When I employ language, every sentence is bi-lingual, or allegorical, saying one thing, and meaning another, or even several, including the obvious.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Kabuki: The Alchemy
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Days Missing: Kestus #4 Solicitation
Below is the solicitation for Days Missing: Kestus #4:
Writer: Phil Hester, Artist: David Marquez
January 1st, 2000 - the dawn of a new century came and went without incident. Or did it? On a day of fear and uncertainty, excitement and anticipation, with billions of dollars spent in preparation and humanity's way of life hanging in the balance, The Steward encounters a true-life super villain bent on bringing the horror of Y2K to the world. But now he's not alone - the immortal woman known as Kestus leads a secret society capable of predicting The Steward's comings and goings. How will they affect the impending Y2K disaster?
Cover: David Mack
Price: $3.95
Previews Product Code: OCT100765
Release Date: December 29, 2010
Promotional Artwork:

Se7en #6 in French Blu-ray Set
According to Amazon.fr, the Se7en Blu-ray (French edition) will include a copy of Se7en #6.

New York Comic Con 2010 Photo
Amy Fletcher posted a photo of herself with David Mack during the New York Comic Con.

Working at Showtime Office, Con Photo & More
From David Mack:
#1: I'm making out with it... RT @Oeming @davidmackkabuki I miss NYC Dave, give it a kiss for me.
#2: In Brooklyn. with my friend Milan
#3: Settling in at the Showtime offices for a night of work on Dexter. I think I'm the only one still here.
#4: A break from making Dexter to brave the ny rain for food. then back to showtime
#5: RT SotoColor Awesome, @davidmackkabuki I can't wait to see it. I'm very proud of Electric Ant.
#6: Have a nice corner office over Broadway to work in at the Showtime Building in NY... wrapping up this animated episode...
#7: RT dasRupa Anyone know a Cass DeLeon from Brooklyn? She left her sketchbook at @davidmackkabuki's table at NYCC, just want her to know I have it!
#8: Just approved all the extras sections in the ELECTRIC ANT Hardcover collection- It looks great! #PhilipKDick
#9: At the Showtime offices in NY. Lots of Dexter posters here.
#10: The Live Art show rocked! I like this tweet: RT @tdelucci p.s. Holy sh*t, @davidmackkabuki can bust a move!
#11: @BRIANMBENDIS Great to catch dinners & talk with you again! The show was pretty amazing...
#12: I huge thanks to all the fans & pros who made NYC Comicon so amazing. Thank you for coming by and saying hello. It was a blast!
#13: Happy 101010 binary code birthday to my brother steve
#14: @bellbottomsOh, I didn't know that! Stop by my table (D8) at NY Comicon tomorrow & I will give you some free signed goodies (prints/books)!
#15: MTV hosting our NYC LIVE ART this Sat! Mahfood & I, Paul Pope, Stan Lee! Open to the public @ 9pm. Twins 421 9th Ave. Getty Images on photos
#16: For those asking- Trailer for DEXTER episodes Bill Sienkiewicz & I are making @ Showtime Sho.com
#17: Wonderful Friday at the convention. Dinner with @BrianMBendis, Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, @DasRupa & Nanci Q! Gearing up for the big Saturday
#18: Thanks again for the birthday wishes- very touched to hear from so many of you!
#19: RT JoshuaDavis SnapDragon... Hello beautiful... @dasRupa @davidmackkabuki YFrog.com
#20: :) RT @JoshuaDavis Fanboy, Fangirl... and David @dasRupa @davidmackkabuki YFrog.com
#21: Great to meet legendary designer/innovator @JoshuaDavis at NY Comicon today!
#22: RT JoshuaDavis Much love to @dasRupa and @davidmackkabuki for hanging out with me today... It was a real treat. Thanks for the years of inspiration.
#23: Should have the NYC LIVE ART info for you in 5 minutes! RT @Kalogerakos @davidmackkabuki any details on the live art show?
#24: Dinner in ny with @brianmbendis and @jhickman

MOB News Bytes
ComicBookResources.com reported that Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming will debut an all-ages graphic novel under Marvel's Icon imprint in February 2011 called Takio.

Release Date Anniversary
The Kabuki Drinking Glasses (Diamond Comics) debuted 5 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
Wolverine: Road of Bones (SRP: $7.99) is available on eBay ($0.75).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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