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Home Message Boards WFC: June 21-25, 2004

Re: Kabuki's First Appearance?
MON, 6/21/04, 1:25 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Kabuki's First Appearance? (The Gadfly)

Thrillseeker. (not released 1990?) Story about a janitor who dials a 1-900 number. turns out to be assassins. He has to fight for his life using janitorial supplies. Kabuki was one of the assassins. this is where the naval flag outfit comes from.
True. Thrillseeker was a book I did at 17 the summer after I graduated high school. Wrote, lettered, pencilled and inked it. I did it for fun for myself, I wasn't working professionally at that time, and didn't offer it to any publishers. I still have never published it.
It never mentions the word Kabuki, but one of the characters in the story has the Kabuki outfit and sickles.
story should have been released. It was much better than the vitalman.

about a million years before SHI even existed.

She had those wrap around cheesy Terminator wrap around shades on.

True. In Thrillseeker, the character with the Japanese flag costume had reflective sunglasses.
no mask. Kabuki originally had no mask. The masks design came from, including the tear drop, the cover of Blade Blade a novel by Eric Van Lustbader.
NOT true. In the designs for the Kabuki book, the character always had a mask. It was based on combining the two masks of comedy and tragedy. I've never heard of the book Blade Blade nor have I ever seen it or read it.
the first Kabuki weapons were sai. David has heavily influeced by Elektra. The sickles came from a Batman villan called "the reaper" drawn by Alan Davis and Todd McFarlane
NOT true. Kabuki always had the sickles. Even the non-named character in the Thrillseeker book had the sickles. And I had several other characters in sketchbooks previous to that where the sickles evolved from.
There was a Japanese restraunt called Kabuki in downtown Cincinnati, would have been about the same time Dave was in high school.
If that resturant existed, I never knew about it. Especially not in high school. The local Japanese returant that I knew of at that time was called OSAKA.
I have eaten at a Japanese resturaunt called Kabuki, but it was in Paris. I also saw one in Germany. And people have sent me chopsticks and things from other Kabuki named resturants around the world.
The background pattern on the first Kabuki pinup was on the paper placemat from an asian restraunt.
NOT true. It was on the Japanese patterend envelope of a Japanese print that my friend Takashi brought me from Japan.

Dear GF,
Nice to see you that you still have the mad love. Thanks for the props. Maybe I should publish that Thrillseeker story some time in the back of some book.

And yes, I think Hedwig was a great Kabuki movie.

Re: Old thoughts -- Echo
WED, 6/23/04, 5:43 p.m. - In Response To: Old thoughts -- Echo (Andrew)

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for the kind response.
I really appreciate your words and with your blessing, I will probably print your post in whole or in part in one of the early issues of the new Kabuki series in the letter collumn.

I have recieved a lot of wonderful feedback from the Echo series, and I wasn't discouraged when a few slugfest fanatics did not see if for what it was. That was actually a minority of the response I read and it is just the nature of doing something outside of the box. Some people aren't used to that and are especially challenged by it. Hopefully they'll be able to understand it in a few years in repeat readings. There was a pretty in depth response to this that I posted on this board in response to Smokinghawk. You can probably find it by a search on the past posts.

Thanks so much for reading it. I hope you will check out the new Kabuki series as well if you have not already read the previous Kabuki volumes.

Kindest and warmest regards,

Re: News: Pre-order Kabuki poster and preview book
WED, 6/23/04, 5:55 p.m. - In Response To: News: Pre-order Kabuki poster and preview book (David Thornton) is accepting pre-orders for the following projects, which will be on sale in September 2004:
Kabuki poster ($9.95) - features the cover of Kabuki: The Alchemy #1
Kabuki: The Alchemy Preview book ($5.00)

David Thornton

Hi DT!
Thanks for posting this as usual :)

I heard some people asking about the preview book from DF.
I think DF originally planned to release this before the first issue of the new series. It has a sequence from the first issue in an earlier version that it will appear in Alchemy #1.

