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-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #2
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Image of Upcoming Psylocke Cover
Jim D'Amico posted a scan of an upcoming Psylocke cover by David Mack.
When asked about the cover, David Mack kindly explained that the cover will be solicited in the January 2011 issue of Previews, which will include products shipping in March, and noted that work-in-progress production photos of the cover will appear in Dream Logic #3.

No Rest for the Wicked Interviews David Mack
No Rest for the Wicked posted an interview with David Mack, who talked about Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant, Kabuki and more.

Revised Dream Logic #3 Release Date
According to, the release date for Dream Logic #3 has moved from December 8 to January 19.

Convention Sketches, Commissions & More
Below are links to images of sketches, commissions, convention photos and more:

Psylocke Cover, Atlanta Con & More
From David Mack:
#1: RT CBCebulski - Your @Marvel fun fact of the day: "RT @davidmackkabuki: "Larry Cebulski" in that first Daredevil I wrote, was named after both you & Larry!"
#2: Want to see some pics of the Live Art event I did with Bill Sienkiewicz @billsinn Saturday?
#3: @CBCebulski Will do, CB! He'll love that! "Larry Cebulski" in that first Daredevil I wrote, was named after both you & Larry!
#4: Sushi at Ru San's in Atlanta... with my pal Larry (friends since 3rd grade) (we used to draw mazes together)
#5: @mattfraction Have a great time! Happy for you!
#6: 150 people showed up at the gallery! Thank you! Bill loved it- we painted on canvas & humans, thank you for bringing such wonderful energy!
#7: Thanks to all of you who came to the LIVE ART of Bill Sienkiewicz & I, & for visiting us at Atlanta Comicon! @billsinn
#8: @welovedogslug Thank you so much for that wonderful note! Great drawing & design on it too:)
#9: @latexrecords @Meghasissues I like our photo at the Live Art event :)
#10: @welovedogslug Was that you who left the wonderful note on my table? With the beautifully drawn Kabuki & MCsquare in Kappa/jackalope form?
#11: RT RafaRodriguesRJ - @Remender Is this David Mack Psylocke Cover, for Uncanny X-Force? WOW!
#12: Unwinding from ATL Comicon. At Cameli's Italian Resturaunt, my friend Larry just made me amazing Ravioli. Now my brain in Alpha Wave State
#13: I like visiting LACMA RT @KenTanakaLovesU Signing paintings and books at LA county museum of art LACMA
#14: RT angelicshades - Met @davidmackkabuki & @billsinn at #ComicCon. Had riveting chat about gender & author, Dexter, & comic love!
#15: @CBCebulski Tell us what you are having for breakfast in Japan, CB
#16: Now I feel pretty too RT @spreefit Oh snap, I just found out I got retweeted by @davidmackkabuki. I feel pretty.
#17: RT geektoy4t - T @Luvmygeek with @davidmackkabuki at ATL Comic Con
#18: Thanks! RT @JanArrah Just finished reading David Mack's Philip K Dick's Electric Ant. Very good! You should read it.. now!
#19: RT Oeming - for those who missed the late night posting- a quick @brianmbendis sketch- picking up Chinese food
#20: 12.04.10 David Mack on Electric Ant #PhilipKDick an amazing in-depth interview via M. Sean McManus
#21: @elbeethrieart Cheers! Thanks for saying hi
#22: RT billsinn - In Atlanta at Wizard Show. Signing @ table 912- next To David Mack! Come say hi!
#23: RT Atomic_Comics - BENDISPALOOZA! Brian Michael Bendis is coming to the MESA store December 10th-11th!!
#24: @masuimimax Good:) oh, did you get the Kabuki, etc.?
#25: @masuimimax don't think I'm allowed to mention the name, but the shoot at Francis otooles' place.
#25: @masuimimax Bill says to give u a hug. And that u are in his new project too!
#26: @introvertedone Sorry. Bill sienkiewicz and I doing a live art party tonight until late. Gallery exhibit too. Check my fb
#27: RT masuimimax - @davidmackkabuki say hi to him for me! I was in the Stray Toasters pilot!
#28: @masuimimax Cool, will do!
#29: @introvertedone Been tweeting about it. come by
#30: RT introvertedone - How'd I not know about the Atlanta Comic Con? I blame @f_francavilla, @cameronMstewart & @davidmackkabuki! I wld've driven frm #CHA for it
#31: Signing with bill sienkiewicz at Atlanta comicon right... now
#32: RT dasRupa - Photo:
#33: RT JonahtheWriter - @driveafastercar
#34: @Lizardbeth Bring the salad :) Nice work too.
#35: @melcaylo I listened to the commentary of Goldfinger the other day. After seeing that pic of u as OddJob, I kept seeing him as U in the film
#36: RT LaurelKaye - #fridayreads mine are still the same as last week. Peter & MAX ~ Bill Willingham & kabuki The Alchemy ~ David Mack.
#37: RT godDrift181 - Photo: heroics:
#38: RT spreefit - @chimpocalypse Love it. Have you tried mixing watercolor with color pencil and graphite? I did that a lot during my "David Mack" phase.
#39: RT girlsreadcomics - In Atlanta? Go see Bill Sienkiewicz & @davidmackkabuki paint bodies on Saturday night. then tell me all about it! -Dee
#40: RT geektoy4t - @davidmackkabuki My wife @LuvMyGeek & I are looking forward to seeing you at ATL Comic Con! She'll be wearing "You Don't Know Me Shirt" lol
#41: RT satinephoenix - #FF @MikeBonomo @davidmackkabuki @MizBellaBlack @missrosez @cynicdesign @Caroline_Pierce @Amber_Raynexxx @TheJimiKing @thezoeyholloway
#42: RT RebeccaDeShon - #FF @latexrecords @hooppretty @euphoriuhh @_DJ_PARALLAX @davidmackkabuki @greenmonk @KreweGG @LindsayOAtlanta @thedailyshine @TheshayWest

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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