I heal animals. Animals heal humans. Through pets, people learn to respect and care for another living creature. Then they can apply that to other people and living things in general.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #2
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Pre-Order Kabuki Statue

Order Kabuki: Reflections - Volume 1 Hardcover

Kabuki: The Alchemy
Collection - Now Available!

Kabuki Body Paint Photo
Korruptx posted a photo of the models who passed out flyers for David Mack's Dragon*Con body painting live art show [registration required].

Discounted Kabuki 1/4 Scale Statue Pre-Order Price
Kabuki 1/4 Scale Statue is available for pre-order at BigBadToyStore.com ($259.99 - SRP: $274.99).

Dragon*Con Photos, Kabuki HC Sketches & More
From David Mack:
#1: Visit @criminalrecords in atlanta. They have a full selection of Kabuki volumes, artbooks, dream logic, electric ant... all signed...
#2: RT CriminalRecords: @davidmackkabuki Are you there to see @TheCharlatans? Say hi to Zano, our Comics Dept mgr. Wish I could be there to say hi to you! xo Lil
#3: At @criminalrecords in Atlanta. Great comic n music store.
#4: RT arthurmagazine: "The war between the Johnsons and the Shits is an epic one that runs throughout Burroughs' writing." http://bit.ly/cRiBck thx @coulthart
#5: Pics of ladies body painted as Scarab, Kabuki, Snapdragon walking around at Dragon Con http://bit.ly/b1E76W (painted by Stephanie Anderson)
#6: RT ChristyDreams: @davidmackkabuki Mario posted a picture of us in our local newspaper. ((^_^))
#7: Doing the drawings for the Limited Edition of Kabuki Volume 1. It's at the printer now. Lots of ink drawings in my future tonight
#8: U were missed @Helmetgirl http://bit.ly/9GzGqQ check out the pics. Many more posted by photographers on my fb page
#9: Mika, @mika_tan check out Dream Logic #1 & #2. Those are the newest books of mine and I think you will dig! #2 hit last week.
#10: More LIve Art pics here. Photos by Linda Costa http://bit.ly/bCbZI1
#11: Lots of pics from the Live Art event keep getting posted on my Face Book... a sample http://bit.ly/9DYeAz lots more at my fb page
#12: @BRIANMBENDIS Those pics of the women body painted as kabuki characters are all over my facebook. Ill also post a link here.
#13: @linkwherrman Fantastic! More pics to come....
#14: @regazza_di_lupo Great to see u too, thanks for coming to the live art! @djswivel rocked it!
#15: @IsobelWren Great to see u too! My best to satine and your friends. Thanks for coming
#16: RT ChristyDreams The aforementioned photo by @ldrcosta w/ heart painted by @davidmackkabuki - two dreams completed simultaneously. ^_^ http://bit.ly/by7YKl
#17: @regazza_di_lupo Yes
#18: RT @TheShelterAtl: David Mack - Dragon*Con Party w/DJ Swivel & VJ Anthony less than an hour away! Drink, Dance, Paint Nekked!
#19: Camilla d'Errico @helmetgirl joining the Live Art tonight (at The Shelter). DJ Swivel (from @criminalrecords ) on music. Linda Costa photos
#20: I'm sure photos will surface any minute
#21: Day 2 of Dragon Con was pretty busy. Women painted up (full body paint) as Kabuki & Scarab passing out fliers for the live art event...
#22: @regazza_di_lupo See you soon, at the Live Art?
#23: Live Art is tonight (i'll get there around 10ish) at the Shelter in ATL! RT @linkwherrman so how did the live art thing go?
#24: Dragon Con Saturday begins.... now
#25: RT dasRupa Very cool reading about @jahfurry and my buddy Sean Pryor in the huge NYTimes article about Harvey Pekar this morning! Congrats guys!
#26: Thanks, Mika! You would like it here :) RT @mika_tan Have fun, David! #dragoncon
#27: Chilling at my friend Larry's Italian restruant, Cameli's in Atlanta.We've been friends since 3rd grade. He made Mushroom ravioli w broccoli
#28: Hi neighbor RT @beckyandfrank: DragonCon Day 1 is over! We are at Table 38 in the Hyatt (Comic & Pop Artist Alley), next to David Mack!!
#29: First day of Dragon Con went way busier than I expected. Saturday will be madness. The Reflections ART BOOK hardcover is the big seller
#30: Live Art Sat Nite! RT @StockingsAddict Have fun at #DragonCon! Don't forget to take pictures of the art event
#31: Dragon Con! RT futuristicplans @futuristicplans Bought this and got some other goodies from @davidmackkabuki. I am excited. :D http://plixi.com/p/43071156
#32: Just got into Atlanta. At my Friend's place. Dragon Con in morning. Live Art Saturday night. http://bit.ly/d5dQIe
#33: I haven't seen this yet! thanks RT @Girvan0 http://twitpic.com/2ko4ia galactus approved @davidmackkabuki scarlet variant cover.

MOB News Bytes
ComicMix.com posted Hammer Of The Gods: Back From The Dead #1-21, which feature stories illustrated and written by Mike Oeming.

Auction Spotlight - Original Artwork
Original artwork from Scarab ($250.00) and Daredevil: Echo - Vision Quest ($1,500.00) are available on eBay.

Order Kabuki: Reflections -
Volume 1 Hardcover Today!

April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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