Since the time I sent those pages to DF, earlier this year, I have went back, and changed the order of the pages, changed the text, dropped pages, added pages, and redrew or re-arranged many pages.

So actually that preview book from DF can give you a behind the scenes insight into the evolution of the way I re-edit and re-arrange, and fine tune my work as a story.

It will have stuff that I ended up cutting from Alchemy #1, and will have other pages that (at the time) I thought were finished, but that I continued to re-work and add to.

Hope that helps answer some questions of people asking about it earlier.

It also has a very thorough interview about the move to Marvel ICON and the ALCHEMY story.

And some other stuff too, but I can't remember exactly what, as I sent it to DF some time ago.

And this is the new KABUKI POSTER. The only one on the schedule right now, and the only one since the last 4 from Image some years ago.

Re: Letter from the King!
WED, 6/23/04, 5:59 p.m. - In Response To: Letter from the King! (Miss Fumiko)

Thanks, Miss Fumiko!
I'm glad you recieved it.
I liked the NYC photos too. And I value your generous letters and inspiring efforts and intentions.
Super duper bestest,


Thank you for sending the photos.
Thank you also to Anh Tran.......
I apologize for making such a fuss.
Your work and presence in the world
has always meant a lot to me and I do
not know what I would do w/out your Kabuki
Kingdom! I would rather not even try.
The added epistolary generosity is soul provoking.
LOoking forward and thanks for the good vibes!
I shall be sending some tea across the moat soon for
you and your Queen!

Super best,
Miss Fumiko xo

Re: scarab bust and others...and YOUR VOTE...
WED, 6/23/04, 6:06 p.m. - In Response To: scarab bust and others (scarredgod)
this has probably been talked about before but im pretty new here. i recently bought the scarab bust to go with my kabuki, siamese and snapdragon ones. scarab looks mighty small compared to the others. was scarab the first one made and then they decided to make them bigger? i doubt this but is there any plans to revist the scarab bust so they match the others in scale? and who is next to be made into a bust?

theyre all beautiful anyway. thanks.

Welcome to the board and to my books. Thanks for reading Kabuki and for picking up the busts. Yup, your right. Scarab was first, and then we planed a larger scale for them. You can see all of the eight designs for the new ones in REFLECTIONS #4. It shows my sketches for a set of all 8 busts including a new Scarab that would probably be released after the other ones IF there is still a demand for it.

Either Butoh, Tigerlily, or Ice would be released next as a bust. That will pretty much depend on fan reaction to which one the want first.
So, you and everyone, are welcome to cast your vote here of which order you would prefer them released in. Which one you want next.

Same with the action figures. The Kabuki figure is currently available, The Scarab and Akemi figures come out in July. Next is Siames (both in the same set).

Then, I'm depending on readers to request what action figure they want next after Scarab and Siamese.

Kindest regards,

Re: NY big apple photo , being brave here...
WED, 6/23/04, 11:55 p.m. - In Response To: NY big apple photo , being brave here... (Miss Fumiko)
my first impression was that i look like an advertisement for "eating crow bistro" instead of those yellow chickens stuffed animals people! but it was fun! and My long going to big apple conventions friend Lester who looks like Dr.Evil. just amusing myself till the next *jam and of course Alchemy! Must have a court jester in the Kingdom!

Miss Fumiko

Thanks, Miss Fumiko!
I've always thought of you as more of a high priestess than a court jester.
The photo presentation is great. Is that a fox?
I dig Vincient Gallo's work. He was in Basquiat's band Grey. And is in the film. Basquiat has always been one of my fave artists.

Re: cool cna't wait to see the preview book.
WED, 6/23/04, 11:57 p.m. - In Response To: cool cna't wait to see the preview book. (HotRob)
Thanks for al the info David (Mack), i am definately getting this now!!!

Is all this Dynamic Forces stuff a Marvel thing? Or have you done it before with Kabuki?


I've done other stuff with them years ago.
A card set in 95 and they used to do a Kabuki fan club called the Inner Circle.

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