In Idea Space new ideas come faster than I can draw them or write them. More like I conduct them. More like they conduct me and I try to keep up.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #6
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Home News July 2010 6th

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Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #4 Preview posted a five-page preview of Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #4, which will debut on Thursday, July 8.

Painted Kabuki 1/4 Scale Statue
Jerry Macaluso of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles posted a photo of a painted Kabuki 1/4 scale statue (may not be safe for work).

Dream Logic #1 Video Review
Hellointernet spotlighted Dream Logic #1 during a video review (3m:01s to 3m:30s):

David Mack in Webcomic
Jubal Faircloth posted a webcomic strip about David Mack.

Notes on Doors, CBLDF Art & More
From David Mack:
#1: I had a 3 pg handwritten letter on my door today from the kid across the street that wants to be a writer. He was nice enough to not knock.
#2: Sent my final script polish of ELECTRIC ANT #5 off to be lettered. Every time I'd re-read, I'd finesse it a bit. Very happy w this series
#3: San Diego soon! I'll be signing at the Image Comics booth. Same place as every year. Will have full set of books at table. Hope to see u
#4: C U there! RT @artemisagrocks: omg! david macks coming to chicago comic con!!!! it is feasible i could go to that!! could see david mack!!
#5: RT @Comicmovies: News: : David Mack designs a pair of Etnies to benefit the CBLDF - Comic Book Resources
#6: RT @Official_DtWT: Ebay Auctions Coming Soon. Own some art and help a good cause, such as this piece by @davidmackkabuki - david-mack.jpg
#7: RT @shiwoo: please note that: "This is a paying gig, but you won't get paid until I sell the books" IS NOT a paying gig. via @thejillthompson
#8: Yes, I think mine & @oeming are varients for SCARLET 2 @brianmbendis RT @JaminL: @davidmackkabuki Will it be one of the variant covers?
#9: The second issue of SCARLET (in Previews order catalogue now :) RT @JaminL: @davidmackkabuki What issue Scarlet will your cover be?
#10: The ladies aren't holding still? RT @thejillthompson: It is a b!tch to draw the Superman logo on breasts...
#11: @mia_matsumiya @reneefrench It's like chocolate and peanut butter...
#12: @dasRupa Die Antwoord & M.I.A. in NYC sounds like a fantastical show. But I will indeed be at San Diego :) Had books sent today...
#13: Listening to Die Antwoord while working on DREAM LOGIC #2 -getting it ready for printer
#14: @FIGHTFEEN Thanks!
#15: Who can name the character on each shoe?
#16: Pics of the shoes RT @Robot6: David Mack designs a pair of Etnies to benefit the CBLDF
#17: RT @shubbykins: dreamt @davidmackkabuki & my gramma & best friend & I went to Georgia on a ghost hunt. I went to a hospital there & saw ...
#18: @FIGHTFEEN Missed it. Can I see footage somewhere?
#19: @chance_second Thanks :)
#20: RT @ChrysopoeiaDos: Mein künstlerisches IDOL, David Mack, hat mir Msg geschickt, er nimmt ei tweet von MIR in seinen neuen Comic in die ...
#21: @nerd2yourmother Thank you- good outlook :)
#22: Dream Logic 2 & Electric Ant 4 soon RT @sergio_diaz: @davidmackkabuki Love the Kabuki series! Enjoying Electric Ant and Dream Logic as well!
#23: Thank U for yoru dreams :) @ChristyDreams
#24: Thanks, man :) RT @nerd2yourmother: Dream Logic, is awesome by the way
#25: It had it's high points :) & I got my excercise :) How r U?RT @satinephoenix: @davidmackkabuki that sounds like a fulfilling day!
#26: Sat: Yoga in park in 10:30. Parade. Music fest. Work while talking in Spanish. Cookout. Asked to join circus. Soccor at music fest. dancing
#27: RT @CBLDF: Check out the sneaker project in the NY Times! thanks to Eric Powell, David Mack, Jill Thompson, Aya Kakeda, Kevin...
#28: :) Hope you like RT @sergio_diaz: @davidmackkabuki and you signed my copy of the Alchemy HC at Baltimore last year, thanks!
#29: Putting DREAM LOGIC letter column together at cafe. Girl from Peru talking to me about the Nazca lines. Beautiful day. Parade. Music.
#30: I really enjoy working to that movie. Great commentary too. RT @dasRupa: Watching THE CONVERSATION again w/ my dad. Such a brilliant score!
#31: Conan the Barbarian: THE MUSICAL
#32: Today's NY Times: David Mack, Paul Pope, Frank Miller, Jill Thompson, customize skate shoes for CBLDF event & auction!
#33: That Powers character had a crossover cameo in KABUKI: THE ALCHEMY. Referred to Powers & appeared Oeming style :) RT @Oeming: @sergio_diaz
#34: I was hoping he & Deena were going to have a thing RT @Oeming: @sergio_diaz @davidmackkabuki has appeared as a detective in Powers:)
#35: One of the few characters in Powers to not get killed :) RT @Oeming: @sergio_diaz @davidmackkabuki has appeared as a detective in Powers:)
#36: You honor me, sir :) RT @Oeming: @sergio_diaz @davidmackkabuki has appeared as a detective in Powers:)
#37: Haha, of all your strange art requests, Mike :) RT @sergio_diaz: @Oeming I want you to draw @davidmackkabuki! I think he looks like Walker.
#38: RT @movieweb: Trent Reznor Is Scoring The Social Network - David Fincher's upcoming film about the
#39: Wally Wood panel composition as used in film RT @JoeQuesada A little something to make every working comic artist smile
#40: RT @pulphope: Today I saw a tiny child trying to touch-activate a picture of a fighter jet in a book as if he were playing with an iPad. ...
#41: :) RT @ChristyDreams: Sporting my Kabuki shirt from @DavidMackKabuki on Free Comic Book Day. ^_^
#42: @Amanojahku Thank's for reading, and for the kind words. Glad you enjoy Kabuki- I am looking forward to more :)
#43: This was the third model at this sketch group that, while posing nude for us, figured out who I was (in surprise) & said she read my books.
#44: Back from live figure drawing. Fantastic. Model was new. She introduced herself & told me she was reading DREAM LOGIC earlier today

Original Artwork Auction Spotlight
A Kabuki pin-up by Rick Mays is available on eBay ($249.99).

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Apologies for lack of news updates (I was sick), server downtime on Friday (server needed to be rebooted because it was stuck in read-only mode) and the delays with email replies (see first and second reasons). Hopefully the center will not lose its hold during the rest of the week.

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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