit at the PAC Gallery tonight...
#33: Yeah, KABUKI volumes 1-7, a few Daredevil volumes, Electric Ant, etc RT @Eleigh_K thanks.one more question. Do you have graphic novels out?
#34: RT pacgallery - PAC Presents.. An Evening With The Artist, David Mack. Saturday, February 5th. Doors open 5pm, discussion begins 6pm. on.fb.me/gmXKP3

Auction Spotlight
All three of the Moore Creations Kabuki action figures (SRP: $38.89) are available on eBay ($1.99).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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