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Kabuki: The Alchemy
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Two Revised Release Dates
The release date for the Kabuki - Reflections: Volume 1 trade paperback has been moved from January 19 to February 2 according to Also, per, Dream Logic #3 will debut February 9 instead of January 19.

5 Ronin #4 Previews Product Code & Release Date
According to, 5 Ronin #4 (Previews product code: JAN110673) will be on sale March 23.

Rock Band, Dinners, Films, Sketches & More
From David Mack:
#1: @DavidNAtchison @roblevin It's like we're practically related. And thanks :)
#2: @mrmarkmillar Right on. I love Gondry too.
#3: The Escapists: @jasonshawnalex did fantastic work on this. As did all the creators on it. Just perusing it at @brianmbendis place.
#4: That last tweet was meant to be a dm to @oeming. About crime fighting.
#5: Ok, I like that too. In that case lets meet at the Thai place at 7 and we can go to my place after. Bring the costume.
#6: Every time I send a direct msg here, I find myself checking to see if I just sent it as a regular tweet to everyone.
#7: @Mika_Tan And Hello to Ryan at @GAppleComics
#8: Thanks for the pic, Mika! Glad U have it @Mika_Tan Ryan of @GAppleComics said Hi! He hooked me up w/DreamLogic #2!
#9: @ALEC_EMPIRE Happy New Year to you too! 1.1.11 Thank you for the kind words! Keep on making your magic!
#10: Happy New Year! Great Party at Jim Valentino's. Laura & Mike Allred came over my house after we played pool there. At Bendis' now.
#11: WR399 Graphic Novel Writing (or as Brian says: "How to do everything right by the guy who knows" :) (joking) RT @gaveedra what psu class?
#12: Off to New Years dinner with the @dasrupa & the Bendis' & the Fractions! Heading to Jim Valentino's party with the Allreds after. Hppy NwYr
#13: @Mika_Tan That sounds like a good problem to have. Happy New Year!
#14: @Mika_Tan There are photos of us in the 3rd issue too (from San Diego), but it hasn't come out yet. But they can order it for you.
#15: @Mika_Tan It's called DREAM LOGIC (the second issue). And give my regads to the crew at SH!
#16: Working on my piece for Mike Allred's Madman. @brianmbendis just put on Inglorious Basterds.
#17: Custom DD RT @Darediva @davidmackkabuki Happy New Year, and want to show you my latest project:
#18: @satinephoenix Bendis on drums. Rupa was front woman for sing all the Doors songs :) (I did Bowie, Queen, Talking Heads)
#19: @GailSimone If u build a baseballfield in a cornfield, ghosts will show up & play. No, I mean create class of your dreams= students appear
#20: Just did an epic Rock Band with @dasrupa @brianmbendis and his children
#21: @GailSimone I think if you build it they will come...
#22: I'm officially on the syllabus to guest lecture in @brianmbendis PSU writing class for this semester
#23: Moby Dick to Octo-book RT @dasrupa Photoset: spatial octopus book prototype.
#24: @gemmarfleming I absolutely will. And I love all your new work.
#25: Watching Sofia Coppola's new film SOMEWHERE with @brianmbendis. Discussing our takes on inspirations of it & Lost in Translation
#26: @frizzlerock I do have a behind-the-scenes antecdote related to that.
#27: interesting RT @frizzlerock any chance you will be working on any Dark Tower projects? Re-reading the books & your artwork would be perfect!
#28 - RT dasRupa: Photo:
#29: Is Cubism more real than realism? Is Cubism... realism squared?
#30: Thnx.My 2nd fave aftr Alchemy RT @egenklang by far my favourite book you've done & your most artistically realised one #KABUKI:Metamorphosis
#31: @mathias1618 It's called Madwoman of the Sacred Heart. Out last month. Also by Humanoids. Jodorowsky/Moebius.
#32: Marveling at the brand new Moebius book @brianmbendis showed me at his place. Story by Jodorowsky. Brings back memories of Paris this year.
