I guess that’s what books do. Take you places. Inside and out. Move you. Inside. And out. You are at a different place after you read the book than you were before you read it. In many ways you are a different person as well. - The Alchemy #3
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Kabuki: The Alchemy
Collection - Now Available!

Electric Ant #3 Preview & Confirmed Release Date
Marvel.com posted a preview of Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #3, which will debut Thursday, June 3 according to DiamondComics.com.

Photos of Tarot Cards and Original Artwork
PetitsPapiers.be posted photos of David Mack's Tarot cards and original Daredevil artwork.

Sketch and Brussels Appearance Photos
Thanks to Richard Boom for sharing an image of his David Mack sketch and a photo of Mr. Mack with Rupa DasGupta:

Thoughts on Brussels and Paris & More
From David Mack:
#1: RT @CrimsonDevices: Found 3 Kabuki comics at 1/2 Price Books, 2 of which have been signed by @davidmackkabuki. Their loss = my gain!
#2: Yes :) RT @GuyLadyStiltMan: @davidmackkabuki awesome! will we get to see your brush and ink Sacre Coure and Notre Dame?
#3: @ivanbrandon Thank you, Ivan :)
#4: RT @DaveMcKean: Very sad to hear that Louise Bourgeois has died aged 98. She was my favourite living artist, an extraordinary body of work
#5: @stevekirkendall Yes Album! :) 've signed there couple times before, years ago. (even mentioned in Kabuki) Picked up lots books there today
#6: Haha Quite a lot of photos RT @rabbitandcrow: @davidmackkabuki I want to see the David Mack In Paris movie. I hope you brought a video crew?
#7: Drew the Sacre Coure in Brush & ink. Also Notre Dame. And a wonderful Harp player
#8: Heroes Con This weekend! RT @SteveNiles: I'll be at http://bit.ly/WdwrE this weekend!
#9: I'll post some pics a la sketchbook :) RT @olganunes: @davidmackkabuki That sounds WONDERFUL. Would love to see photos of what you drew.. :)
#10: In Paris today- visited Montmartre, drew from life there with the artists here. Did same at Notre Dame. Visited Album books on St. Germaine
#11: @HorrorFixation Thank you :)
#12: The exhibits in Brussels & Paris (Petit Papier Galleries) will be up thru August... Tarot Exhibit in Brussels... Other work in Paris...
#13: Finally met Parisian artist Pascal Alixe today (who I've been working with on ELECTRIC ANT).... He came to the Petite Papier gallery today.
#14: @davidmacho :) I look forward to it!
#15: @_deldel I wish. he organizers/galleries only planned the Brussels & Paris events. I'd love to include bookstore/gallery in London next time
#16: @Oeming Thanks for the retweet of the signings, pal!
#17: @stonemtn Wonderful exhibit- Aspects of it reminded me of a hybrid of Kent Williams & Van Gogh
#18: RT @pulphope: An artist's working theory should have some holes in it, allowing room for change and development. Save set theory for mat ...
#19: Saw the Lucien Freud Exhibit in Paris today... Then the signing at the Petit Papier gallery!
#20: RT @pulphope: This is why I study musician bios. In ways the cartoonist Is closer to a recording artist/composer. Comics as albums rathe ...
#21: RT @pulphope: You can only carry the comics/film comparison so far. The cartoonist is alone~all at once director/cinematographer/lightin ...
#22: @davidmacho You are here in spirit! I had a wonderful time in Madrid! Still many memories!
#23: RT @neilhimself: Oops: for Brussels/Paris (David Mack, Baron Storey & co) http://bit.ly/9iplV2 is a better website for info on whats & whens
#24: The opening of the art exhibit in Paris today was fantastic. We are all signing at the gallery Petite Papier in Paris on Sunday from 2-6...
#25: If I hear when the Arte TV interview will air, I'll tweet info :) RT @blancRoi: hi David. Do you know when your interview for Arte will air?
#26: RT @jillygunn: My gift from @supertrooperx - @davidmackkabuki limited edish Reflections hardcover signed & numbered w/orig art! http://twitpic.com/1s6oks
#27: Fantastic signing day at BruSel in Brussels today. SATURDAY... Art gallery opening n Paris! http://bit.ly/9iplV2
#28: @mika_tan U can e-mail to . DavidMack.com may not have it listed to order, but just mention in email & I'll get it to U :)
#29: @mika_tan Thank you, Mika! I hope you were able to get the Reflections HC by now. If not, I can send you one
#30: Thank You! RT @keepitbottled: @davidmackkabuki just watched your dvd. love the analogy of connecting the dots.
#31: C U HEROES nxt week RT @MollyMcIsaac: @davidmackkabuki At Heroes-con (i think you're going to be there, yeah?) we are dancing. That is all.
#32: ThkU RT @mika_tan #FF #ÜBERWHOA @DavidMackKabuki @DalaiLama @TheRealNimoy @WillianShatner @ConjureCognac @SFI-org @SGI-USA @sex_food_comics
#33: Brussels Signing at BrUsel this afternoon with Barron Storey, Mike Dringenberg, Miran Kim, Josh Hagler, Jeff Farber
#34: @matcar That's strange- I had not heard that... seems a weird thing to say. I will be happy to talk to & sign books for any of my readers
#35: @matcar No, I have not heard that. I don't even think the portfolio was available at the Brussels gallery yesterday... seemed like walk-in

Release Date Annviersaries
The Kageko action figure debuted 10 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
Justice League of America #45 (variant cover - SRP: $2.99) is available on eBay ($2.99).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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