I can tell that you have hurt people. When you spend all your time putting creatures back together, you can tell when someone else has done a lot of taking them apart.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #2
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JLA #53 & Green Arrow #8 Solicitations
Thanks to Robin Hotter for reporting that DC Comics has released the following solicitations:
Justice League of America #53
1:10 Variant cover by DAVID MACK
The final chapter of "JLA Omega" arrives as the World's Greatest Heroes and the Crime Syndicate struggle for survival. But the Syndicate's betrayal of their own pact results in a final, savage confrontation – and Ultraman does some betraying of his own! Can the JLA defeat Omega Man, the harbinger of death? Can they save the Crime Syndicate's world and the Tangent Universe? And in the midst of this war between good and evil, which side will Dark Supergirl choose?
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale JANUARY 19
32 pages, Full Color
Price: $2.99

Green Arrow #8
Written by J.T. KRUL
1:10 Variant cover by DAVID MACK
With Green Arrow back in full form, the gangs of Star City begin looking for their own MVPs to step forward. Are Star City and Ollie ready for Black Arrow? "The Rise of Black Arrow" begins here in this BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in!
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale JANUARY 26
32 pages, Full Color
Price: $2.99

Photos of MTV's NYCC 2010 Live Art Party
Below are photos of David Mack at MTV's New York Comic Con live art party:

Mid-Ohio-Con Appearance, Dexter Production & More
From David Mack:
#1: Early pics from the MTV Live Art jam MTV.com
#2: @CRBlevins New York :)
#3: Just saw the cool rough cut of the first Dexter episode I did from the Motion Design/Animation studio Decoy.tv: via @Rothermel
#4: @jayefife you are lucky # 2,800 ! Congrats and thanks
#5: Everything is so Much more beautiful after I eat
#6: Drawing in union square
#7: I'll be in Columbus @ MID-OHIO CON Nov 6&7. Will have the Hardcover ARTBOOK, Shy Creatures kids book, The new ECHO Hardcover, & all Kabuki,/a>
#8: @JonGorga Thanks! I think Electric Ant just completed with the 5th issue, and the Hard Cover should be out in a week or two.
#9: @Tony_Solomun I just may be on the DVD too, Tony. I don't know for sure though. But definitely on the site at some point.
#10: @DennisCalero Sounds exciting! COngrats!
#11: @andykuhn Thanks, Andy! All can see it on the Showtime site. Here's a trailer: DavidMackGuide.com
#12: @andykuhn There will be a promo about it on Showtime after Dexter on Oct 24. Next Sunday. You'll be able to see it on the Showtime site too
#13: @DennisCalero That would have been helpful :) What are you doing these days?
#14: Word RT @PULPH0PE Thinking about Jim Steranko. What a wonderful man. So generous and talented. I'm honored to know him. A true role model.
#15: Still at Showtime making Dexter animated episodes. I've had to finish each episode in 6 days. With Bill Sienkiewicz giving me lots of help.
#16: @Oeming Thanks, Mike! Would be great to see you! Say hello to Ethan for me :)
#17: @sethkushner The photo looks fantastic. As do the others for your NYC GRAPHIC book! Great to see you last week. Happy for you & your works
#18: RT sethkushner Super proud my portrait of @neilhimself is being used as author photo on new editions of all 10 Sandman books. http://plixi.com/p/50995051
#19: Congrats, Seth! RT @sethkushner Super proud my portrait of @neilhimself is being used as author photo on all 10 Sandman books.
#20: ThnxGladUlike RT @JonGorga Holy crap. David Mack's Daredevil from 2oo3 is as good as his personal work on Kabuki. That is to say: incredible!
#21: RT JoeQuesada For those interested, the @espnmag cover I did will be shown live tomorrow on ABC during the 3:30 College Football broadcast.
#22: ThankU RT @mika_tan #FF #ÜBERWHOA @DavidMackKabuki @TheRealNimoy @WilliamShatner @SFI-org @SGI-USA @sex_food_comics @whackmagazine @PulseNow
#23: RT katalyze Fans of @davidmackkabuki - this EP by @blacknazarene features his artwork - Facebook
#24: Pics at Josh Hagler's art exhibit last night via Milan & @gemmarfleming http://twitpic.com/2xsy3d http://twitpic.com/2xstil
#25: Pic RT @gemmarfleming David Mack & myself at an opening in Chelsea. Catch this guy while you can; he's in NY http://twitpic.com/2xstil
#26: RT rayfawkes #FF my awesome NYCC live art compatriots: @jimmahfood @davecrosland @davidmackkabuki @helmetgirl
#27: RT JahFurry: New PEKAR PROJECT story "Garbage Dispute" by the late great Harvey Pekar & consummate cartoonist Rick Parker http://bit.ly/dplD7U
#28: Great Josh Hagler art show last night. Met photographer Gemma Flemming. Slept in real apt last night. Now back to work at Showtime.

Release Date Anniversaries
Spectrum 7 (Diamond Comics) debuted 10 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
Alias #1-28 (SRP: $83.72) is available on eBay ($14.00 - Buy it Now: $50.00).

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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