#33: @jimlee00 haha- excellent- It's been a good day for you then! :) Cheers!
#34: @jimlee00 haha! I saw the Ward/Neary match on youtube about a month ago so you can prob still find it there. I think there'll be some oscars
#35: @jimlee00 Yeah Bale rocked it! & Mark got Micky's body language. I watched Ward/Gatti fights 10 yrs ago & he had his moves. Thumbs UP!
#36: Watching THE FIGHTER with @brianmbendis... just begun and I can tell it is a tour de force from David O! Bale riveting from start.
#37: Love that! RT @gemmarfleming You propelled me into my creation fever again. I can't thank you enough! You inspire, Mr. Mack. Come back! xo
#38: It's amazing how prolific @BrianMBendis still is typing away at scripts on his laptop while completely high on medicine...
#39: RT BRIANMBENDIS - poor @davidmackkabuki is sitting here watching me morph into my second mutation
#40: @robocreep 1) True. 2) True, extremely so. 3) True, passionately. 4) Yes. 5) At New York Comicon. @dasRupa
#41: Happy Birthday! @DaveMcKean RT: It's my birthday and I'll sing a Phil Collins song if I want to.
#42: Great work, Mike! RT @Oeming Takio panel
#43: :) RT @megangodsell And now I have a retweet & @ mention from David Mack listing the other awesome guests #happiestlittlegeekgirlintheworld
#44: RT PeteRogers - The PeteRogers Daily is out! ? Top stories today by @geeksofdoom @mikelowndes @medianooze @davidmackkabuki @initioh
#45: Happy Birthday! @TheRealStanLee
#46: It was magical! Thank U again! RT @geoffreykeezer @davidmackkabuki That was fun! It was 3 A.M. after a Ray Brown Trio gig in Cincinatti :)
#47: & Oeming, Soma, Bendis, KellySue :) RT @megangodsell For example: nice to know that Matt Fraction & David Mack had Christmas dinner together
#48: And here is wallpaper from Marvel of my Psylocke cover for 5Ronin
#49: @BRIANMBENDIS Haha! No, I was just skyping. I'm cool to come downstairs & box your kids on the video game... or rock band? Ready for me?
#50: Green Arrow painting RT @BuzzComics @DC_Nation: la couverture et/ou la Variant Cover de Green Arrow #8 par David Mack
#51: & Kabuki page where Wagners' Valkyries intertwine in notes with Japanese Anthem... @geoffreykeezer handwrote the music notes on those pages
#52: Those parts in Kabuki: Metamorphosis where her hands are playing the piano and the music notes intertwine like DNA...
#53: Btw Geoff wrote the sheet music in Kabuki Metamorphosis RT @geoffreykeezer: My solo piano CD w booklet art: David Mack
#54: Want to see a new cover painting I did? First time I ever drew/painted this character
#55: RT gemmarfleming - Sketches by @davidmackkabuki are up. A generously kind kid that I hope to see again soon.
#56: @gemmarfleming Gemma, it was fun, thanks posting the drawings of you and hope to see you soon :)
#57: @non_sensei Great- let me know what you think of the other books, some different ground is covered in each. Metamorphosis & Alchemy my faves

MOB News Bytes
Written by Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming, art by Victor Santos, covers by Oeming, Santos and Veronica Gandini.
"Three Blind Mice." One-Arm Leito begins his training under the tutelage of the scheming betrayer Pilot the Tall, while only the blind mouse Harad has the remaining senses to suspect the truth. Aquila leads her own trio of mice on an ill-fated expedition to rescue Karic and Cassius. While at the Great Ash Tree, the Templar triad of priests place defrocked high priest Micah on trial for what has become of Karic's legacy -- a growing resistance movement the priesthood cannot control.
32 pages, $2.99, in stores on March 23.

Release Date Anniversary
Alias #18 debuted eight years ago.

Auction Spotlight
The first Kabuki statue (SRP: $119.00) is available on eBay ($110.00 - Buy it Now: $145.00).

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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